SAP HCM - Human Capital Management

Manage payroll and HR processes faster and more efficiently with SAP HCM solutions. Together with Hicron, we implement tools to make employee management tasks easier.
SAP HCM - Human Capital Management

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Digital transformation in Human Capital Management

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of automation and data centralization. The area of employee management is no exception. Regardless of whether we are talking about payroll services, recruitment processes, or ways to motivate employees, modern technologies offer a huge room for improvement.  

With SAP solutions – both HCM and SuccessFactors – you can reduce the time it takes to implement HR processes, improve workflow, and make decisions related to employees based on easy-to-interpret data. How does this benefit your company? It unlocks the time of specialists responsible for human resources, enables better design of the promotion path, and increases employee motivation. Check which areas you can improve using modern technologies and IT tools! 

Can I test and scale SAP HCM before implementation?

If you are not sure whether your business process can be mapped in SAP HCM tools, use the proof of concept. Take part in workshops and presentations of the configured process that we will prepare for you based on Hicron systems. If the tool passes the exam, we will transfer the ready solution to your infrastructure. Thanks to this, you will save time and match the right license and subscription model to the needs of your service-oriented architecture (SOA).

However, you don’t need to know which SAP HR tool to choose if you want to take advantage of proof of concept! All you have to do is fill out the form and we’ll take care of the rest. If you already use the SAP system, we will model the process of your choice on your infrastructure.


Efficient implementation of technical and technological aspects combined with proper management of organizational and mental changes is the key to the success of each IT project. Nonetheless, the implementation of SAP HR solutions in companies that do not have such experience can be a challenge. Therefore, for customers who want to implement them, we have created a complete guide that will go along you step by step through this process.

On the example of SAP SuccessFactors, you will learn how the implementation is going and what you should pay attention to before starting the project. We will share our know-how with you and show you the tools that we have been successfully using for years. Improve your implementation project by preparing for it properly! Pick up your copy of the Hicron e-book now.

What is SAP HCM?

SAP HCM (SAP Human Capital Management) is an SAP ERP solution that provides a solid foundation for managing HR and payroll processes, estimating working time, or building organizational structure. It is a complete and multidimensional system that can be extended with modules and functionalities tailored to the specific requirements or HR processes of your company.

The SAP HR solution not only optimizes the functioning of an organization but also supports its employees in performing their daily duties.

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SAP HCM modules

You can opt for comprehensive SAP HR solutions or selected modules only:

payroll in hr

Payroll – responsible for settling payroll in accordance with current labor laws, but also for printing pay slips, automatic generation of settlements, and electronic transfers.

personnel administration in hcm
Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration – supports personnel administration and enables, among others, efficient reporting, quick data registration, printing certificates and Social Insurance forms.

time management in hcm
Time Management

Time Management – responsible for recording, analyzing, and reporting working time, including schedule preparation and storage of overtime and absence data.

organizational management in hcm
Organizational Management

Organizational Management – helpful in establishing organizational structure.

SAP HCM is not just a system, but a professional approach to human capital management

Discover the advantages of implementing SAP HR in your organization:

  • streamlining employee evaluation processes and linking them to the bonus system
  • salary management based on established algorithms and market analysis
  • document flow automation
  • cost planning
  • recruitment support, e.g. generating clear rankings and candidate statistics
  • solutions in line with applicable legal regulations


SAP HR and SAP HCM are solutions supporting HR and payroll processes in a company. SAP HR was the initial version containing basic modules. On the other hand, SAP HCM expanded the related capabilities, including extensions for e-recruitment or workflow.

Currently, these two names are used interchangeably.


The revolution in HR has been going on for some time. Among other things, onboarding processes and training methods have been modernized, employee self-service portals appeared. The development of technology or popularization of remote work have caused numerous changes. They also influenced the perception of employees by employers, who now see them as a part of strategic company development.

When implementing an SAP system, it is possible to organize and streamline the functioning of HR departments. SAP HCM is a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to your organization. If you want to get the best results and take advantage of all the benefits, also choose the SAP Successfactors expansion, supporting soft HR processes and enabling operation in the cloud. Hicron consultants will analyze the challenges your organization is facing and propose optimal solutions.

How we work

As a Vision Architect. Solution Maker, Hicron works on two levels. Our main task is to get to know your company and its specific processes. Then we combine the knowledge about your business goals and challenges with experience in the field of modern SAP technologies and solutions. Together with the experts from your company, we create a plan that not only improves processes, but also indicates the areas worth developing in the future. 

But we do not end there. In the next step, we implement the SAP solutions and adapt them to your needs. We introduce numerous modifications and integrate system elements – everything to make sure that the tools fully meet the needs of your company.  

We support clients the entire time – from planning, through implementation, to the product maintenance phase. On request, we also introduce changes after the completion of the project as part of Change Requests. As a result, your company uses an SAP system which improves its operation and speeds up processes, and – as a result – reduces costs.  


It is a popular approach for companies using SAP solutions to implement both SAP HR and SuccessFactors. In such cases, processes related to the “hard” elements, such as payroll, are usually handled by SAP HR, while SuccessFactors is used to manage the “soft” human relations processes.

It is a powerful tool and one of the world’s most popular solutions for HCM processes, competence building, and increasing employee motivation. It is successfully used by large and medium-sized companies around the world. Available locally and in the cloud. SAP Successfactors supports effective talent management and employee development through employee evaluation, training needs analysis, and their online organization.

Advantages of working with Hicron

Three contract variants
To ensure flexibility and resistance to changes, we offer as many as three variants of implementation contracts. In this way you can best adjust the terms and conditions of our cooperation to the requirements and needs of your company.
Understanding the nature of your industry
Our portfolio includes clients from a variety of industries: automotive, transportation, construction, and furniture, among others. We have experience with working on many markets and understand the needs and business processes specific to your company.
On-site and remote support
Hicron consultants are characterized by great commitment – for the duration of the project we become a part of your company. If conditions allow it, we conduct our activities on site. We can also cooperate 100% remotely – we have the right tools to provide your company and its data with absolute security.
Expertise and trust
We consider closely the needs of each company and recommend the most optimal solutions for its development. From day one we strive to become your Trusted Advisors. This concept has been in Hicron’s DNA since the beginning of our existence.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

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Time & Materials

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Fixed Price

Team Extension

Contact Request


Do you want to talk about the development of your company in the areas of hard and soft HR? Leave your address and learn about the comprehensive SAP capabilities!

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