Solution description:

We offer the opportunity to quickly and efficiently transition to the latest version of the SAP solution, as well as system migration to a more modern platform of SAP HANA. We have extensive experience in implementing upgrade projects of the most complex systems with sophisticated architecture and many extensions developed over the years in different versions. Where there is high complexity in a project, we focus on advisory and system audit services, especially in the case of solutions with a large number of non-standard extensions.  

Benefits of upgrading SAP systems:

  • Productivity: increased efficiency of system operation by using previously unavailable functionalities.
  • Security: a warranty to support the system by the SAP manufacturer, who limits the availability of updates for the oldest system versions.
  • Ease of use: is associated with the possibility of replacing non-standard, built-on solutions with a standard solution.


When choosing a partner for the upgrade project, we were keen to cooperate with a company with a large amount of consultant-programmers with experience in the design and development of complex, dedicated applications. Hicron turned out to have no competition.

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Upgrade systemu SAP w Play