Solution description:

Service Advisor is an application to facilitate professional maintenance service activities of cars/machines away from the workstation by means of a mobile application. It stores any history of repairs, allows for damage documentation, grants access to current marketing campaigns. Flexibility allows for functionality expansion. ERP system integration provides a means to send and update data bidirectionally. The application created for the largest car dealer in Switzerland and one of the largest in Europe does not have any limitations in terms of the number of posts, users or garages.

Service Advisor benefits:

  • Speed: instant customer service, automatic data transfer to SAP system
  • Savings: time and paper documents, error minimisation thanks to automation
  • Effective sales: by means of access to current promotions
  • Image: professionalism, thoroughness, modernity (check-list option, vehicle 3D visualisation, ability to add photos, ability to integrate with price lists, warehouse, garage calendar)

Service Advisor is a tool that lets you meet your customer highest expectations.

Davide Li Cavoli, IT Project Manager, AMAG