SD invoice cannot be posted and printed

SD invoice cannot be posted and printed
The Sales and Distribution (SD) invoice is an important part of the sales process. Problems with posting invoices can lead to business disruptions, such as delays in order fulfillment or reduced customer satisfaction. What to do when you encounter obstacles when posting or printing SD invoices? How to solve this problem? Below you will find specific and clear step-by-step instructions.


Why can’t I post and print an SD invoice?

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the VF02 transaction.

2. Enter the invoice number.

3. Press on the green flag icon (Release to accounting):

4. An error message will be displayed in the status bar:

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Did you find this guide helpful? If you have not found a solution to the problem and you are still unable to post and print SD invoices, please contact a Hicron consultant. You can also count on their support in case of other questions related to the use of the system. Remember that proper use of SAP is the key to efficient and effective management of your business.

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