SAP BTP - Business Technology Platform

The SAP BTP platform provides the technology required to transfer assets to the cloud, integrate your IT structure, as well as configure and extend applications created by SAP and other manufacturers.
SAP BTP - Business Technology Platform

What is SAP Business Technology Platform?

SAP BTP combines intelligent applications for enterprises, database and data management, analytical tools, as well as application integration and extension functions. All of this in a single platform running in a cloud and hybrid environment, including a huge amount of built-in SAP integrations and third-party applications.

SAP® Business Technology Platform provides flexibility and independence. The platform allows you to transform your business operations and prepare for the digital future. It helps accelerate business results through integration, data-to-value conversion, and extensibility of SAP and third-party applications, data, and business processes.

Continuous development of SAP Cloud Platform

 As part of SAP BTP, Hicron offers extensive integration and extension mechanisms. Functions such as integration and creation of extensions are now available as SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite.

Application development and integration
Database and data management
Intelligent technologies

SAP BTP functionalities

1. Database and data management, which will allow you to:

  • use data anywhere, limit excessive data volume thanks to virtual access, reduce the need for replication;
  • combine data and ensure its understanding, thanks to the use of various mechanisms for processing complex data in distributed environments;
  • manage master data and streamline business processes to obtain a single, reliable source of information on master data

2. Business analytics

  • with the help of the SAP Analytics Cloud module, among others, your employees will have continuous access to BI tools and data analysis necessary to make more informed decisions faster.
  • you will have the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time data, creating a single source of information for the entire organization. Ask about our solution – SAP HANA.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud will help you implement strategic planning and enhance the capabilities of every area of your business for real-time collaboration.

3. Application design

sap business technology platform

Sap Extension Suite will facilitate the design process in the cloud to gain greater business benefits, accelerate innovation, and deliver applications more efficiently with ready-to-use services and business content. With the Sap Extension Suite services, you can build and manage applications, improving your solutions and delivering consistent and unified experience across all channels. The services help automate and optimize business processes and create engaging digital environments to quickly meet new requirements beyond the basic functionality of the application.

Meet the challenges of disruptions and changes by quickly creating or expanding new applications and innovations.

4. Application integration

SAP Integration Suite provides flexibility and business efficiency by seamlessly connecting applications, processes, and data from SAP and external sources – anywhere. Thanks to built-in processes and connectors, it accelerates integration and supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. As a result, it allows organizations to standardize and adapt to the changing market conditions and customer demand as well as to accelerate innovation, starting with integrations and APIs. Intuitive tools, self-service capabilities, ready-made content, and data-driven analytics will all help your business achieve quick success and give you a competitive advantage, while cloud-based technology will save you time and money. Stay up to date and respond to business events in real time by supporting event-based integration patterns.

5. Intelligent technologies

  • SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services to integrate robotic process automation, machine learning, and conversational artificial intelligence to reduce the need for manual operation, more actively respond to customer needs, and make better decisions.
  • SAP Conversational AI services, to increase the comfort of your team’s work thanks to the ability to manage business tasks using chatbots and an advanced bot-building platform.
  • SAP Internet of Things service, which helps connect resources, people, and processes using analyses based on digital IoT platform services and sensor data.
  • SAP Edge services, which transform sensor data into real-time intelligent analyses thanks to uninterrupted access to SAP software functions.

Benefits of SAP BTP

  • connect and manage your data and application environment
  • integrate and extend your applications and business processes
  • convert data to value and gain visibility into applications and data sources to optimize and grow your business
  • optimize and innovate thanks to artificial intelligence and other intelligent technologies
  • stay up to date with changes on the market, react quickly and efficiently to achieve new business opportunities and long-term value

Why Hicron?

Trusted Advisor
We focus on partner relationships based on trust, and from the very first day of cooperation we strive to deserve this trust. We support our clients at every stage, not only as consultants and programmers but also as advisors familiar with the latest technological trends and SAP solutions. Our clients can always count on us!
Flexible contracts
In Hicron we offer as many as three variants of implementation contracts; their terms are agreed on individually with each client. This guarantees that the cooperation agreement will be fully tailored to your company’s needs and mode of operation.
Experience since 2006
We have been active on the market for over 15 years. We follow closely the development of new products and current trends. Additionally, our consultants act as SAP mentors. We keep our finger on the industry’s pulse so that we are always able to offer you the right innovative solution.
Implementations in Poland and abroad
We have carried out implementation projects on almost every continent. Our partners include companies from Australia, USA, Germany, the MENA, and other markets. Our international experience allows us to approach business problems from many different angles and propose solutions that have already proven themselves in other markets.
Various industries
Hicron’s clients operate in various industries, including telecommunications, real estate management, cosmetics, as well as the automotive and medical industries. We have extensive experience and understand the nature of our partners’ specific fields of business.


What is SAP Business Technology Platform? SAP Business Technology Platform is a cloud-based platform with various components, the use of which provides the company with the ability to create customized solutions to support business processes, integration between systems, or data flow, among others. It is an indispensable element of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. SAP BTP is the successor of the SAP Cloud Platform solution, consisting of elements of SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite.
Which of the following are part of SAP Business Technology Platform? SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is an extensive mechanism with integration and extension creation functions, currently appearing under the names: SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite. In addition to creating and integrating applications, SAP BTP also allows for database and data management, analytics, and the use of smart technologies from the SAP portfolio.
What are some SAP Business Technology Platform features? SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together a range of business benefits: database and data management, analytical tools, as well as integration and extension functions for SAP and third-party applications. SAP BTP allows you to manage the application environment, converts data into value, and enables optimization and innovation thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. It is an indispensable tool for companies that require customization of the SAP system in the cloud.
What is SAP BTP vs. SCP? In March 2021, SAP announced that SAP Business Technology Platform is the new name for SCP (SAP Cloud Platform). However, it is easy to see that SAP BTP offers far broader and more extensive capabilities. Currently, SCP functions are available as cloud services: SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite, which form the basis of the broader SAP BTP offering.

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