Solution description:

Within the SAP HCM offer, we include the implementation of the standard on-premise SAP HR software (mainly “hard” HR processes) and a more modern SAP Success Factors solution designed for soft HR process execution. SAP SuccessFactors is one of the most frequently chosen solutions of this type in the world and consists of several modules to choose from: Employee Assessments, Remuneration Management, Succession and Development, Training, Recruitment, Onboarding, Analytics and reporting, SAP JAM and Employee Central.


Why SAP SuccessFactors?

Employee management involves many challenges related to their recruitment, onboarding, development of competences, or retention in the company. The more employees, the more difficult this process is. If companies use the right tools for Human Capital Management, this processes can be easier. The company can make much better use of the potential and knowledge of its most valuable resources – PEOPLE. Please take a look and you answer NO to some of the questions, SAP SuccessFactors could support you in effective human capital management and therefore bringing more benefits to your company.

  • Do the employees in your company understand and implement business goals and strategies?
  • Do employees feel that they can develop and their potential is used?
  • Do employees get tasks according to their qualifications, and their remuneration depends on their value for the company?
  • Do employees feel appreciated and well-motivated to work and take on challenges?
  • As part of recruitment, do you attract the right candidates at the right time?
  • Is your company prepared for leaving of key employees and can identify future leaders within the organization?
  • Does your company regularly monitor the effectiveness and leaving rate of new employees, and thanks to this, does it know what costs of repeated recruitments it incurs and how to prevent them?
  • Do you have best practices for onboarding management in your company?


Full support of HCM processes

SAP Success Factors consists of several modules, among which you can choose freely depending on the goals and needs of the company:

  • Employee Central – is the basis for the implementation of other elements, which is a set of data and information about employees.
  • Performance & Goals – supports the determination of employees’ goals and their evaluation, the basis for measuring employee effectiveness.
  • Succession & Development – helps manage employee development by creating plans to build their competences. Supports the organization of employees’ replacements.
  • Compensation – a tool to effectively motivate employees by creating and executing remuneration models.
  • Learning – a platform for the organization and implementation of training, equipped with mechanisms for assessing results and progress.
  • Recruiting – a tool organizing the recruitment process, allowing you to carry out this process quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Onboarding – a platform used to implement employees in the life of the company, allowing to define all the necessary stages of apprenticeship and the level of their acquisition by the employee.
  • Workforce Planning & Analytics – is a teams building tool, choosing members in terms of the required competences, experience, and availability.
  • JAM Collaboration – is a platform for the exchange of information between employees. It acts as an intranet and the company’s internal Social Media channel.


Advantages of SAP SuccessFactors

Fast ROI and low TCO
SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud solution that allows you to use it in a subscription system. Implementation is faster than on-premise projects. The cloud also means lower investment costs, no maintenance costs and no upgrade projects.

User Experience and easy adaptation
The attractive and intuitive user interface in line with users’ expectations. Easy access to the system from various hardware platforms, including mobile solutions.

Scalability and flexibility
The opportunity to start the adventure with SuccessFactors from any component that solves the most important business needs and expansion with additional elements at any time. In the event of an increase in the number of employees, the system does not require expansion, but only the purchase of a license.

Comprehensive support
SuccessFactors provides comprehensive support for HCM end-to-end processes. It provides the possibility of integration with external systems (not only SAP), e.g. supporting payroll calculation.

Rich content and good practices
The system is designed based on the best business practices. It also offers rich business content, among others, to catalogues of competences or goals



Achieve your goals

Online recruitment, trainings, compensations management, development planning… if there is any particular area that needs strengthening in your company, contact us to learn how SAP SuccessFactors can help you achieve your goals.