Team Extension

Team extension is a very flexible cooperation model and contract type for both client and partner. It is often used for projects with a short scope or without deadlines set.
Team Extension

What is a Team Extension contract? 

From the client’s perspective, this is the most flexible approach to working with Hicron. 

In this option, you define the profile of consultants you need for your project. This can be either an internal project ran by your company or one carried out with an external partner. Simply indicate the required competences and the period during which you will need the consultant’s  (or a team of consultants) support.  

Hicron will then select the most suitable person or team of people (if necessary – also from outside of our organization), indicating rates.

The Team Extension option does not require you to establish the project’s budget, scope, or schedule it in advance. You decide what tasks are performed by our consultants. 

Therefore, this option is suitable for any type of project.

Successful cooperation

successful cooperation team extension hicron

The Team Extension option is the best way to obtain people with competences that your project requiresThe contract’s flexibility allows you to adjust it to your needs. And if it turns out that the support of a given person is required for a longer period of time than expected, the cooperation can simply be extended.

When is this option worth choosing? 

If you are already running a project – or are about to start one, but know that you’ll have trouble with access to the right experts or you consider stopping the project for some reason – the Team Extension option is definitely the best fit. 

In this type of contract, you are the one defining the goal and scope of the project; you also have the ability to freely redirect the specialists working with you to tasks that you consider a priority. All responsibility for the project lies with your company – unless you decide to hand over some of it to Hicron consultants. Which is what often happens when, having worked with us for a while, our clients become convinced that they can rely on the quality of our work. 

In contrast to contracts with rigidly specified scopes or schedules, the Team Extension option allows for responding dynamically to changes with no harm to the previously made agreements.

Case study

SAP Rollout

In this project Hicron consultants in a Team Extension model were responsible for a certain task: translating business processes into SAP system functionalities and indicating areas where company’s template solutions don’t cover the existing business processes of Alima Gerber.

The rollout for Alima-Gerber resulted from the policy of Nestlé, which aims to implement the SAP system for all its markets and companies, while maintaining compliance with Nestlé’s business principles. This allows us, among other things, to standardize business practices and makes it easier to monitor and implement changes in the company at the central level.

Roman Kalinowski
LGO Manager at Nestlé Nestle

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To find out more about the terms and conditions of Team Extension contracts or learn about the profiles of currently available consultants, please send us your contact information and questions. Our experts will provide you with all necessary explanations. 

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