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Build your competitive advantage with Hicron using solutions from the leader in innovative technologies for companies. SAP systems delivered by Hicron will support all areas of your company – from production and logistics, through sales, to finance and HR.
SAP Software Solutions

We implement SAP ERP system, individual modules, and dedicated products for various business operations. Challenging and complex projects are our specialty – we undertake tasks our competitors cannot cope with. As a SAP Gold Partner, we ensure successful implementation.

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What is SAP?

SAP (Systems Applications Products) as a term relates to one of most popular ERP systems in the world, and is, at the same time, the name of its manufacturer. The abbreviation was derived from the company’s original name, which in German was “Systemanalyse Programmentwicklung” (System Analysis Program Development – SAP).


The primary role of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) is to bring together all processes in an organization (HR, financial, production, logistics, sales, and, customer service) into a single system. This leads to optimization as well as increased transparency and efficiency in every area of the enterprise, providing greater benefits with less workload.


SAP set the global standards for ERP systems and took them to the next level of innovation using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The most accurate answer to the question “SAP what is it?” is that an ERP system is by definition a piece of software used to manage business processes, increase their efficiency, and improve data flow in an organization. The data within a single platform can be related to purchases, logistics, or customer satisfaction, bringing all this information together into one interface. SAP ERP software is based on the introduction of central software, enabling employees to share data in real-time and thus avoid, for example, data duplication, increasing the effectiveness of communication and enterprise efficiency.


SAP systems come in three variants:

  • cloud-based – SAP’s recommended approach, the software runs in a cloud from a selected provider, it is a popular model already employed by 23 million users
  • on-premise – traditional model in which the software is installed in a location chosen by the organization, SAP is moving away from this way of deployment towards Cloud,
  • hybrid – a combination of the above two variants


The primary role of an ERP system is to improve the management of business processes, including their automation, which ultimately leads to higher productivity and increased company profits. Not only does it allow you to map, design, and get to know them better, but also makes them shorter and more streamlined.

The common interface of the SAP system enables a simplification of the IT infrastructure and facilitates information flow, thus significantly reducing reporting and decision-making times. Deeper insight into data also means more reliable information, reducing the risk of error and providing maximum control. In times of dynamic growth, it is also extremely important to have the flexibility required to anticipate risks, prevent mistakes, and make the right decisions before the competition.


An SAP system consists of approximately one hundred integrated modules, which improve communication and data exchange in every area of the company’s operation.

SAP systems are the most frequently chosen ERP systems. They feature a wide range of potentiality, including SAP modules tailored to the needs of specific companies and their areas. The multitude of possibilities offered enables their adaptation even for the most demanding clients. As a result, the implemented software can reflect the specific processes of a given organization and lead to their streamlining and, if possible, automation.

Benefits of various SAP modules

SAP modules can be integrated into a single interface while maintaining data consistency and its free flow within the system and between employees of the organization. Our experienced experts will help you choose the most appropriate ERP solution. Hicron’s offer includes SAP modules supporting, among others:

HR and payroll departments in the area of human capital management

In support of the HR management area, we offer SAP HR implementations and development (for so-called “hard HR processes”) and SAP SuccessFactors implementations and development (for so-called “soft HR processes”). We also offer migration of on-premise HR solutions to the Cloud. Their main task is to facilitate the administration of personnel and company documentation, they are also used for managing the recruitment process, estimating working time or accounting for business travel.

Finance, controlling, analysis, and new investment planning departments

In support of the area of finance, controlling and analytics, we offer SAP solutions for generating reports, data visualization, applications supporting workflow processes. We meet the objectives of our clients, such as carrying out analysis of efficiency, profitability, cost sources, preparing corporate reports for HQ, carrying out analysis for new investments and many others.

Sales, marketing and after-sales service area

We support these areas with tailored SAP solutions. SAP FSM simplifies service processes and improves service management, and provides information related to customer feedback on these activities. The SAP S/4HANA services we provide are appreciated by automotive dealers and importers. Our activities in this area are centered around sales support and warranty processes. Thanks to them, you will notice an increase in the loyalty of your Customers. In turn, our E-commerce Consulting team will help your organization optimize its e-commerce strategy. We offer tools that will support you in its implementation at the operational level. Our specialists will help you design a modern marketplace and a convenient online store, as well as integrate them with SAP systems.

Logistics area

We are experienced in the design and implementation of advanced planning and scheduling systems for continuous, customized production, remaining in line with the principles of production optimization and about the internal integration of the areas of production, warehousing, planning, inventory, transportation.

To our customers, in addition to the implementation and development of SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors and building proprietary applications based on SAP Fiori, we also offer administration and maintenance services for already implemented SAP ERP software (SAP BASIS) – not only care over the existing solution or support in the event of failure but also data reconstruction and security or technological updates.

Thanks to the assistance of our qualified employees, you can implement a SAPan HANA database or SAP S/4HANA system in your firm or SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA migration, which will help you stay ahead of the competition. The S/4 HANA system is the latest generation ERP system that uses innovative technological solutions, such as e.g. artificial intelligence. If, however, you already have an SAP ERP system in your business, then with Hicron you can convert and migrate to SAP S/4 HANA in an optimal, sustainable, and well-planned way.

ABAP developers can also create dedicated solutions for your company, introducing system changes necessary to increase its efficiency. At Hicron, we are not afraid of challenges, and our ABAP experts are not just software engineers, but also understand business processes, so they can help clients solve specific problems or design custom extensions in line with the company’s goals. We carry out development work for both on-premise and Cloud solutions, in the latter case we recommend using SAP’s BTP offering.

The number of capabilities offered by an ERP system is huge, so our consultants will help you choose the key modules to improve the functionality of your organization. You can choose from a range of available tools or work with our ABAP developers to design a professional solution tailored to the processes within your organization. Our experience will allow you to focus on the most important aspects, and save time and effort, which will translate directly into the profits of your business.

Your project at Hicron

We support Clients around the world in a wide variety of industries: from automotive, pharmaceuticals, to manufacturing or telecommunications companies. We have been gathering experience in complex projects since 2006.
We focus on flexible terms of cooperation. You can choose from three types of contracts – each based on a different variant of settlement or division of responsibility. We have knowledge and experience gained from international cooperation with companies of all sizes. They allow us to be the best advisor for your projects. Our consultants will conduct an analysis of the Client’s needs, which will allow us to make a recommendation on the scope of the planned project. At the same time, they will indicate the achievable business benefits.
We have been working with Clients remotely for years. We have the infrastructure and solutions to ensure the security of data flow and instant support in case of emergencies.


Working with Hicron means working with SAP experts. Since 2006, we have been cooperating with SAP as a partner and sub-supplier on many difficult projects and niche areas requiring specialist knowledge. As one of the few companies in the world, Hicron was awarded the title of a strategic supplier in the field of Application Services for the EMEA/MENA region.

Partnership with SAP at the Gold Partner level is proof of trust and a great distinction. This decision is not only based on sales results but also on expert knowledge proved by numerous certifications and meeting the stringent requirements of SAP, which translates into the quality of the services provided and innovativeness of the possibilities offered. As a result, the emphasis is put on creating relationships with clients rather than finalizing more and more transactions, which motivates to focus on the most relevant issues. Every year SAP business partners undergo in-depth evaluation and monitoring, which increases the status of the title and guarantees compliance with rigorous requirements. Hicron, as an SAP Gold Partner, has extensive knowledge and the ability to adapt SAP ERP system to the specific needs of clients, helping companies around the world to transform and develop their business.

We offer support, implementation, and development services for SAP ERP software in Poland and around the world. Choosing a local business partner brings tangible benefits, which, combined with the international experience of our experts, allow us to successfully carry out even the most difficult projects. Cooperation with large companies around the world allowed us to gain knowledge about their business models and management schemes, which we can now successfully transfer to the Polish market. Knowledge of the culture and legal regulations applicable in a given country lets us implement solutions tailored not only to the needs of a given enterprise, but also the legal requirements of the specific region, all while maintaining the high level of quality expected by SAP clients. In the case of overseas projects, we also undertake cooperation with subcontractors.

What is SAP ERP used for?

SAP is the most used and proven enterprise resource planning ERP. At Hicron, a team of experts will indicate areas where SAP ERP could increase the efficiency of the process, eliminate the possibility of a mistake or otherwise add value to your business. Below are some examples of its capabilities:

SAP ERP allows you to integrate all systems, departments, and, above all, people responsible for the supply chain. It allows for better resource management, makes it more flexible and ready for change, and at the same time can lead to a reduction of the carbon footprint by integrating business goals with best practices.
Drive engagement, growth and scale thanks to ERP software. It is a uniform base of all customers for the entire enterprise, allowing for a better understanding of their needs. Gain their commitment and brand loyalty with simple to configure and effective automation.
SAP ERP allows you to integrate warehouse management with the supply chain, transparent control over inventory in real-time, and optimize logistics and production based on this data.
At Hicron, we realize how important human resources are for a business process, regardless of the industry. ERP software will not only simplify and speed up financial accounting related to the payment of salaries to employees but will also have a positive impact on employee involvement.
SAP ERP is management software that supports the creation of workable production plans and reduces cost. Production planning should be based on the current database and be fully flexible to prevent downtime (for example, in case of problems with the delivery of material).
It allows you to manage customer- and product-related database. It increases the comfort of customer service and allows for faster formalization of transactions.
SAP allows you to work with real-time data, which allows you to make faster and more accurate decisions in a dynamically changing market.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

girl in the car

Time & Materials

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

How can switching to SAP ERP benefit your business processes

SAP ERP is a technology that gives an enterprise great opportunities and supports its progress. In case of rapid development of your company, he will need proven methods to manage all departments. As the enterprise grows, so does its demand. To control data, effectively manage the supply chain and,, plan production, you need a reliable partner who will show you the most optimal ways of digital transformation and production planning, you need a reliable partner who will show you the most optimal ways of digital transformation.

Thanks to numerous features and extensive business functions, the system can be designed according to your needs.


What are the SAP solutions? SAP solutions include a suite of business management support systems, supporting digital company transformation and enabling optimization in all its areas: human capital management, finance, accounting, procurement, warehousing, distribution, and sales. This leads to the creation of a better work environment, which results in increased productivity, organizes the flow of information, and ensures the continuity of processes. To a large extent, it can also be adapted to the individual needs of every organization.
What is SAP software used for? SAP software for medium and large enterprises is a modern, fully digital way to manage business processes. It is used to generate market forecasts for companies, automate repetitive tasks, and efficiently manage data. Thanks to its modular nature and customizability, it can be tailored to the specific challenges faced by your industry or to the processes occurring in your company.
What is the difference between SAP and ERP? ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are enterprise management software. Its main tasks include collecting and organizing all the data in an organization in one place, thus enabling full control over company processes. SAP is a state-of-the-art ERP system, which in its latest version uses the computing power of the HANA database. Other examples of ERP systems include Comarch or Oracle.
What does SAP do? SAP introduces a number of innovations in a company, organizes its processes, and collects all its data. It can be used for, among others:
• increasing information security
• work automation
• reducing the number of failures and downtimes in production
• improving communication between individual company departments
• adapting processes to the current legal environment
If a company needs support in a specific area, an SAP system can be designed and implemented in accordance with individual guidelines.

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We are frequently chosen for a business partner by companies who discover difficulties not only with their SAP environment but also by those, who wish to improve their business processes. Contact us, explain your business challenge and let us help you just as we did it hundreds of times before.

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