Fiori Development

Custom SAP applications with intuitive UX are within your reach!

Design applications that are optimized, efficient and easy to scale. Do it with Hicron’s full-stack developers! Our experts take care of both the frontend in Fiori and the backend in ABAP. We will handle your project using the best practices of SAP Fiori development. You will get several layout propositions, and at the end of work will be sure the software works seamlessly with future SAP updates.

Do you have an idea for a custom application? Talk with our experts about how to make it work best for your company!


Scope of the development project

The first stage of every project is gathering information about your needs and expectations. Based on that, designers prepare several interactive mockups for you to choose from. Seeing the prototype of your application, you will probably have a lot of ideas on what additional features and changes you want to see. Because of that, the designing stage is iterative. At the end of this process, you have a layout that fully suits your needs, speeds up your employees work and makes it easy for them to efficiently use the application in everyday work.

The second stage is coding the application. We are using SAP WebIDE, a development environment provided by SAP and thus perfect for creating software that is well-integrated with SAP ERP systems, both in cloud and on-premise. By using hooks, Smart Controls, CRUDQ actions and Navigation and Associations, we develop applications that are efficient, intuitive and scalable.

In the third stage, we focus on the visuals and  of the software. The layout you have chosen earlier is now enriched with your brand colours, adjusted to the SAP Fiori philosophy of making working with the application easy and intuitive. We also take care to make the whole software translatable. Since SAP Fiori focuses on making the applications accessible to mobile devices, we always prepare layouts not only for desktops but also for smartphones and tablets.


Even after the project is finished, you still can benefit from our support, for example by making Change Requests or passing to us the further development of the software. Our experts are always ready to help.


Why developers from Hicron

If you want your SAP Fiori application not only to be accessible, but also work flawlessly, then outsource your project to Hicron.

Our developers follow SAP Fiori best practices and do not take any shortcuts when coding. Thanks to that, the application is optimized, can be scalable and does not stop working with the next SAP update.

With the extensive knowledge of Hicron’s developers and skills in both SAP Fiori and ABAP, the applications designed by us reach a great benchmark of performance. It can be tailored to your most specific needs, because we can implement changes both in front- and backend.

We are efficient. If it is possible, we will suggest using ready-made UI elements that will speed up the development work. For you, it means lower costs and faster results.


Fiori and ABAP development are core Hicron competencies. We combine deep technical knowledge with understanding of business processes to deliver high quality solutions. Based on tens of completed projects, we have created an approach to providing Fiori and ABAP development, that rapidly brings business results. We would be glad to share the details with you. Szymon Włochowicz, Head of Delivery at Hicron


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