E-commerce Consulting Services

In depth eCommerce consulting for end-to-end eCommerce implementation projects. Take your sales to the next level by choosing eCommerce consulting solutions focused on achieving the business goals of your company.
E-commerce Consulting Services

Sales in ecommerce

According to a report by Statista from 2021, more than 25% of the population shop online using eCommerce solutions. On the other hand, a study by Baymard from 2021 shows that the average cart abandonment rate for e-commerce solutions is 70 or 85% for desktop or mobile users.

This data leads us to conclude that the digital world is an important sales channel, but its effectiveness is limited. However, when talking to our Clients, we notice that more and more companies direct their attention toward eCommerce businesses seeing them as a way to increase sales.

With over 16 years of experience in implementing IT systems for business (B2B) and supporting companies in achieving their business ambitions, also in the area of eCommerce consultancy, we offer comprehensive service in implementing and optimizing eCommerce solutions and their integration with SAP and other ERP class systems. What makes us different is our approach – we analyze the client’s environment, take into account all assumptions and strategic goals, and design a platform with features that best match the marketing strategy, Client’s requirements, and User expectations.

Business, Technology, User

The most critical factors for the success of eCommerce solution implementation include:

  • a well-designed business model and marketing strategy that takes into account the business processes existing in the organization,
  • solid competition analysis and eCommerce implementation strategy taking into account the needs of the target group,
  • a high-performance eCommerce platform designed based on user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), and the course of integration, primarily with CRM and ERP systems.

Hicron’s eCommerce consultants take into account all the factors mentioned above. The fruits of Hicron’s consulting service are effective and efficient business solutions.

Our offer

Hicron as an eCommerce consultant, offer comprehensive services related to the preparation marketing platform.  Our collaboration involves 4 basic steps:

1. Ecommerce consulting: analysis

At this stage, based on information from the Client, we define the need to which the proposed eCommerce solution is to respond. We define target groups and market segments, which is the basis for choosing the right eCommerce solution and designing a store based on User Experience and Customer Experience.

Depending on the scale of the enterprise and industry, several other processes closely related to sales (such as inventory, management, logistics, or accounting) should be analyzed in terms of possible integration with the external ERP or CRM solution.


  • Clear expertise in business objectives
  • Target groups and audience segments identified
  • direct and indirect competitors identified
  • IT ecosystems and integrations need to be defined

2. Ecommerce consulting: strategy & design

An eCommerce platform is a software that enables the commercial process of buying and selling over the Internet. But what comes first is the eCommerce marketing and business strategy that fits the as-is business climate.

Establishing the eCommerce strategy lets us design such an eCommerce solution (Omnichannel) that will be a consistent experience for customers and sales employees in the online and offline world and will complement each other. Ecommerce should not affect the existing business, but it gives a chance for its effective development and growth.

At this stage of our eCommerce consulting cooperation, we help Clients define a strategy for choosing digital sales channels (website, application). Based on our knowledge and experience, using professional high-level tools, we support Clients in building eCommerce business plans, marketing strategies, and defining Unique Value Proposition.


  • Unique Value Proposition and Customer Journey
  • key roles and business processes
  • eCommerce platform and its KPIs specification (conversion)
  • Implementation and continuous improvement plan

3. Ecommerce consulting: implementation

The goal of this phase is to launch an online sales channel on the market so that it begins to generate value and growth for the organization. However, implementing an eCommerce solution is more of a journey than a one-time big bang project.

The starting point for the preparation of the backlog of the eCommerce solution is to focus on the analyses and the developed implementation strategy.


A crucial part of this step in our eCommerce consultancy offer is eCommerce integration with ERP solutions and another system that requires data exchange or synchronization. We define areas where the integration is necessary, design integration paths, and choose technology that fits the Client’s needs best. We have carried out multiple integrations of eCommerce solutions with SAP and other ERP systems.

Our eCommerce consultants have the required competencies and design experience to successfully carry out all stages of eCommerce implementation in the organization, along with integration with CRM or ERP solutions like SAP system.

We recommend implementing projects using the agile framework, which provides a frame of mind and mechanisms to build modern digital marketing solutions.


  • Product Backlog
  • Integrations and data migrations
  • Online sales solution launched on the market
  • First user’s feedback and insights from web analytics

4. Ecommerce consulting: optimization

Maintaining an eCommerce solution means that the smooth shopping journey and user experience are guaranteed from start to finish, even if we continuously change or expand the products offer.​

This is why, like any IT system, eCommerce solutions require continuous monitoring and efficient response to unforeseen problems that may result in a drop in sales and customer outflow as well as regular updates of the infrastructure.

We support our Clients in providing technical support and implementing web analytics tools that help to measure KPIs daily. In case of going international, we help them optimize the e-commerce solution in terms of its compliance with the legal requirements of the country where the products or services are offered. Also in case of launching the e-commerce solution in another market, it will require extra attention and potential changes, hence the user experience may differ between countries.​


  • Platform performance and KPIs monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Ongoing improvements based on users’ feedback

No matter whether you are a B2C or a B2B company we will help you carry out a digital transformation, increase your sales, improve card abandonment rate, enhancing your customer and sales employees’ satisfaction levels.

Why Hicron? Competences, which make us different

Analysis and strategy
Business analysis and eCommerce strategy executed based on a well-established and transparent framework.
Solution orientation
Outright focus on Business, Users, and Technology when designing and developing an eCommerce platform.
Expert teams
Well thought team structure, consisting of business solution consultants, software engineers, and UX designers
Understanding the business
Experience in design and implementation of sales and logistics business processes and excellent understanding of the whole eCommerce environment.
Experience-based support
As a Vision Architect Solution Maker, our team of eCommerce consultants not only designs and implements solutions but for advise Clients on how wisely achieve a goal.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

girl in the car

Time & Materials

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

Case Study

Marketplace platform for dealers

The project main objective was to offer to end customers and dealers a digital solution (marketplace) where authorized dealers publish an offer of cars that are available for sale. The digital sales platform enables gathering and tracking of the whole sales lead lifecycle.

During the last 2 years of our cooperation with our Client, we launched a global marketplace platform on the US market. Before the launch, in depth analysis of business and customers’ needs and specificity of the market were performed to localize the platform on the US market. The platform, thanks to a constant and agile approach to development, and enabling online car booking, built-in financial calculators and an offer of related products, becomes an important support for the traditional sales channel in lead generation and sales operations to our Client.

Alicja Słoma
Project Manager

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