SAP Global Rollout

We help companies achieve a winning compromise between process standardization and the unique requirements of local markets. We plan and execute SAP rollouts that result in improved performance and a stable and consistent operations of the entire enterprise.
SAP Global Rollout

Our expertise

Rollout projects involve the implementation and customization of the SAP system in subdivisions or subsidiary companies. In such projects usually the solutio template is imposed by the corporation. The project serves to unify the entire enterprise and facilitate planning and financial management between all divisions. The in-depth analysis we conduct at the beginning of the project allows us to support the company in reaching a compromise between the standard and local needs. 

We have the experience to not only guide your company through the project, but also to prepare it for the upcoming challenges. We will make sure that the SAP system meets all corporate requirements and is at the same time tailored to the local business reality. 

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How we work

We always start our work by conducting an indepth analysis of the company’s needs and the corporate system. We also thoroughly examine the processes of the daughter company or branch where the implementation is to take place. 
Local adaptation
We identify those areas related to the local business that require modifications in the SAP template. This allows us to save time, because we can focus on existing solutions rather than build completely new software. 
We operate on-site and off-site, depending on project stage and client;s preferences. We have the right infrastructure and procedures in place to guarantee complete security of your company’s systems and data (including ISO27001 and TISAX)
Digital transformation
SAP rollout is the perfect way to launch the digital transformation of your company. During the implementation, we also introduce process automation and integration between the modules and external software. All this allows you to reduce the costs of running your business in a given branch or daughter company. 

Advantages of executing rollouts with Hicron 

Proven methodology
We take responsibility for the rollout project. We have conducted dozens implementations of this type, which enabled us to develop and repeatedly test our own methodology. It now allows each stage to be planned with precision, and the company’s system to be changed gradually in order to give the employees time to get acquainted with the changes.
Dedicated team
Each rollout has its own dedicated team, the size of which depends on the size of the project. The consultants assigned to your project are always available to your company. We want both teams – ours and your company’s internal team of specialists – to build rapport with each other. Whenever possible, we organize team-building meetings, such as joint (currently: remote) coffee breaks.
Team assistance and backup
We make sure that the company’s internal team is fully prepared to work with the SAP system after the project is concluded. Therefore, we assign great importance to knowledge transfer. We also offer assistance in unexpected situations, for example providing backup in case of an employee’s vacation.
System support services available from the get-go
Although SAP system support is usually a set of services that cover already implemented systems, we make an exception for rollout projects, looking after both the software and its users from the very beginning. This means introducing improvements on a current basis and providing training for your employees.

Case study

SAP Rollout to Russia

In connection with a new investment – the launch of a production plant in Kaluga, Russia – it was necessary to rollout the SAP system taking into account the local requirements. Volvo CE set itself the goal of unifying business processes across the group. This task was entrusted to the Hicron team.

The use of the business processes that proved successful in Germany in the Russian factory is of great benefit to Volvo. Thanks to our cooperation with Hicron, in addition to the basic scope of implementation, we identified opportunities to improve the already existing processes. Some of the ideas were implemented as part of the project, e.g. in the area of stock-taking – work that could take a week now takes one day. By saving time, we also save money.

Mona Asplund
IT Project Manager at Volvo CE

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