SAP AMS - Application Management Services 

An important part of maintaining an SAP system is its constant adaptation to the needs of users. As part of the application management services (SAP AMS), Hicron not only helps you develop software, but also to solve errors related to your daily work.
SAP AMS - Application Management Services 

What are application management services?  

Most user inquiries related to the use of an SAP system go beyond the SAP Maintenance and Administration area. This means addressing incidents as well as development works, minor changes, or consultations with specialists.  

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Such requests are handled as part of application management services. At Hicron, they are performed by the SAP Application Team, one of the three Application Service Support teams.  

SAP Application Management Services allow you to adjust the SAP system to the changing needs of your company. It also helps users use it more efficiently – thanks to trainings and instructions prepared by consultants at the client’s request.  

Hicron has a team of specialists and experts working with the client. This provides every client with access to an expert within a given area, who can address any problem they may have. Our consultant’s extensive experience in various industries as well as knowledge of all SAP modules is also very helpful in this respect.  

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Hicron’s goal for the global AMS service delivery model 

Our offer

As part of the SAP Application Management Services, we handle a wide range of works, divided into the following service types:  

  • Incidents
  • Service requests
  • Quote requests

The requests are assigned to the appropriate team by the Service Desk, which saves users’ time on the client’s side. The requests supported by Hicron include:

According to the ITIL® methodology used at Hicron, it is an interruption in system operation that disrupts the business processes of a company.  
Service requests
These include requests for consultations, training, sending manuals, and other types of support from SAP consultants.  
Quote requests
Quote requests are requests to estimate the costs (calculated in working hours of specialists) of conducting development works in the client’s system. The Application Management Service team begins the implementation only after the proposed solution is accepted by the client.  

Hicron SD – a request handling system

In order to minimize the time required to accept and process requests, Hicron launched a special request handling platform called Hicron Service Desk. It can be used to report problems, but also to monitor their repair process and SLA.  

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Every client has access to the platform. After logging in, you can choose the request type applicable to your query. In the next step, you describe the type of support you expect and select the associated SAP system module.  

After submitting the request, it is sent to the Service Desk. The consultants verify whether the request is related to application management services, SAP Maintenance, or remote system administration contracts (BASIS), and then forward it to the appropriate team. Depending on the type of request, regardless of whether it is an incident or development work, taking into account its priority, we make every effort to meet the deadlines resulting from our contract with the client.  

Every action performed by a consultant during request processing is recorded on the platform. The client can check the stage of the works at any time and contact the consultants involved. After completing the task, the consultants prepare documentation that is then sent to the client.  

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement that specifies the time during which Hicron will handle an incident reported by the client and restore the system to working order or prepare a workaround to make sure the client is able to continue their business processes.  

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The time for handling a request depends on its priority: incidents with low priority have the longest execution time, the higher the priority, the shorter the time. These times are agreed with the client in the SLA and reflect the client’s key business processes. Moreover, when the priority is critical, there is additional time available to prepare a so-called workaround. It is a temporary solution that does not completely fix the root cause of the error, but allows the system to function and perform a given business process until it is repaired.  

The client can monitor the first response time (from the moment a request is created until it is verified) and implementation time (from acceptance by consultants to resolution). It is worth remembering that the SLA only applies to incidents.  

Hicron is obliged to solve the client’s problem or provide a workaround within the time specified in the SLA.  


Experts in Hicron are aware of how important it is to maintain stable and working SAP systems for a company to function correctly. Thanks to the experienced consultants and our original tool (Hicron System Monitoring Tool), we offer top-level application support services.

Application Management Services (AMS) are provided at the time our clients need us. We offer a 24/7 alert system because we realize the importance of fast and effective reaction in case of problems. We know that even a short downtime or minor error in system operation may cause big losses for our business partners, therefore we offer them an instant help of qualified employees of Hicron.

As an experienced partner, we know that cooperation doesn’t end after a successful implementation of SAP system, so our Application Management Services SAP offer includes not only systems stability maintenance, but also their development in accordance with the demand reported by customers. With our specialist knowledge and the use of solid tools and best practices we can meet the new needs of companies.


As an international company, we provide services in several countries and on several continents. Our teams consist of experts who are fluent in our clients’ languages, which allows for effective communication and information exchange. Global presence and work in a diverse environment and distant time zones entails a number of challenges which we have managed to overcome. We try our best to be available for our clients because we know that keeping in touch with them is crucial.

The clients decide about the conditions and scope in which they need our application support. They define the scope for themselves. In Hicron, we know the value of trust and we are focused on long-term partnership, and not just long-term contracts.

How we work

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At Hicron, we work at the same time as our clients. When signing an agreement, together with the client we determine the hours at which system support and availability of consultants is required. This time usually coincides with the working shifts at the client’s company, but it is possible to choose 24/7 support or other specific hours.  

Emergency number
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Hicron offers its clients a special, 24/7 emergency number that can be used in the event of a sudden, serious failure. In this way, the incident is reported immediately and you can receive instant support.  

Service Delivery Executive
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Clients who use an SAP system in a large scope can choose the support of a Service Delivery Executive (SDE). SDE is a dedicated supervisor who handles a given contract and, at the same time, deals with all requests from their client. The supervisor creates and coordinates a team as well as personally oversees all the work performed. In addition, they periodically report the status of all requests to the client and watch over the budget of the works carried out. They also answer all questions and concerns of the client, in other words: they act as a Single Point of Contact.  


With Hicron’s Application Management Services (AMS) examples support, company employees can focus on performing their duties effectively, and leave system maintenance to experienced specialists. Our experts constantly monitor systems operation and react as soon as they notice any deviations or inaccuracies. They pick out problems before systems stability or user comfort is affected because we know that it’s easier to pick out an error earlier than fix it later.

We work proactively by ensuring that not only do the systems operate without interruptions, but they are also developed in accordance with the needs of your business. A good AMS partner functions as an extension of your IT department by suggesting and providing new solutions.


We react instantly because the HSMT is integrated with our internal ticket system, so from the moment of receiving an automatic ticket, we proceed right away to verifying the error, assigning it to the right team and eliminating it instantly. The customer can track the progress of remedial work. We work quickly, before a malfunction affects the continuity of your company’s business processes and generates losses.

Our Application Management Services tool functions in accordance with our best practices of ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) services management. These practices are a universal collection of rules focused on values and solving business problems without exposing the customer to unnecessary risks.

Application Management Services is easy to use, and above all, always available. It considerably shortens the way from the ticket creation to solving the problem, thus improving effectiveness and minimizing risk of a major malfunction. We offer top-level system support services, therefore our original tool is available without additional costs within the administration contract.

Cooperation models

Depending on their needs and preferences, clients can choose one of three types of contracts: Time & Material, Flat Rate, and Fixed Price.


Time & Material  

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Fixed Price

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Flat Rate

Benefits of working with Hicron

Flexible support
Both the type of contract and the SLA levels are established individually with the client, so they can be tailored to the specific needs of a given company.   
Wide range of competences
Hicron consultants and developers provide support in various SAP areas and modules, insluding niche solutions like SAP Real Estate Management or SAP for Automotive solution portfolio.
Clients can keep an eye on all the consultants’ activities on the request handling platform and control the timeliness and quality of their work. 
High availability of consultants
at Hicron, application management services are provided by other consultants than those working on system implementation. So there is no risk that they will become unavailable due to other duties.

Would you like to know more? Find out what you can expect from your cooperation with Hicron in terms of SAP system support and maintenance! 


What is SAP Application Management Services? SAP Application Management Services are services offered in the form of outsourcing by SAP partners/service providers in order to manage, maintain and provide other SAP services. The scope of the SAP AMS contract is defined by the customer, depending on the implemented scope of the SAP system, the company’s development needs and plans, system versions, number of business units, etc. The SLA levels are also defined by the customer together with the service partner. Alternatively, instead of using SAP AMS services delivered by external partners, some companies build their own SAP support teams consisting of SAP specialists in desired areas. In case unique competencies (like Automotive, Real Estate Management, PaPM) are needed, companies search for SAP partners who deliver either full support or guarantee support only in the requested niche area.
What does SAP Application Management Services do? Services offered within SAP Application Management Services can range from on-demand services, through full outsourcing of the application support, to managed cloud services. Among services offered as AMS there are ongoing user support in fulfilling daily tasks in the SAP systems, change requests, minor SAP projects, upgrades, simple rollouts, application enhancements. In case of larger projects, like upgrades, rollouts, building SAP extensions, apart from support in the functional areas/modules of the SAP system, it is worth to consider ABAP/Basis support. At Hicron we offer SAP AMS services at the highest level, which is confirmed by our international customers and SAP SE, for whose customers we deliver SAP AMS services as a subcontractor.
What does AMS stand for in SAP AMS Services help companies bring more value from their SAP solutions, by training users, developing the SAP system, responding to current queries, and solving problems. A good SAP AMS partner will understand the customer’s SAP system and know very well its features, enhancements, and obtained licenses. Based on this knowledge, SAP AMS partners will be able to show the best (in terms of effectiveness and costs) solution to the occurred problem or development plan. At Hicron, within our SAP AMS team, we have the crucial role of Service Delivery Executive. SDE is a dedicated supervisor who handles a given contract and, at the same time, deals with all requests from their client. As a single point of contact, they report the requests’ status periodically and watch over the budget and quality of the work carried out.

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