SAP Fiori Application Development

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SAP Fiori Application Development

Business transformation

Business transformation can begin by improving your company’s software interface. SAP Fiori is one of the fundamental elements of SAP S4HANA solution and it is frequently chosen as a first step towards company’s business and digital transformation. Ability to carry out business operations remotely, user-friendly UX/UI interface, substitution to many complex applications with respect of permissions and authorizations – these are the main benefits of building own SAP Fiori applications.

Although SAP systems are very elaborate, their standard versions often lack functionalities to cover all the company’s needs. In such situations the solution is to create original applications using the SAP Fiori environment and the ABAP programming language. This provides the company with original custom tools that are finely tailored to its requirements. 


The SAP Fiori environment is the new standard for modern user interfaces, and consists of a suite of applications that are:

they can be used on any device: desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. You have access to your data in the field, on the road, and during meetings with clients
no programming knowledge is needed to work with SAP Fiori. The applications are designed to be used completely intuitively
all of the Fiori apps operate in one environment, which means that you can move freely between them. You can easily customize your screen to suit your needs, and find space for all necessary information
you can assign entire application sets to individual roles in the company (analysts, sales, purchasing, etc.). This means specific data can only be accessed by specific people

How we work

Identifying needs
The first stage is to identify the needs of the company so that we can design applications to meet those needs. At Hicron we prepare several variants of interactive mockups for our clients, making it much easier for your employees to report which functionalities will facilitate their everyday work and which ones they see as redundant.
Best Practices
When writing software, we follow the best practices of Fiori programming. As a result, our applications are not only efficient and scalable but, most importantly, they do not interfere with the updating and developing of the SAP system or individual modules – even if they are all integrated.
Product design
For an application to improve everyday work, it must be designed with the user in mind. We take this principle to heart, taking the time to learn what your employees expect from the software and designing several variants of its appearance. In this way, we can focus on working on solutions that satisfy your needs from the very start.
Developed Methodologies
We have been active in the field of programming in the Fiori environment for years, as confirmed by the rich collection of our solutions gathered in the Hicron Labs section. We have created our own methodology of work, based on longterm thinking – our applications are efficient and easy to expand, so they can grow along with your company.
SAP Fiori at Polish Railways

The key requirement of the client was the preparation of a solution that would give employees convenient access to SAP RE (Real Estate management). As employees often worked in the field, the solution had to be available on mobile devices. SAP Fiori turned out to be the best choice in this case.

The tool co-created by the Hicron team is a significant improvement in the circulation of accounting documents for our client – PKP S.A. PKP S.A. recorded significant time savings, thanks to the automation of a part of the process, almost immediately after the implementation of the solution in the company’s structure.

Magdalena Maślarz
IT systems expert at PKP Informatyka PKP

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