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Entrepreneurs today understand much better, what are the new reality’s challenges. Attention has shifted to preparing companies for the future. To help organizations in adapting to the current economic situation, Hicron has prepared specific technological solutions. They will help improve the company's efficiency and reduce the costs of business processes.

After you have chosen a pandemic crisis management plan suitable for your company, the next step is to choose IT solutions that help to achieve a goal set by this plan (such as improving the technological foundation or implementing a strategic project). HicrON-Time Strategy is an offer that is based on IT solutions just like that.

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I plan: choose smaller projects

Read more about this strategy here.

In this plan, a company focuses on small IT projects – those that can be implemented quickly and at a relatively low cost. It is important to choose projects that can significantly improve the company’s performance. Below, we present three sample services that suit these requirements.

1. Hicron DMS Cockpit

Our experts created this product to improve document management in SAP system in all its aspects: from copying, to sending, editing, sharing and many more. One application is enough to access all the documents – regardless of their number or their location in the system (e.g. when they are in different modules). Modern, personalized interface based on SAP Fiori is an additional advantage. Learn more about this solution below:

Hicron DMS Cockpit is the project – it fulfills all requirements of I crisis management plan and helps the company improve. With flexible Hicron’s offer you are sure that the solution is tailored to all your needs – our experienced SAP consultants and developers will take care of it.

2. Automation

Process automation improves many aspects of a company. It makes work done much faster, without human mistakes and releases the company’s resources. Let machines do repetitive, laborious tasks, so your employees can focus on things that are a better use of their time, skills and experience.

One of many services offered as a part of HicrON-Time Strategy is automating of SAP system processes, for example from areas such as:

  • accounting,
  • reporting,
  • sending an IDoc (messages from the SAP system to external systems).

The list is not complete – every company has different business processes, which means different needs. During many years of cooperation with clients from various industries, we have observed the most sensitive areas of organizations, and have been able to propose dozens of ways to improve work. This experience allows us to introduce such automation that will be an added value for your company.

3. Online meeting application

One of the most explicit signs of the new reality is social distancing – in both private and professional life. We are having important business talks on various free and commercial videoconferences software and are dealing every day with their inconveniences.

Since remote solutions will not disappear anytime soon, it is a good moment to think about preparing an application dedicated to online meetings in your company. Such custom software will be reliable and tailored to your needs, and what is even more important – will let you offer your clients and business partner a communication means of the highest level.

Small applications such as the one described above have many advantages – their development and implementation do not take a long time; their cost is also relatively low. HicrON-Time Strategy has also a great convenience for you – you can take advantage of consulting and rich experience of developers. Our team will help you decide what IT solution will be an added value for your organization.

II plan: take care of technology

Read more about this strategy here.

Entrepreneurs are aware that despite the economic slowdown, their companies cannot stand still. The plan focused on technological foundations asks you to prepare the “back office” of the organization – so that it can operate more efficiently, faster or at a lower cost. It is a way to prepare the company to compete on the market in the future.

1. ITSM systems services

If you are using SAP system, you know very well it cannot be left unattended. Therefore, as a part of the HicrON-Time Strategy, we can take care of compliance systems such as JIRA, Service Center, Remedy, or Atmosfera. We are also pointing out our solution: Hicron System Marketing Tool – a system that does not interfere with the client’s system and does not disturb any internal processes.

HicrON-Time Strategy is based on flexible terms – the agreement is always tailored for the client’s needs. With us, you gain an experienced business partner and certainty, that your SAP system is in good hands.

2. SAP systems and infrastructure monitoring

What is the best way to remove problems with systems availability? Solving them even before the company notices they exist. It is possible with proactive monitoring software – such as Hicron System Monitoring Tool. Our experts created this solution based on experience derived from years of working with different ITSM systems. HSMT is:

  • automatic classification of reported errors,
  • prioritization of events,
  • functional databases,
  • background task monitoring.

All this – without having to install additional software to your system.

The economic slowdown period should be used to modify processes and improve the stability of the technological foundation of your company. Start with focusing on the proactive detection of irregularities – this will let you notice problems before they become severe. Experts from Hicron, equipped with experience and innovative tools, can become guardians of your system’s availability. Deciding on cooperation with us, you are making an investment that will pay off in the future by a significant reduction of systems downtimes – because many errors will be resolved before the company ever feels their effects.

3. System updates

Keeping SAP systems in good condition is a challenge. In the pandemic era, many companies take advantage of the situation to carry out technical activities for which they could not find time before. Activities such as updating operating systems, databases, and system kernels significantly improve the stability and availability of environments. All three of these areas – operating systems, databases and kernels, are constantly evolving, so updating them increases the level of security and stability. Thanks to the experience of qualified Hicron consultants, those operations can be carried out quickly, efficiently and comprehensively while maintaining the highest quality.

You may want to ask: will quick, efficient and comprehensive operations be also safe? Of course. A part of the HicrON-Time Strategy offer is an audit. Before performing any technical tasks, the BASIS team from Hicron audits the system for work performed. Then, it presents potential threats that may affect further proceedings – and takes actions to prevent it. Thanks to this operation, the process of updating critical areas is significantly shortened.

III plan: optimize and improve

Read more about this strategy here.

It is crucial today to adapt to the new reality in business and to improve the performance of your company. For many companies right now is the time to start big, strategic projects that will support the organization in the future. It may be implementing software for remote customer service, or a system for employee management. Regardless of the project’s type – remember to choose an experienced partner and a flexible offer – just like HicrON-Time Strategy.

1.SAP FSM– remote field service management

Can you manage a process of reporting and fixing a device failure remotely? Yes – on its every stage. With SAP Field Service Management communication between a coordinator, client, and technician takes place through an application. The software allows you to receive a device failure report, collect necessary product data, arrange a technician appointment, issue a repair report and analyze customer data – all via computer, smartphone or any other mobile device.

SAP FSM contains many elements – you can choose which does your company need and decide on implementing only those. But this is not the only option for personalizing the software. Hicron’s experts can modify the solution so it answers to all your needs and supports all your company’s processes. Such a level of customization is possible because of our experience as both SAP consultants and technology advisors.

2. SAP SuccessFactors for big companies

How to improve employee management? In companies, especially big ones, both core HR and talent management processes pose a challenge. It is even harder today when most of us work from home. Luckily, there is software that helps in organizing all tasks – such as SAP SuccessFactors. Implementation of this solution is a big, strategic project: the system contains many modules and can be highly customized. A client can decide on implementing modules such as Learning, Recruiting, Onboarding, Workforce Planning & Analytics and so on. The analytic module is a huge advantage of this solution – with this addition, you can draw better conclusions concerning the company’s resources management.

Want to know more? Download PDF.

Because SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud solution, its implementation does not involve the costs of maintaining the additional infrastructure of investigation in hardware, as it often happens with on-premise projects. It is also faster than similar non-cloud solutions.

If you choose Hicron as partners in your project, we will start from a thorough analysis of your company. Thanks to that, we can suggest the best set of features and modules. In the next step you will choose those elements of SAP SuccessFactors that you find necessary or useful – can check the list of HR modules. Remember – thanks to our experience, we can adapt the solution to all your specific needs.

Each of the projects presented above is available as part of the HicrON-Time Strategy offer. Decide on flexible cooperation with expert SAP consultants and developers, use the experience of advisors. We will help you not only modify the technological processes in your company but above all – prepare it for new times and a better future!

If you are interested in our offer, want to know more about details or learn how we can support your company – fill the form below. Our experts will contact you, answer every question, and provide all the important for you details of the offer.

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