SAP Implemetation Services

We are the largest independent Polish company implementing SAP systems and applications. We specialize in complex projects and carry out tasks that our competitors do not dare to undertake.
SAP Implemetation Services

Hicron – the right partner for implementation projects 

We have been implementing SAP solutions in Polish and foreign companies since 2006. Over the years we have not only developed a proven implementation methodology, but, above all, we have learned how to adapt the systems to even the most elaborate business processes and strictest client requirements. When carrying out an implementation with Hicron, you can rest assured that the IT system will meet all your company’s needs. 

We take a holistic approach to implementation projects. We offer our clients pre-implementation audits, and we take the time to study the company’s business processes and goals and to pinpoint the needs of the system’s future users.  

We remain close to the users during both the implementation and the hypercare phase, i.e., the demanding period immediately after the launch of a new system. We are also one of the few companies in the market to offer post-implementation support in the form of maintenance and system administration services. This means that you can entrust us with all the services related to your SAP systems. 

Our implementation SAP offer

We have experience in carrying out implementations SAP in large enterprises, including international ones. We take on even the most difficult projects – including ones that our competitors lack the courage to attempt. 

Find out what solutions we can customize and implement for your business. 




Rise with SAP

Looking for something taylor made?

SAP implementation process

Vision Architect Solution Maker
Our slogan is Vision Architect. Solution Maker. This means that we do not just recommend taking the beaten path. Instead, we learn about the goals and requirements of our clients, and on that basis we come up with solutions that will aid them not only today, but also in a few years.
From concept to maintenance
Our approach to IT projects is comprehensive, and at no stage do we leave our clients alone. We conduct pre-implementation analyses, create various solution proposals, and offer system support services after the project is completed. We also provide training and knowledge transfer to enable your employees to administer the SAP solutions on their own.
Dedicated team
Your project will be carried out by a specially formed team of consultants specializing in implementations. What this means for your company is continuous cooperation with experts who are familiar with your goals and business processes.
Global projects
We have been active on the global markets since 2006. We have worked with companies from various industries and many countries, including the USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. The experience we have gathered allows us to think outside the box when approaching projects as well as propose solutions that have proven successful in our clients’ businesses.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

girl in the car

Time & Materials

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

SAP Implementation

The Maflow Group has always focused on development – both at the beginning of cooperation with Hicron as well as today. Unfortunately, the system used by the company was quite niche, which had a negative impact on the availability of consultants and the costs of development projects. Maflow decided to replace the solution with an SAP system.

Hicron completed all the contracted works at lightning speed, which was a pleasant surprise. Professional delivery of this essential functionality was extremely important to us.

Barłomiej Irczyk
IT Director at Maflow Group Maflow
High management standards

Profile VOX aims to maintain the highest quality of its products. In order to achieve even higher standards, the company decided to implement SAP solutions: SAP ERP system, SAP APO and Workflow solutions.

When it comes to our products, we have always focused on being unmatched and offering the highest quality. In order to achieve even higher standards, we decided to implement an integrated IT system. We chose SAP ERP because we do not want to use half measures, only the best and proven solutions, also in IT.

Grzegorz Łuczak
Managing Partner at Profile Vox Profile Vox


What are SAP implementation services? SAP implementation services describe set of services delivered by an SAP implementation partner. SAP implementation services include pre-implementation analysis (analysis of business processes and business goals of the company), reflecting business processes and goals in the chosen SAP functionalities, development services which help to adjust SAP functionalities to company’s structure, individual processes and needs, testing and post-implementation support. SAP solutions provide access to various data within the organisation, along with access to the data for stakeholders, helps them to manage business operations, intelligence, and digitization for even better decision-making. This is why SAP implementation strategy plays a crucial role in any organization and acts as an important factor of SAP implementation success. SAP implementation strategy help project teams create an efficient work environment for all users by reducing errors, redundancies, and data loss when undertaking an SAP implementation project.
What is SAP implementation method? SAP implementation method preferred by SAP SE is ASAP, understood as Accelerated SAP. The ASAP methodology helps in assisting the project managers in updating and developing the SAP system to work efficiently and support the business operations of the company. It is used for tasks evaluation and also for risk management as well. The framework of ASAP implementation methodology accumulates the use of tools, methods, templates and accelerators designed by the SAP company for enhancing the business operations. The ASAP methodology consists of phases during which five steps are taken to complete the implementation process: project preparation, business blueprint, realization, final preparation, go-live and support.
What is SAP implementation experience? SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software and the manufacturer of the most frequently chosen ERP solutions. SAP solutions are implemented all over the world in various industries, mainly by the biggest multinational organisations, but also by medium-sized companies – in such cases the implementation scope is adjusted to their business needs: - 99 of 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers - 85 of 100 largest companies in the world run SAP S/4HANA - 80% of SAP customers are SME (small/medium enterprises) - SAP customers generate 86% of global commerce in total.
How do organizations implement SAP? SAP solutions can be implemented either by a company’s internal SAP implementation team or by an SAP implementation partner, like Hicron. When choosing an implementation partner it is important to check their implementation experience and certifications, solution knowledge, industrial experience, SAP implementation methodology. It is highly important to involve business owners in the SAP implementation process and to appoint a Project Manager of the SAP implementation project. Apart from knowledge of SAP solutions, modules and functionalities, a map of business processes and operations to be reflected in the system is crucial for successful implementation.

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We are frequently chosen for a business partner by companies who discover difficulties not only with their SAP environment but also by those, who wish to improve their business processes. Contact us, explain your business challenge and let us help you just as we did it hundreds of times before.

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