Time & Material

Time and Material is a flexible cooperation model, frequently chosen by companies to carry out projects of a specified scope, where the workload of individual stages is very difficult to plan.

What is a Time&Material contract? 

In this option, both the scope and schedule (or its estimate) of the project are specified in advance and are not subject to change. What is not specified is the budget – and therefore the cost of the entire project. 

The client pays a predetermined rate for each working hour or day of the consultant. The rates are specified in the contract, which allows for an initial estimate of costs. 

Knowing the scope of the project, Hicron specialists can plan their work so that the tasks are completed in accordance with the agreed schedule. 

The Time&Material option can be applied to maintenance projects as well as implementation and development projects involving both SAP systems and other technologies (Digital Software Services).  

In the case of implementation agreements, an SLA is also added to the contract, stipulating the minimum time for Hicron consultants to respond to customer requests. 

Successful cooperation

successful cooperation time material

If you worry that having no pre-established budget may result in the costs growing uncontrollably  just ask for estimates! Hicron consultants will not only estimate the workload of the tasks required to complete the project, but will also present you with more than one way to minimize the costs. We are experts  we know that there are many paths leading to the same goal and we always point our clients to the best one. 

When is this option worth choosing? 

The Time&Material option is a good choice for projects that are very complex or when determining the workload of individual stages is very difficult to plan it in advance.  

Unlike Fixed Price contracts, where the scope, budget, and schedule are rigidly specified, Time&Material contracts allow for a more flexible approach. If a new challenge arises or it turns out that a new solution must be introduced during the course of the work, it is usually sufficient to increase the number of consultant hours to meet the new needs. 


Migration of interfaces to SAP Cloud Platform

The company was looking for a reliable partner to carry out migration project of 80 interfaces from PI / PO technology to SAP Cloud Platform. Experience in the area of SAP Cloud Platform and ability to cooperate remotely in international environment was a must.

Hicron specialists showed a very good knowledge of the niche area of ​​Integration Suite, timeliness, precision and a professional approach to our needs and expectations. Thanks to their commitment and reliable diagnoses – the project is progressing steadily and we have a sense of security. This is particularly important to us, because the interfaces transferred to SCP relate to solutions for key areas for our business, including placing orders, settlements with clients and offices, and archiving invoices.

Ronny Stamm
IT Director at GASAG AG

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