Solution description:

SAP RE-FX solution is designed for big, multi-division companies and retail chains, which share a multitude of storage areas provided to lessees and utilised by those companies (warehouses, plants, points of sales). SAP RE-FX aids in asset management in a financial (viability review), technical (reviews), and sale (lease contracts clearance) sense. Our experience includes around 20 implementations, development and SAP RE-FX integration projects completed in production companies, shopping centres, and state enterprises both in Poland and abroad.

Benefits of using SAP RE-FX:

  • Reduction of administrative and accounting costs related to property management (ERP system integration, document management solutions, service providers relations)
  • Single, consistent property database, reliable information about property effectiveness (reporting, cost versus income overview, investment profitability analysis)
  • Per unit property cost clearance process standardisation and improvement (contract and invoice generation, reports, maintenance contracts).