SAP S4 HANA for Logistics

Collect and use all data related to the processes in logistics area.
Create a foundation for building your competitive advantage.
SAP S4 HANA for Logistics

Logistics and production in SAP systems 

boatThe biggest advantage of ERP systems is that they gather all data related to company operations in one place. Complex areas of the company (such as logistics and production) received a whole package of modules and solutions in SAP. It allows the users not only to collect data but, above all, to use these data for analysis and continuous improvement of performance.  

For the data to be usable, they must be collected in the right way. It is essential that the company’s processes are reflected precisely in the modules. For this reason, we take the time during our projects to identify the needs of the employees and the business goals of the company. Only a properly prepared system can truly support the company’s activities, constantly improving its performance and reducing costs. 

We have experience in adapting systems to even the most elaborate business processes. We do not stop there – we also create additional, original solutions for our clients, going beyond the SAP standard. We carry out projects that other SAP suppliers do not dare to undertake. 

What we do

SAP’s broad catalog of solutions for logistics and production covers most business needs. Notwithstanding, we are ready to address the needs of those customers who expect more from the SAP standard. If you need to implement a specific functionality or an original application – our team will do its best to create it for you. What’s more, as a Vision Architect Solution Maker we will advise you on how to operate better in thses areas. Tell us what your business challenge is and we will find the perfect solution.

  • SD (Sales and Distribution) – we handle all possible sales processes in our clients’ companies: from issuing sales orders, through outbound deliveries, to the invoices that will be processed in the finance department.
  • The SD module includes Settlement Management, a solution that can be used to handle discounts. It has been a source of great interest among our clients.
  • MM (Materials Management) – we provide comprehensive services related to: creating material and supplier master data, creating orders, the whole purchasing process, interwarehouse and interplant transfers, inter-company settlements, etc. 
  • WM (Warehouse Management) – we handle the strategies of distributing goods in warehouses and ensure that the status of physical warehouses is reflected in the SAP system. We carry out warehouse digitalization projects – e.g., our clients implement barcode readers, making their work easier and faster. 
  • PP (Production Planning) – full range of all types of production, such as discrete or process manufacturing. We have successfully implemented the module not only in Poland but also in foreign companies, for example in Germany. 
  • TM (Transport Management) – we support the design and optimization of processes associated with all types of transport: by road, rail, sea, and air, as well as multimodal transport. 
  • QM (Quality Management) – we handle the management of control batches and all processes associated with quality management. 
  • Rollouts – we have carried out over a dozen SAP implementation projects in various daughter companies. We have experience in adapting the software to local requirements. 

We also implement SAP modules and solutions related to areas where logistics, production, and the automotive industry meet: the variant configurator, automatic production inventory solution, SAP APO/SCM, SAP Vehicle Management System, SAP Dealer Management System, SAP Warranty and many other.

We implement the SAP Fiori environment, which transforms the graphical layer of SAP systems. As a result, the users can enjoy the use of a modern interface that not only makes their work easier but also speeds it up significantly. 

We do not leave any client inquiry unanswered. We take on even the most complicated challenges, analyze the needs with the clients, and, when necessary, extend the SAP standard with our own solutions. 

Hicron Advantages

Most challenging projects
On many occasions we carried out tasks for our clients that other SAP suppliers had described as unfeasible. We create extensions for the system standard, and we write applications in ABAP and Fiori, and – if necessary – also in other languages, such as Java, Angular, and more. If you need a specific functionality, our team will prepare it for you!
SAP Experts
Our consultants are experienced and certified in all SAP modules. Moreover, most of them specialize in more than one module at a time. This ensures great stability and flexibility for our projects. For example, should you choose to implement an additional solution, a suitable specialist is probably already on the team dedicated to the project.
Iternational rollouts
We have carried out numerous rollout projects around the world. We know the legal and economic requirements for adapting the SAP system to local realities. Our biggest rollout project included 17 countries.
International experience
We have been active on the global market for years. We have cooperated with clients from Australia, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands, and other countries. The experience we have gathered allows us to offer you unconventional solutions that we know to have proven successful in other companies.


What is SAP S4 Hana simple logistics? SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics includes all the key modules of SAP ERP Business Suite:
• Material Management
• Supply Chain
• Demand Planning
• Sourcing and Procurement
• Contract Management
• Manufacturing
SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics uses a simplified data model that increases its throughput and allows for detailed analysis. It also supports demand management and planning. Moreover, it is equipped with a module responsible for invoicing, including GTS foreign trade, FSCM credit management, or SFIN revenue accounting. It is a cloud-based or local tool that supports logistics and production processes.
Which SAP module is best for logistics? The SAP system allows you to customize and integrate individual modules with each other to create a solution that meets your company’s needs. SAP S/4HANA Simple Logistics is the most comprehensive solution supporting logistics-related processes, such as contracts (SAP Contract Management Module), warehouse management (SAP Sourcing and Procurement Module), or constructing production plans (SAP Demand Planning Module). It is important to analyze the needs of the company and then choose the software that will optimize and increase the efficiency of logistics processes.
Which SAP is used in logistics? The SAP system has a number of modules that can be used in logistics. They can be implemented and integrated in accordance with the needs of the company, including:
• Supply Chain – advanced tool that allows you to manage complex supply chains, including schedules, production, and transportation
• Demand Planning – used to create demand plans based on prepared market forecasts taking into account different variables and factors
• Sourcing and Procurement – supports warehouse management, including the planning of material requirements and production.
• Contract Management – acts as a central repository for storing and managing documents, streamlining control over their growing numbers
International SAP rollout

In connection with a new investment – the launch of a production plant in Kaluga, Russia – it was necessary to rollout the SAP system taking into account the local requirements. Volvo CE set itself the goal of unifying business processes across the group. This task was entrusted to the Hicron team.

The use of the business processes that proved successful in Germany in the Russian factory is of great benefit to Volvo. Thanks to our cooperation with Hicron, in addition to the basic scope of implementation, we identified opportunities to improve the already existing processes. Some of the ideas were implemented as part of the project, e.g. in the area of stock-taking – work that could take a week now takes one day. By saving time, we also save money.

Mona Asplund
IT Project Manager at Volvo CE Volvo CE
Automatic production inventory

The key role of the newly implemented functionality is the ability to fully integrate progress data concerning works on a specific order with the inventory process. As a result, SAP ERP is able to calculate the number of components necessary to execute the order and conduct predictive analyses.

Hicron completed all the contracted works at lightning speed, which was a pleasant surprise. Professional delivery of this essential functionality was extremely important to us.

Bartłomiej Irczyk
IT Director at Maflow Group Maflow

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We are frequently chosen for a business partner by companies who discover difficulties not only with their SAP environment but also by those, who wish to improve their business processes. Contact us, explain your business challenge and let us help you just as we did it hundreds of times before.

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