SAP Software Solutions

We are Vision Architect Solution Maker. We carry out implementation of various SAP systems. We also look for innovative solutions which correspond with company's strategy and business goals, just like profit and efficiency increase.
SAP Software Solutions

How we work

We are customer-centric and that’s why we get to know our customers and their goals well to find solutions that will help them achieve better business results. Our staff members are seasoned professionals drawn from all walks of life working in global standards.

At Hicron we have over 15 years experience of market operation. Our long standing capability to offer solutions to our customers and the introduction of integrated sales processes has earned us the title SAP Gold Partner. As a proof of trust we received the title of Application Services – the strategic supplier for the EMEA / MEE region.

We know very well how differentiated are the needs of our clients, how many factors they consider when looking for their trusted SAP Partner and from how many perspectives they evaluate a potential Partner. This is why we contructed our offer so that it can be browsed by various categories:

  • BY TECHNOLOGY that a company usues (SAP and non-SAP)
  • BY BUSINESS AREA grouping our solutions and services in certain operational areas
  • BY NEED, giving choices of services and solutions in terms of Implementation, Development and Support
  • BY COOPERATION MODEL, showing our flexibility towards cooperation and contract variants
  • TAILOR MADE, presenting portfolio of our own soloutions (SAP Add-ons)
  • HICRON EXPERTS, presenting the areas of our expertise in which we are said to be a market leader.
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By technology

As a Trusted Advisor Solution Maker we do not only implement SAP solutions. By using various technologies (SAP and non-SAP) improve existing business processes, by sharing our knowledge how our international customers work. In this way we give potential for changes and new strategies that our clients can incorporate into their management processes to improve working conditions, efficiency and increase in profit.


We attend to the implementation, development and audits of SAP systems in all areas of the company. Improve your business with us to support your business processes in every department.

Software House

We are a Digital Software Partner, start your project with our talented engineers: software developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and cloud specialists in various modern technologies. Are you looking for a UX/UI designer for your SAP project? Here you will find one, too.

E-commerce consulting

Comprehensive implementation of e-commerce projects based on four steps: analysis of your business, development of strategy & design, implementation and optimization.

Atlassian consulting

We support clients in using the full potential of Jira and Confluence products. Our services include: implementation, maintenance, development and integration. We also migrate Atlassian products to Cloud or Data Center.

By business area

We are always willing to coordinate and share ideas and limited resources available at our disposal or made available by our clients in achieving a common goal. Coordination is a part of our cooperation model used to share tasks and follow laid down organization rules and practices.

Our cooperation also covers niche SAP solutions (SAP RE-FX). Our niche solutions are for clients who have a focused market with demand for a specialized product or commodity. We also create custom-made solutions for their audience using the best tools and expertise available at Hicron.

We are aware that each business area requires different solutions, which is why we have prepared an offer dedicated to each of them.

Finance & Controlling & Analytics

We will help you improve your financial management, and thanks to our support in the area of business analytics, you will be able to plan more effective strategies for your company.

Logistics & Production

Hicron will provide you with tools supporting the digital transformation of your company, with them you will be able to e.g. reduce production costs or create an intelligent supply chain.

Sales & Aftersales

With Hicron you can automate customer acquisition, aftersales care and cross- or upselling processes and collect data about them.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management can improve payroll services, recruitment processes and ways to motivate employees. You can choose among two solution sets: SAP HR (mainly for hard processes) and SAP SuccessFactors (human relations processes).

By need

We have a longstanding and fruitful relationship with our customers, as we have been able to help them identify challenges that would add more values to their organization and become lifelong partners. As widely said, the customer is the soul of business. We do not only identify and win the heart of these customers, but we also carry out routine follow ups and ensure that they have access to optimum service delivery.

That is why we not only implement SAP systems, but also integrate, readjust existing solutions or create completely new ones. You can count on our service and application support not only during the implementation of the project, but also in post implementation stages: development, maintenance and ongoing support.

SAP Implementation

We approach projects holistically. We will not only implement the SAP system, but also study the business processes in your company and make sure that the system meets your needs.

SAP Support & Maintenance

Hicron support the continuity of your business and help you use the system even more efficiently.

SAP Development

When your business changes and grows SAP system can be adapt to match your new need. We can implement modules, integrate, update and design new solutions.

By cooperation model

Each project and partnership begins with recognizing our client’s needs and goals. Based on those needs and goals we prepare several solutions. Thereafter, we present it to our client with detailed explanation and guide them in choosing the best solution and implementation methodology.

Same with cooperation models. Due to the different needs and resources of our clients, we offer three flexible cooperation models. You decide on the settlement variant, division of responsibilities and the scope of the project.

Fixed Price

If you have prespecified budget and scope for the project this cooperation model will be for you. Fixed Price allows you to determine the workload and plan the course of the project.

Team Extension

Team Extension is is the most flexible approach to cooperation with Hicron. In this option, you define the profile of experts you need for your project and decide what tasks are performed by them.

Time & Material

Time & Material is best for complex projects where you are unable to determine the scope and budget. You pay a predetermined rate for each working hour or day of the consultant.

Tailor made

In standard SAP system implementations, our consulting and technology teams have extensive experience, which they gladly share. However, we are also happy to take on challenges that our competitors have not been able to cope with and we create our own solutions.

Our solutions and operation activities are tailor-made to suit our clients’ projects. Whatever the project or task at hand is, we always have the best solution to offer. Most of our clients have had their business challenges unsolved because other lead and management organizations in the past used the same approach, albeit, at Hicron, we have specially made an approach for you.

Hicron Innovation Lab

Hicron Innovation Lab are solutions which we have designed and implemented for specific clients basing on their individual needs. This solutions are completely safe and modern with the possibility of continuous development.

Software House

We are a Digital Software Partner, start your project with our talented engineers: software developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and cloud specialists.

Non-Cloud SAP Extensions

Hicron create original extensions for SAP system thanks to professional teams of ABAP and Fiori developers. If the processes in your company are very unique, we will design a solution for you.

Hicron experts

There are some areas of our offer that we are particulary proud of as they require unique competences, vast experience or niche knowledge. In these areas we are said to be market leaders among SAP partners all over the world.

We are willing to share our knowledge with clients. We observe management standards and analyze business processes (in all markets), we help introduce innovative solutions, and we seamlessly transfer knowledge, helping our customers operate even better thanks to our services and solutions.

SAP for Automotive

As an international leader in delivering SAP solutions for Automotive industry we address growing needs of our Automotive customers to introduce more integrated sales processes on the way between distribution companies and its numerous, independent, sales agents.

International SAP rollouts

We specialize in rollout projects and support the company in reaching a compromise between the standard and local needs. We create perfect templates, we know how and when to adapt it to local standards and also… when and how to bring a local adaptation to a template level.

SAP Recovery Projects

In our SAP Recovery Projects we take over and finish endangered and most difficult SAP projects in terms of unique competences, professional project management and change management.

SAP Support & Maintenance

Hicron support the continuity of your business and help you use the system even more efficiently.

Our experts are Vision Architect Solution Makers across all industries. The SAP Gold Partner status is proof of maintaining the highest quality standards of our work. We do not only have expertise in proffering solutions, but we also have top-notch customer relationships, and this has endeared us to our customers and partners.

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We are frequently chosen for a business partner by companies who discover difficulties not only with their SAP environment but also by those, who wish to improve their business processes. Contact us, explain your business challenge and let us help you just as we did it hundreds of times before.

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