Business applications that facilitate your work

Can the use of ERP systems and SAP software be simple, productive and enjoyable? Yes – if we use the user-friendly Fiori UI/UX environment. Make use of its many business apps to access data in real time, switch between different tasks and act on always up-to-date information. Your business transformation begins by improving your software interface!

5 features of SAP Fiori

The SAP Fiori environment is the new standard for modern user interfaces, and consists of a suite of applications that are:

  • responsive – they can be used on any device: desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. You have access to your data in the field, on the road, and during meetings with clients;
  • simple – no programming knowledge is needed to work with SAP Fiori. The applications are designed to be used completely intuitively;
  • connected – all of the Fiori apps operate in one environment, which means that you can move freely between them. You can easily customize your screen to suit your needs, and find space for all necessary information;
  • role-based – you can assign entire application sets to individual roles in the company (analysts, sales, purchasing, etc.). This means specific data can only be accessed by specific people;
  • convenient – the interface is clear, aesthetic and modern. Working in the Fiori environment is simply fun!

How does the SAP Fiori environment change business processes?

Data is available in real time. The user can customize the main screen so that the tiles visible on it immediately present the information needed: for example, the number of pending transactions or the payment status. In addition, the data is updated on a regular basis thanks to the auto-refresh function.

It features a powerful search engine. All necessary reports or functions can be easily found using the advanced search engine. The system browses the resources of the entire database – and you do not need to switch between different apps as the information is available from the main view.

Easily readable charts. Decision-making becomes much easier when you have access to all the data. Charts, graphs and diagrams allow you to assess the company’s situation at a glance, and plan further actions based on a wealth of data.

Simplified transaction support. Integrating the apps speeds up and streamlines implementation of all your business processes. You’ll be processing cases much faster than before – from employee holiday requests to new client registrations, to payment handling and more.

Flexible environment. If you can’t find the right applications for you in SAP’s existing range of Fiori apps, Hicron will create them for you.


SAP Fiori applications

There are 3 types of applications available in the SAP Fiori environment:

  1. Analytical – monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) on an ongoing basis, and empowering new business directions in response to market changes. With access to virtual data models, the analytical apps also provide users with access to necessary information on their company’s operation. Data is presented using charts, graphs and diagrams in an accessible format that facilitates better interpretation of business results.
  2. Transactional – supporting both internal and external business processes. Fiori transactional apps facilitate creation, implementation and adjustment of everything from customer orders and employee holiday requests, to payroll processing. Because the data is modified in real time, the effects of all your changes are visible immediately. This allows for better internal communications and also protects against simple mistakes (such as double orders).
  3. Information lists – providing access to all necessary data from one overview screen, thanks to which you’ll find the information you need much faster than in other SAP user environments. Because reporting in Fiori uses HANA databases, data worksheets are searched as the user enters their inquiry. New results are also available from the overview screen, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple windows.

The biggest advantage of the SAP Fiori interface is that it provides users with a uniform, uninterrupted working experience. Clear, legible views facilitate user decision making, and constantly updated data means you won’t miss any changes.



Do you want to speed up the implementation of tasks in your company? Have access to constantly updated data? Work on your computer as well as your tablet and smartphone? If so, contact our consultants and ask about our SAP Fiori offers today!