HicrON-Time Strategy. Pandemic crisis management plan no. 1: choose smaller projects

Your business needs did not disappear because of the crisis – if anything, they might feel much more pressing. Of course, you do not have the luxury to make huge changes now. What is more, access to subcontractors can currently be very limited. This does not mean, however, that the company should stop its development and leave its needs unfulfilled.

The solution is to choose pandemic crisis management plan that focuses on completing small projects. Here we explain, what exactly small projects are and how Hicron can help you fulfill them.

Dozens of needs – one partner

It is impossible to predict all business needs that you might discover in your company in the upcoming weeks. Knowing that, in our HicrON-Time Strategy offer we have focused on. What does that mean?

It means that our clients have access to Hicron’s experts from every area – from finances and controlling, through logistics, to cloud services or software development – based on a short-term contract. We do not require defining the scope of needed support at the beginning of cooperation – instead, we will adapt to the changing needs of the company. As a result, the company will be able to focus on its development and implementation of projects – knowing that a team of experts is always ready to support it.

What are small projects?

Entrepreneurs are usually aware of what areas of their business can be improved. The technological problems their companies are facing usually are, for example: using applications not adapted to current needs, outdated software or lack of small functionalities, which significantly slows down work and locks resources. Hicron experts will help you identify ways in which these needs and shortages can be met.

Small projects can significantly improve the company’s operation and performance. The examples are:

  • Moving an individual application to the cloud
    When we are talking about cloud adoption, usually we are thinking about long, complicated projects, including moving most of the company’s assets and workloads. But to benefit from the scalability, short-respond time and access from anywhere and anytime, you do not have to go on this scale. It is entirely possible to move to the cloud even only one, small application.If you are dealing with increased traffic that your on-premise servers cannot handle, or if you need to access on-premise software from anywhere, moving the application to the cloud is the best solution. A project like that does not take long, and the benefits quickly help to improve the overall performance of the company.
  • Developing or implementing a small application
    Small applications exist to fulfill a specific business need. Due to their small size and low complexity, their design and production take a relatively short time, so the company can start using them very quickly. With Hicron, you can receive the first fully working prototype of such application in two weeks!During many years of cooperation with clients, Hicron has created a whole range of solutions for companies from various industries. The tools collected in HicronLabs can be implemented in a very short time, so the entrepreneur does not have to wait long for the positive effects of the introduced changes.
    These types of applications allow you to release enterprise resources, for example, by facilitating employee’s tasks, eliminating errors caused by human factors or significantly speeding up work by automating individual tasks.
  • Change requests
    When a company develops and changes, very often software it uses does not respond to all its needs and business processes anymore. However, to adapt the system to new requirements, you do not need to invest in completely new solutions. In most cases, it is enough to optimize the software, for example, by updating it or by modifying it through a change request service.In most cases, change requests are small projects, that can be completed in a relatively short time. The benefits of adjustments are immediate. The results can be greater compliance with business processes, or better user experience, and many other advantages – it all depends on business needs of the client. It is also worth remembering that whatever is the change asked by the user, Hicron team will make sure its implementation will not violate the operation of the entire application or other programs depending on it.


The projects presented above are only examples, and most definitely not an entire offer. HicrON-Time Strategy is based on flexibility, which means the scale of our support adapts to the clients’ needs. Hicron’s experts will always find a way to complete your projects!

The pandemic crisis management plan, focused on the implementation of small projects, is created for the companies that are proactive in meeting its business needs. The plan shows how to improve the enterprise’s effectiveness during the pandemic, but it also prepares the company to operate efficiently in the post-crisis period.

If you are interested in the solutions presented above, want to manage your company by the implementation of small projects or have additional questions, please contact us! Fill out the form below. Our experts will come back to you with the details of the offer!

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