Our customers may take advantage of two different SAP Maintenance programs offered by the producer – SAP Standard and SAP Enterprise Support. Under the SAP Enterprise Support program, a much wider range of support services is offered once a year, covering implementation, systems in use and updates. The difference between this particular model and the standard version consists in the additional Support Academy service rendered by SAP experts. The SAP Academy service offered under the SAP Maintenance program provides access to knowledge and training devoted to enhancing the system’s operation and optimizing business processes.

We will gladly help you in choosing the support program best suited to your needs. SAP certificates, authorizations and many years of experience confirmed by our customers’ references are a guarantee of the high quality of support services we offer. Since 2012 we have consistently held the Partner Center of Expertise certificate, confirming our competence.

Advantages of cooperating with Hicron:

  • Certificates: SAP Partner Center of Expertise, numerous individual certificates of consultants specializing in different SAP solutions, also those in niche areas
  • Organization: a dedicated team of consultants overseeing the security of SAP systems
  • Experience: support services for the systems of over 50 clients over the past 10 years
  • Added value: verified working methods that are continuously developed
  • Support: if the SAP Enterprise Support program is selected, the customer’s systems are overseen by an additional, dedicated SAP Enterprise Support consultant offering advice on critical issues

    Service support:

    Service support includes the following aspects: overseeing system upgrades, consultations concerning license optimization and using the available tools as supplied by SAP, e.g. TQC reports, as well as performing tasks defined in the contract.

    The structure of the Support Services department in charge of overseeing and maintaining the customer’s systems has been developed based on many years of experience. It enables service requests to be handled in an orderly manner, depending on their type and degree of complexity. Additionally, Hicron continues to develop its solutions on an on-going basis, meaning that the structures and workflows are periodically modified based on experience gathered, in order to optimize and increase the efficiency of services rendered to our customers.

    Advantages of service support solutions:

    The main advantage of the service support programs consists in access to quick and professional advice offered by an experienced consultant in situations where a serious problem with the system has occurred. Such a solution is particularly important for those companies that would like to focus on expanding their main operations and perfecting their business, instead of investing in developing niche IT competencies.

    Service support is a tool of great significance in reducing the cost of maintaining a SAP system. Predetermined service activities that have been planned for in advance allow costs to be reduced. The service is rendered pursuant to a contract of clearly defined scope and at a fixed fee.

    A dedicated SAP Enterprise Support consultant:

  • Building, maintaining and promoting within the team knowledge about specific solutions used by the customer.
  • Regularly obtaining information from Hicron and from the customer on the status of work in progress.
  • Participating in meetings and teleconferences to discuss the status of work in progress.
  • Providing content-based support to Hicron departments.
  • Building relations with key users on the side of the customer.
  • Providing support concerning the tools available under the SAP Enterprise Support contract.
  • Providing support in conducting SAP license measurements.

Hicron’s professional support and proactive activities allow the system to be maintained in perfect condition: the SAP environment runs continuously even while we are working on it.

Piotr Podgórski, IT Manager in KPPD Szczecinek S.A.

KPPD extends cooperation with Hicron