Hicron approach and experience:

We offer the opportunity to quickly and efficiently transition to the latest version of the SAP solution, as well as system migration to a more modern platform of SAP HANA. We have extensive experience in implementing upgrade projects of the most complex systems with sophisticated architecture and many extensions developed over the years in different versions. Where there is high complexity in a project, we focus on advisory and system audit services, especially in the case of solutions with a large number of non-standard extensions.  

Benefits of upgrading SAP systems:

  • Performance: improved system performance using previously unavailable functions.
  • Security: guaranteed support for the system by the developer (SAP), which limits the availability of updates for the oldest versions of the system.
  • Ease of use: replacing non-standard, add-on solutions with a standard solution.
  • Innovations: New business functions in EHPs may be implemented, as well as new technologies (like Fiori)
  • Minimum involvement of your business.
  • Minimum system downtime during upgrade activities.
  • Guaranteed continuity of business processes.
  • Stability, well-planned activities and security.
  • Opportunity to carry out the upgrade instead of annual patching (similar time needed)

Why to cooperate with Hicron?


By entrusting the SAP technical upgrade to Hicron, you will be guaranteed that the work is done in a fully convenient and secure manner, in compliance with the highest implementation standards.


If your upgrade is planned ahead, your business will quickly migrate to the new platform and accelerate, and you will see a quick return of the implementation costs. This can bo proved by our customers


By providing technical support, we can establish a relationship with our clients and ensure their confidence in the implementation processes. You can be certain that we will respond to all of your innovation requests and comments.

What should be planned before upgrade?

  • Long projects must be implemented at a time convenient to your business.
  • Examining the workload of the implementer of this project and internal workload in the organisation.
  • It is necessary to verify if the infrastructure of your organisation is ready.
  • How to improve business processes, update the documentation and check how your business functions.
  • Important issues also include preparing your personnel, verifying the test scenarios and conducting tests.
  • Preparing the infrastructure in accordance with the requirements (this may require an upgrade of the database/operating system).
  • Planning the end of development, closing unfinished maintenance work and small modification projects.

Technical preparation:

  • Checking what upgrade paths are available and recommended by SAP
  • Verifying the current version of your environment
  • Infrastructure and support for your internal IT department
  • Technical preparations and preparing the infrastructure for the target environment, organising additional resources for the duration of the project
  • Verifying the initial (existing) version
  • Preparing the IT team


Tens of companies in Poland and abroad already benefited from technological upgrades carried out by our team. Would you like to learn more about our experience and approach, or discuss the process of technological upgrade in your company? Feel free to contact us!


When choosing a partner for the upgrade project, we were keen to cooperate with a company with a large amount of consultant-programmers with experience in the design and development of complex, dedicated applications. Hicron turned out to have no competition.

Agnieszka Kamieniecka, project manager upgrade at Play