SAP for Sales and Aftersales

Use SAP solutions to turn the passive followers of your brand into regular customers. Increase engagement, establish better repport with your customers with aftersales solutions and build an intelligent sales system in your company.
SAP for Sales and Aftersales

Digital transformation in marketing and sales

More and more marketing and sales managers are realizing that customer acquisition, aftersales care and cross- or upselling processes can be significantly automated and accelerated. This is possible thanks to collection of data, which is then used to create strategies. Skillful distribution of tasks between people and machines also plays an important role. With the use of modern technologies, you can send your message to an audience even several times larger than before – and present a personalized offer to each and every recipient. 

Fortunately, IT solutions can support you in all of the areas discussed above. You can collect and analyze data, create precise offers with proprietary Hicron solutions, and even provide daily support to service technicians working in the field. SAP solutions will turn data into real sales strategies, which will help improve the efficiency of your company’s operations. 

the first SAP partner in Poland implementing the SAP FSM solution
number of countries covered by the CRM system rollout in the Hicron project

SAP solutions for sales and cross- or upselling processes

Learn about SAP products focused on customer service and personalization of sales offers. Below you will find solutions that facilitate product presentation and process management as well as help increase the quality of service. 

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SAP FSM – SAP Field Service Management 

SAP FSM aims at enhancing the entire sphere connected with service management, simplification of service processes, as well as acquisition of opinions and assessments of service operations.

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SAP Automotive

We are a global leader in delivering SAP solutions for Automotive industry: car manufacturers, dealers, importers, and service providers.

E-commerce consulting

We implement e-commerce solutions, and thanks to our experience in designing business processes related to sales, we understand the needs of our clients.

How do we carry out digital transformation projects? 

According to our slogan: VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker, we operate on two levels – first we create a system plan that will allow your company to spread its wings, and then we turn this plan into real IT solutions and tools.

Hicron always starts cooperation with an in-depth understanding of your company’s processes and business goals. This is the only way we can determine which standard solutions fit your business and which should be adapted to the specific requirements of your industry or the market on which you operate. 

Thanks to high-class programming teams, we are able to adapt any solution to the company’s needs. We use the ABAP language, the Fiori environment, and – if necessary – create solutions in other programming languages, such as Java, Angular, Kotlin, or Vue.js. 

We support clients throughout the project, and – if the client so wishes – also during the product maintenance phase. As a result, your company uses a fully-adapted SAP system, a system that improves its operation, speeds up processes, and – as a result – reduces costs. 

Why should you carry out a digital transformation with Hicron? 

Hicron has been specializing in the implementation of SAP systems and applications since 2006. We work with all modules, and thanks to our high-class programming teams, we are able to adapt any solution to the specific needs of any company.
Support of a business partner
At Hicron, we believe that your company’s success is our own success. That is why we make every effort to make sure our IT solutions will elp you reach your business goals. That's how we strive to earn the name of a Trusted Advisor.
Remotely run projects
We are flexible in delivering our services - working on-site and 100% remotely. We have developed a methodology and proven solutions that guarantee the security of your data throughout the project. Every effort is made to adapt the mode of cooperation to the preferences of your company.
International experience
We operate globally – on the MENA markets, in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Australia and many other countries. Thanks to the experience gathered on such diverse markets – and in various industries – we are able to offer unconventional and proven solutions. We know what worked for other companies and what can help your business as well.

Case Study

SAP DMS Implementation

Hicron was entrusted with the task of implementing a proprietary Dealer Management System in 50 German branches of PSA Peugeot Citroen Group.

The IT system supporting the work of retail outlets is the foundation of our business. The ability to optimize and adapt it to the needs of all entities in the PSA Group is of strategic importance and we consider it a step into the future.

Peter Windhöfel
IT Director at PSA Group Germany PSA Group Germany
Award-winning DBM project

Due to the large scale of operations, the company decided to implement the Dealer Management System solution, which, in combination with SAP ERP, was to support the most important processes for the automotive industry – for example, purchase planning and a full cycle of maintenance or warranty services.

The SAP Quality Award competition is held every year. Its goal is to select and appreciate innovation leaders who use digital transformation to improve the quality of relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers, and thus succeed in today’s profoundly information-driven market. AAB got the first prize in the Business Transformation category in MENA and third prize in EMEA region.

Frank Forndron
Customer Office for SAP MENA and Quality Management for SAP Emerging Markets Abdullah Abdulghani and Bros

Cooperation models

We made sure that the proposed terms of cooperation corresponded to the present reality – i.e. that our cooperation models are flexible and enable adaptation to constant changes. Learn about how we work and choose the one that best suits your company’s requirements: 

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Time & Material

fast road

Fixed Price

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Team Extension


What is a SAP in sales? SAP is software that supports sales processes, including: shipping, price and discount management, invoicing. It is a comprehensive solution that supports all areas of company operations and speeds up daily work by handling the entire CRM and sales process. It enables instant creation of sales documents, automatic transaction imaging, and minimizes data entry errors. This tool coordinates the resources, activities, and information needed for sales business processes. It can be adapted to the individual needs of the client.
How is SAP used in customer service? There are two tools available in the SAP system that support the customer service process: SAP Customer Service and SAP CRM Service. It is possible to integrate them with other SAP modules or other applications. They can be used by maintenance service departments from the moment a customer reports a need to settlement and invoicing. They optimize the management of data (including information on customers, materials, and guarantees) and the reporting system. They enable the creation of a so-called solution base to quickly identify problems and suggest solutions. It also offers maintenance service contract management and work planning.
What is SAP customer service module? The SAP system has two modules that can be used in business processes related to Customer service:
• SAP Customer Service – supports simple outbound and inbound communication, has a standard SAP GUI interface, and enables automatic resource planning. It is a more cost-effective solution for companies that do not need an extensive system.
• SAP CRM Service – solution suitable for companies with a large number of business processes; it has functionalities that support not only maintenance support , but also sales and marketing. It enables active communication, for example by creating campaigns or customer satisfaction surveys. It can be expanded with additional capabilities.

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