SAP Analytics Cloud Module

A comprehensive tool with components devoted to data processing, planning, and predictive analytics. It will allow you to take a holistic approach to assessing the health of your business.
SAP Analytics Cloud Module

What companies can benefit from SAP Analytics Cloud? 

SAP Analytics Cloud is the analytical tool that SAP focuses on the most. This solution features three components: 

  • Business Intelligence
  • planning module
  • tool for predictive analytics 

Moreover, it can also serve as a database – data can be loaded into it from many external sources and then transformed in any way you see fit. The whole solution is cloud-based – which means that you can access it through a web browser from any device.

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Solution advantages

SAP Analytics Cloud is a new-generation Business Intelligence set of tools that help companies make business decisions. It is prepared for storing data in many sources at once – not only SAP S4HANA system but also external solutions, giving access to online stores, website statistics, highly developed pages on social networks or MS Excel files. Due to the possibility of combining the tool with various data sources and then data modeling, it can combine the data or use it to perform analyzes.

Moreover, the solution is available in cloud, what gives possibility to access to the application from anywhere in the world via mobile application.

Cloud-based solution
Cloud solutions give what possibility to access to the application from anywhere in the world via mobile application, minimising maintenance costs.
Predictive functions
SAP Analytics Cloud give possibility to conduct what-if analysis in any business area of the company. It includes built-in predictive functions.
Data visualisation
The solution is equipped with a modern, user-friendly interface, giving possibility to use various charts and graphics accessible on mobile devices.
Real-time information
The solution enables the live data transfer from selected databases so that the data used in analysis and reports is constantly updated.

Why Hicron

We realize that there are many SAP partners offering SAP Analytics Cloud solutions. But there are some significant reasons for which our clients choose to cooperate with us.

International projects
We know how different client business needs and requirements can be, as we have carried out tens of Business Intelligence projects around the world, in various industries and companies of different size and ownership: public and private.
Vision Architect. Solution Maker
Hicron has been operating internationally since 2006 not only by implementing solutions but also advising companies how to perform better. In the analytics area we help companies to indicate KPIs and implement bet measuring methods if needed
Partnership in business
We aim to gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s specific needs in order to propose solutions that address them fully. We strive to become your Trusted Advisors in matters related to the digital transformation of your business. 
Business Intelligence experts
We offer various analytical solutions: SAP Analytics Cloud, Business Objects, BW reports. We know their differences and we are ready to help our clients choose the one that will help them in reaching their business goals.


What does SAP Analytics Cloud offer? SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful tool that allows instant analysis and visualization of data from different areas of the system with which it is integrated. Regardless of whether it is production, logistics, or financial data, full business information can be obtained in an instant thanks to cloud processing. SAP Analytics Cloud offers:
• Accurate insight into the company’s internal processes,
• Simulations and automated plans based on forecasts,
• Lowering operating costs through production optimization,
• Detailed reports tailored to the needs of a given user,
• … and many others.
Who uses SAP Analytics Cloud? The implementation of the module involves streamlining work at all levels of management in various departments. When using SAP Analytics Cloud, for example:
• Logisticians will be able to optimize stock levels and the method of goods delivery.
• Production will be tailored to the actual needs and based on a profitability analysis.
• The accounting department will obtain detailed data and automate the reporting process.
• The management board will be able to make strategic decisions based on the latest information and forecasts.
What are the key areas of SAP Analytics Cloud? The key areas and functionalities of SAP Analytics Cloud are:
• Obtaining accurate business information,
• Predictive module,
• Planning tool,
• Decision-making support.
Additionally, SAP Analytics Cloud can be used as a database. Thanks to the cloud-based architecture, it is possible to transfer information from various systems, adjust it to the user’s needs, and make it available on any device.

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