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Administration and maintenance

The highest level of application support, system maintenance and administration for all implemented solutions, in accordance with SLA. Full system security.

Our offer:

Our work aims to improve our client’s business. Our task does not end when the IT solution is implemented. We offer our support to clients all over the world in the running, maintenance and administration of the solution. A dedicated team of specialists using our original solution, Hicron’s Monitoring Tool and our own Ticket System, allow us to ensure the full capacity of our client’s systems to make the business processes run smoothly.

Why us?

  • a dedicated team of over 20 specialists;
  • work productivity
  • over 30 instances of certification in the Basis area, module certification, Partner Centre of Expertise title;
  • references from the largest world brands, customer service in four languages (Polish, English, German and Russian).



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Cooperation models:

The form of cooperation with the client is flexible and depends on the needs and specifics of their activities. The following should be highlighted though:

  • the levels of SLA, working hours and the scope of support is defined with the client. We carry out analyses of the efficiency of our cooperation;
  • cooperation using 1st, 2nd and 3rd line of support;
  • three administration Basis Packet plans to choose from (Platinum, Gold and Flex),  depending on the number of types of administrative tasks;
  • access to Hicron’s Monitoring System Tool and the Ticket System for full, system monitoring and smooth communication.
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