SAP Logistics and Production

Plan a map of digital transformation in the areas of logistics and production with SAP solution experts. Let modern technologies support you in your daily challenges.
SAP Logistics and Production

Digital transformation in production and logistics

How to lower your manufacturing costs? How to enable supply chains to intelligently adapt to the current conditions, reducing transportation times? What steps do you need to take to operate in a sustainable way, while still conquering new markets and creating new value for your customers? 

The answer lies in digital transformation – harnessing intelligent solutions to anticipate, simplify, and accelerate processes. You can achieve this by implementing SAP solutions in your company – primarily SAP S/4 HANA and the modules responsible for logistics and production. How can you benefit from implementing these new solutions? Learn about the possibilities! And in the next step, plan the digital transformation of the most important areas of your company together with Hicron! 

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SAP solutions for production and logistics

Hundreds of factors influence production and logistics processes in any company. The best way to control them and create conditions for improvement is to include them all in a single system. Our suggestion is SAP S/4 HANA with modules responsible for all aspects related to production and transportation control.

SAP for Automotive Suppliers

We specialize in providing IT solutions for the automotive industry: car manufacturers, dealers, importers, and service providers.

What does cooperation with Hicron look like? 

We want to earn the name of a Trusted Advisor for our clients. This is why our main goal is to understand your company’s business goals and tailor IT solutions accordingly. As a result you receive solutions which allow your business to grow. 

We operate on two levels, which is well reflected in our slogan: VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker. Knowing your business goals, we can propose solutions that allow your company to develop dynamically. In combination with our excellent knowledge of SAP modules and their capabilities, we create a digital transformation plan. 

But we do not end there. We have experience in implementing solutions and introducing modifications thanks to which the SAP system can fully cover all processes, even the most complex or specific for your industry. With the support of Hicron your company will utilize the benefits of modern technologies and use them to build its competitive advantage. 

Variant Configurator at Novol

One of the key production processes at NOVOL is the preparation of paint and lacquer colors to meet individual customer requirements. Speed and precision are particularly important, which is why NOVOL decided to improve this process by implementing the SAP Variant Configurator solution. The implementation, together with additional modifications proposed by Hicron, not only significantly accelerated the process of preparing paints and lacquers, but also increased the functionality of the system.

The work on the solution went very smoothly, according to our expectations. Saving time, minimizing the possibility of errors, and increasing the comfort of work are the main benefits that we gained thanks to the implementation.

Tomasz Włodarczak
Head of the IT Division at NOVOL Novol
Automatic Production Invetory

The aim of the project was to simplify and automate production processes as well as generate savings resulting from a lower level of material consumption and smaller inventories.

Hicron completed all the contracted works (design and implementation of automatic production inventory) at lightning speed, which was a pleasant surprise. Professional delivery of this essential functionality was extremely important to us.

Barłomiej Irczyk
IT Director at Maflow Group Maflow
SAP APO at Prfoile Vox

The company decided to introduce improvements aimed at optimizing supply chain management and enable production planning based on rapidly changing market trends. In order to achieve this, Profile VOX decided to implement the SAP APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) solution in conjunction with the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) approach.

Professional knowledge, precision, and understanding of client needs allowed Hicron to undertake a very complex project in the area of SCM, which is one of the most innovative projects in Europe. I fully recommend Hicron as a trustworthy business partner.

Maciej Pawełczak
IT Director at Profile Vox Profile Vox

Why should you carry out your digital transformation with Hicron? 

SAP solution experts
We have been implementing SAP systems and applications as well as proprietary modifications since 2006. Hicron consultants know all the SAP modules and are able to reflect in them every process taking place in your company.
Choose a partner, not a supplier
We do our best to earn the name of a Trusted Advisor from the very first day of cooperation. We analyze the needs of your company, its business goals and challenges, and then propose solutions that can actually help it develop and build competitive advantage. During our cooperation we become a part of your business, not just a supplier.
Remote and on-site support
Over the years we have carried out projects mainly on the premises of our clients. Then, with the safety of Hicron consultants and your employees in mind, we switched to 100% remote work. Today we work in a hybrid model, making every effort to adapt the mode of cooperation to the preferences of your company.
International experience
As the largest independent Polish supplier of SAP systems, Hicron operates globally. We carry out projects in Australia, the United States, on the MENA market, and in Europe: in Germany, the Netherlands, or Great Britain. We also actively operate on the Polish market. Experience in working with various companies and adapting systems to complex processes allows us to propose solutions that proved successful in other companies and can help your business as well.

Cooperation models

Our contract proposals can be adapted to the constantly changing reality. We made sure to address all needs and requirements – both in terms of the distribution of responsibilities in a project as well as resistance to changes in scope or budgeting. There are three cooperation models available: 

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Time & Materials


Fixed Price


Team Extension


What is SAP for logistics? SAP is a market leader in management support software, operating in almost all industries. The software is used especially in logistics, where the organization and efficient flow of information plays a key role. That is why, apart from universal solutions, the producer also created dedicated modules. SAP for logistics introduces improvements at every stage of the logistics chain, supporting distribution, warehouse management, and transportation, among other things.
What are the names of the SAP solutions used in logistics? The wide offer of SAP has several dedicated products for logistics. These include:
• Sourcing and Procurement – supports the acquisition of materials and the management of their supply
• Manufacturing – enables effective planning and product quality management
• Supply Chain – helps with business planning, warehousing, and supply management
• Asset Management – responsible for asset management, including maintenance
Smooth operation of a logistics chain requires a unified system across all facilities, which is why a rollout is a service worth considering.
Where is SAP used in logistics? In company business processes related to logistics, SAP can be used at every management stage. Starting from the management of materials/components for production: their ordering, storage, and planning of consumption for production, through the production of goods and its planning (regardless of the type of production), transportation of finished products to customers, quality and warehouse management, to sales and distribution. By integrating the various logistics areas, e.g. finance, customer and contractor data, it is possible to introduce modern management philosophies, obtain consistent financial information, and thus achieve tangible benefits.
What is SAP production module? The SAP Manufacturing module supports effective production planning and production line management in enterprises of all types – from automotive, through heavy, pharmaceutical, food, and clothing industries and many others. Not only does it improve the flow of information, but also enables the implementation of modern management methods.

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