Solution description:

Hicron Web Bank Services facilitates the execution of electronic banking processes directly in the SAP system by means of standardised XML messages. Hicron Web Bank Services organises electronic banking processes in the area of cash transfers, reading electronic bank statements and fetching current bank balance information. Our product makes its own SAP FI side cockpit available to the user and it integrates with bank web application services through SAP PI integration bus.

Solution benefits:

  • Electronic credit transfer mailing automation to one’s own bank, with authorisation, execution status monitoring capabilities, error handling
  • Automated bank statements import and accounting
  • Support for additional SAP functions, updated within the electronic banking systems (e.g. bank balance query)
  • Support for electronic signature directly within the SAP system
  • Process standardisation, unified interface, dedicated cockpit.

Ensures direct, encrypted communication with the bank’s transactional system by means of WebService technology provided by most of Polish banks.

Marcin Przybyło, Solution Architect, Hicron