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We are a global leader in delivering SAP solutions for Automotive industry. We automate production processes, support sales departments with innovative solutions, and create solutions dedicated to your industry.

Our advantages

Since 2006 when Hicron was based we have been focused on delivering outstanding SAP services and solutions, starting with automotive industry. We work with prestigious automotive brands from all over the world: USA, Australia, Middle East, Europe. We understand your industry and we know what solutions to offer to unlock your business potential – whether it’s accelerating your sales and cross- or upselling processes or automating your partner and supplier relationships.  As a Vision Architect and Solution Maker we will not only suggest bes solutions to achieve your goals, but also discuss the business processes that lay behind, sharing our knowledge how to do it best. 

Employ modern IT solutions to grow your business! Take advantage of business consulting provided by Hicron and use our knowledge to strengthen your position on the market. 

years of experience in implementing and developing SAP for Automotive
the number of continents on which we have carried out projects for the automotive industry

SAP Recognized Expertise

SAP Recognized Expertise is a title granted to SAP partners, that manage to prove their knowledge and their outstanding qualifications and experience in selected industries or subject areas. Challenges of this sort are what Hicron experts like to deal with the most. This is how Hicron has earned this unique certificate in the area of the automotive industry. Obtaining SAP Recognised Expertise required our automotive Experts to acquire at least two references in the automotive industry and three individual competence certificates for the consultants. We managed to obtain nine.

sap recognized expertise automotive hicron

Local companies offered the implementation of many solutions that weren’t integrated with one another; the financial systems were located in a separate environment from the logistics. Combining modern technologies with 20-year-old systems appeared impossible or extremely costly. Hicron ensured a great combination of basic business knowledge and technical competences during the project, positioning themselves as a true partner, able to face the difficult business processes and change management.

–  that’s how one of our clients who provided the references for the certificate assessed their cooperation with Hicron.


Shorter implementation time and lower costs
Our projects last and cost on average 30% less than similar projects of our competitors. These impressive results are made possible by the use of our proprietary solutions and our comprehensive knowledge of the automotive industry.
SAP Recognized Expertise in Automotive
This designation is awarded to SAP partners who have significant competences, numerous references, and extensive experience in the automotive industry. This is a confirmation that Hicron will provide comprehensive support for development projects in your company.
Proven experience in international projects
We have been supporting the automotive industry since 2006. We are proud of our extensive SAP projects implementations carried out on 6 continents for over 70 customers.
Understanding the industry
We understand the specifics of the automotive industry because we work with vehicle manufacturers, importers, dealers, parts suppliers, and service providers. We know the processes running in your company and the requirements set by the manufacturers, as well as the conditions of working with them.

Our offer

We create and implement solutions for dealers and importers as well as for companies producing car parts. Take a look at our offer dedicated to your company. 

SAP Automotive Solutions for Dealers, Importers & OEMs

SAP for Automotive Suppliers

How we work

man provide reliable application support for SAP systems

  • We begin every cooperation by forming a thorough understanding of your company and its needs. This allows us to offer you solutions that will measurably support your production, sales, logistics, or accounting departments.
  • Cooperation with Hicron is flexible. We offer as many as three types of contracts, based on different payment options. You decide what kind of support you need and how to use the consultants’ capabilities.
  • We operate 100% remotely. We have the necessary architectural solutions to guarantee fully secure data flow and instant support in case of emergencies.
  • We place great emphasis on building lasting relationships based on trust. We take care to get to know your business and its specific processes, so that we can suggest solutions that will measurably support them.
  • A dedicated team of consultants led by an experienced supervisor will work with you on the project. In this way, we guarantee you access to a person who will answer all your questions and clarify any doubts. 

Case study

Award-winning SAP DBM project

The implementation and configuration of Dealer Management System 8.0 with such a large functional scale is a great achievement – Hicron conducted the first project of this type in the world and the third when it comes to implementing this version of the solution. The project was a winner of a gold prize in SAP Quality Awards competition in category business transformation in MENA

The SAP Quality Award competition is held every year. Its goal is to select and appreciate innovation leaders who use digital transformation to improve the quality of relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers, and thus succeed in today’s profoundly information-driven market.

Frank Forndron
Customer Office for SAP MENA and Quality Management for SAP Emerging Markets AAB

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