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Solution description:

SAP Real Estate Management (SAP RE-FX) solution is designed for big, multi-division companies and retail chains, which share a multitude of storage areas provided to lessees and utilised by those companies (warehouses, plants, points of sales). SAP Real Estate Management (SAP RE-FX) aids in asset management in a financial (viability review), technical (reviews), and sale (lease contracts clearance) sense. Our experience includes around 20 implementations, development and SAP RE-FX integration projects completed in production companies, shopping centres, and state enterprises both in Poland and abroad.


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Find out how SAP Real Estate Management can affect the cost, time and organizational efficiency of your property management process. Find out more about our customers and use the set of Hicron’s Best Business Practices in the area of Real Estate Management in SAP!



Benefits of using SAP RE-FX:

  • Reduction of administrative and accounting costs related to property management (ERP system integration, document management solutions, service providers relations)
  • Single, consistent property database, reliable information about property effectiveness (reporting, cost versus income overview, investment profitability analysis)
  • Per unit property cost clearance process standardisation and improvement (contract and invoice generation, reports, maintenance contracts).
  • Thanks to the implementation of the SAP Real Estate Management version for the mobile solution based on Fiori, the possibility of remote process support
  • Organizing the property lifecycle management process and easy transfer of knowledge to subsequent employees
  • The project approach to property management
  • Time-saving and simplicity
  • Access to Hicron’s Best Business Practices in the area of ​​property management resulting from our international experience in implementing this solution
  • SAP Real Estate Management gives a full picture of the property management process: from investment planning, through implementation monitoring, surface management, contracts, taxes, maintenance, administration, to reporting
  • SAP Real Estate Management (SAP RE-FX) is a complete tool for controlling and reporting data in the area of ​​real estate and provides security for compliance of property management with company procedures in all aspects


Extend your SAP RE-FX solution

Real estate management processes require frequent searching, checking and managing various documents like contracts, conditions, graphics etc. Hicron DMS Cockpit based on SAP Fiori is a perfect way to manage them. Click to read the solution description and to watch the demo.



What’s SAP RE-FX?

  • It’s an application dedicated to real estate management
  • It’s successfully used by clients from various industries from 50 countries
  • Complete information on own, leased and managed real estate constitutes a base for effective space utilisation decision making.
  • It is dedicated to commercial real estate management and corporate needs
  • It supports and is being developed in accordance with global market trends
  • It is customised according to the customer’s and users’ needs (measurement units, pricing, location, conditions, use cases, characteristic, functions, legislation
  • Enables commitment control, inter-party correspondence, and notifies of important data
  • Multi-currency – this extension facilitates input of data including foreign currencies
  • It has ability to issue VAT and adjustment invoicesin accordance with Polish VAT legislation


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