Solution description:

As a Digital Software Partner, we do not only design solutions, but also offer development services. Each project starts with learning the company’s business strategy, role of the particular solution and its features. We call a project successful only when we increase the solution’s value by adding more functionalities, focusing on customer’s business goals.

In addition, we provide Software Development on a regular, long-term basis (Product Development) as a Continuous Development services

  • Technologies that we use: Java, .NET, JavaScript, Angular, React, ReactNative, iOS, Android, Xamarin, node.js.
  • Methodologies that we prefer: Agile, HyperAgile
  • Frameworks that we choose: Scrum, Kanban

Cooperation models:

  • Team extension – providing support of a single specialist or a group of specialists that work together with a customer as one project team. Mutual understanding, trust and aiming at one common goal describe how we work.
  • Managed Service – Hicron takes responsibility for a part of the project, as discussed with a customer.
  • Bespoke Software Projects – Hicron picks up the whole responsibility of the implementation and related services