SAP Automotive Solutions for Dealers, Importers & OEMs

Choose a business partner who knows a lot about Automotive processes. We are a global leader in delivering SAP solutions for Automotive industry: car manufacturers, dealers, importers and service providers.
SAP Automotive Solutions for Dealers, Importers & OEMs

Digital transformation in Automotive industry

We deliver digital transformation by helping our Automotive clients make the most of their technologies in order to improve existing business processes. This involves filling in so-called “digital gaps”, i.e. automating as many manual activities as possible. Using our preferred approach and proven methodology we can eliminate digital gaps one after another without altering the way the business process is performed and without disturbing it in any way.

We are the master in digital and business transformation in Automotive industry, by providing our clients – importers, dealers and OEMs with business-oriented solutions to streamline their processes and automate as many operational activities as possible. We also assist them in turning into a digital business model by adapting their SAP environment and implementing changes in business processes.

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SAP Recognized Expertise

We have been implementing SAP for automotive solutions since 2006 when Hicron was based. Our activity was not restricted to implementing and developing SAP automotive solutions. We were also cooperating with SAP SE as the producer of SAP for Automotive software to develop and improve products, ensuring that they provide the highest level of support to our automotive clients.

This is how we received a title of a partner with SAP Recognized Expertise in Automotive. It is a confirmation that the projects we are working on adhere to the best practices and guarantee a high level of quality. The certificate recognizes our long-lasting market presence, extensive experience in this area and good cooperation with our automotive clients.

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SAP solutions

We are an international leader in implementation and development of SAP industrial solutions for Automotive. What makes us a great partner is not only deep knowledge of SAP solutions for importers, dealers and OEMs, but also understanding of business processes typical for automotive companies. That’s why during our projects we focus not only on digitalization of client’s processes, but first of all advising on how to improve them to help companies reach their growth ambitions.

Below you will find a list of SAP solutions that we have implemented and developed for our customers. Apart from that, we design own applications, SAP add-ons as a part of our Tailor-Made offer.

SAP Vehicle Management System
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SAP VMS helps to optimize processes between dealers, importers, and manufacturers of equipment and vehicles. It allows flexible reactions to customer needs and integrates sales between all parties. Its use also optimizes delivery times, thus saving on storage costs. 

Is your company considering conversion to SAP S/4HANA and looking for a partner with experience in Automotive? Check our FIORI-based frontend dedicated for the standard SAP Vehicle Management System.


Dealer Business Management
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SAP DBM connects vehicle sales and servicing. It helps with providing after-sales service. It can support many different vehicle brands in different locations. It integrates both dealers with parts manufacturers and dealers with each other (e.g., you can order parts to common warehouses and thus optimize costs). 

Read our case study about our award-winning SAP DBM 8.0 project at AAB.

SAP Warranty

SAP WTY is a solution for vehicle warranty processing. It allows companies to manage vehicle repairs, settle their costs, and keep track of their progress. The solution allows dealers to manage the conducted repairs and importers to communicate with the dealers about the repairs, providing an overview of the costs incurred by the importer. 

SAP Dealer Portal
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SAP Dealer Portal is a platform or real-time data management. The user-friendly Fiori-based interface gives access (also mobile) to its countless features and applications to strealine cooperation between partners, suppliers, importers in automotive business network. This provides the option of cockpit customization, resulting in a friendly user experience and making the use of SAP a pleasure. 

Advantages of working with Hicron

Excellence in SAP for Automotive
We combine technological expertise with business knowledge. Having worked with all SAP modules, we are able to recommend the right extension or upgrade for each solution. SAP systems are very flexible in the hands of experts – and we are such experts.
International projects
We work with automotive companies from the USA, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the MENA market (Middle East and North Africa) – we have completed projects on almost every continent. We have an abundance of experience and a broad perspective that allows us to think outside the box when considering our clients’ problems.
In the market since 2006
Hicron is a stable company – we have been active for over 15 years and we constantly continue to grow. When choosing to cooperate with us, you can rest assured that you will be working with a responsible partner.
Not only SAP
We are called the right SAP partner for automotive companies, but our offer for them is not limited to SAP solutions. We design and implement modern applications in non-SAP technology, integrate solutions, offer online platforms for cooperation with external partners.

Case study

Implementation of Dealer Management System

PSA in Germany decided to standardize Dealer Management System in all locations and implement a proprietary DMS solution. In addition, the growing expectations of customers to further accelerate the service process made this solution necessary to build competitive advantage on the difficult automotive market. Hicron was entrusted with the task of implementing a proprietary DMS in 50 German branches.

The IT system supporting the work of retail outlets is the foundation of our business. The ability to optimize and adapt it to the needs of all entities in the PSA Group is of strategic importance and we consider it a step into the future

Peter Windhöfel
IT Director at PSA Group Germany
SAP WTY Implementation

Observing trends, Solaris Bus & Coach focuses on the future and tries to set standards by dynamically developing its products and improving after-sales service. One of the projects related to this goal is a warranty claim processing system, widely used by the largest representatives of the automotive industry in the world, implemented with the help of Hicron.

Hicron specialists are excellent at adapting SAP to our requirements, utilizing standard solutions to a high extent. At the same time, if necessary, the team efficiently designs and implements their own, proprietary improvements.

Piotr Fabisiak
Project Manager and Solution Architect at Solaris

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