Rise with SAP

The Rise with SAP concept consists of an implementation methodology and a bundle of solutions that help companies to transform into a highly intelligent enterprise.

Rise with SAP – a faster path to business transformation

The starting point for launching your digital transformation is to analyze the company’s processes and its place on the map of the whole industry. In this way, implementing S/4 HANA will not only enable the company to enjoy the use of an innovative system but will also help get ahead of the competition. 

At Hicron we begin this process by analysing the situation of the client’s company – its business processes, goals, strategy. We discuss the company’s current stage of maturity, where it wants to be in a few years, and what solutions we can offer as part of S/4 HANA to help achieve these ambitions. 

The analysis is facilitated by SAP tools such as: 

  • Value Lifecycle Manager – a report that indicates which areas can be improved by implementing S/4 HANA and what benefits have been achieved by companies in similar industries using this solution. 
  • Best Practices Explorer – a preconfigured variant of the system with assigned user roles and test scripts, which facilitates the initial analysis of the company’s processes. 
  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculator –  provides an analysis of initial and future costs associated with implementing different variants of the system (e.g., cloud or on-premises). 
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Our offer

Rise with SAP includes five core elements designed to help companies achieve the desired level of digital transformation.


By choosing SAP S/4 HANA you will  enable your company to enjoy the use of innovative, reliable and flexible set of solutions to support your business processes. Faster reporting, advanced analytics, UX/UI standards, end-to-end support for sustainability are examples of benefits to be achieved with SAP S4HANA as your core ERP system.

Business Process Intelligence

The first step to transform your organization into intelligent enterprise is to analyse business processes, needs and requirements. At Hicron we guide our clients through this process with our business experts by using the Process Discovery tool. After analysis we access relevant SAP S/4HANA business scenarios by line of business and discuss various options to receive the best value from SAP S/4HANA, automation, and intelligent technologies.

Technology Cloud Credits
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By choosing Rise with SAP cloud customers receive credits to be used for the SAP Cloud Platform. This platform-based service includes a number of tools, e.g., for data management, business analytics, application development and integrations, as well as solutions using the latest technologies (machine learning, Internet of Things, etc.). It includes the SAP Analytics Cloud, Data Storage, Collaborative Planning, and many other functionalities. The credits allow you to test and use any of these solutions. The number of credits your company receives is based on the cost of the license. 

SAP Business Network
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SAP Business Network Starter Pack allows companies to create dynamic, digital connections with their trading partners (shippers, carriers, suppliers) and assets (centralized data and performace analytics) on the SAP platform. As part of the RISE with SAP offering, companies choose from available options and tools which help apply network-wide intelligence to guide decisions with real-time data and visibility.

Embedded tools and services

RISE with SAP includes the technical tools and services needed for the smooth transformation to SAP S/4HANA (either conversion from SAP ECC or implementation):

  • SAP Readiness Check helps to clean up custom code
  • Custom Code Migration app helps to assess custom code impact and reinforce the Clean Core principle during SAP S/4HANA conversions
  • SAP Cloud ALM helps to accelerate implementation

Business Networks

Access to Business Networks guaranteed within Rise with SAP offer is a benefit which makes a path to business transformation much easier and effective. Among others, it provides access to:

  • SAP Digital Supplier Network – a cloud service where different parties of the transaction (e.g., suppliers, customers, freight forwarders) can view their orders, check their status, or register invoices. This improves communication and speeds up the order fulfillment process. 
  • SAP Asset Intelligence Network – enables the synchronization of data from up to 200 client devices with SAP’s central database. As a result, all information published in this database (work instructions, service plans, schematics, etc.) are downloaded to these devices. The greatest benefit is the instant flow of information – every change, software update, or newly published document is immediately available on the paired devices. 
  • SAP Logistics Business Network – a network for suppliers and freight forwarders. It enables its users to search for shipping offers, negotiate rates, as well as update and track the status of goods, making the whole process transparent. In this way, it improves shipping cooperation and strengthens supply chains. 

Why Hicron

Trusted Advisor
We build partner relationships with our clients based on trust, and from the very first day of cooperation we strive to deserve tthe title of a Trusted Advisor. We support our clients at every stage, not only as consultants and programmers but also as advisors familiar with the latest technological trends, business changes and SAP solutions.
Flexible cooperation
In Hicron we offer as many as three variants of cooperation models; their terms are agreed on individually with each client. This guarantees that the cooperation agreement will be fully tailored to your company’s needs and mode of operation, securing project time and schedule.
We have carried out implementation projects on almost every continent. Our partners include companies from Australia, USA, Germany, the MENA, and other markets. Our international experience allows us to approach business problems from many different angles and propose solutions that have already proven themselves in other markets.
Various industries
Hicron’s clients operate in various industries, including telecommunications, real estate management, cosmetics, as well as the automotive and medical industries. We have extensive experience and understand the nature of our partners’ specific fields of business.
SAP Cloud Platform project

The project required good knowledge of SAP Cloud Platform to migrate essential interfaces from PI/PL technology to SAP SCP.

When we started cooperation with Hicron, we were looking for a partner who would help us migrate 80 interfaces from PI / PO technology to SAP Cloud Platform. From the beginning of cooperation with Gasag, Hicron specialists showed a very good knowledge of the niche area of ​​Integration Suite, timeliness, precision and a professional approach to our needs and expectations.

Ronny Stamm
IT Director at GASAG AG Gasag AG

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If you are considering the implementation of S/4 HANA or migrating to its latest version, please contact us. Our experts will explain the benefits of the new system and discuss the implementation with you.
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