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We know that a consistent implementation of the company's development strategy can be difficult, and some obstacles stand in the way of the development of a stable Automotive business. Vision Architect Solution Maker is a slogan which best describes how we operate at Hicron. We proactively support our Automotive Clients as experienced consultants and programmers who handle a complex set of IT tools.

Conversion to S/4HANA 

Conversion of the SAP system to the new version provides an opportunity to use effective tools which accelerate the conducted processes and simplify the IT infrastructure. The migration itself, however, is a multi-stage activity, which should begin with a thorough analysis of business goals, and then confronting what the system has to offer with the current processes in the company. We create roadmaps for our Automotive clients, and based on them, we suggest how to best prepare for the transition to S/4HANA and how to do it. Our scenarios include the expected implementation time and budget, as well as the recommended, optimal conversion path. The SAP S/4HANA implementation strategy developed by us ensures that the right course of action is taken and enables the effective achievement of business goals. We also have our own set of applications, Hicron Fiori for Automotive, which constitutes an expansion of the standard SAP for Automotive with WTY, VMS, DBM or Dealer Portal modules, previously only available in SAP ECC 6.0. Read more about SAP S/4HANA conversion.
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SAP S/4HANA conversion.

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A rollout of the SAP system from the head office to subsidiaries of the company fosters unification of business processes across the group. In addition to the many benefits it brings especially in the areas of logistics and finance, it brings with it some challenges while planning a rollout to a given country, its legal specifics should be taken into account. At Hicron we prepare the template for the head office, identifying optimization possibilities of the existing processes. Next, having regard to local regulations, including the need for adjustments in the legal and financial areas, we present the template solution implementation plan in all units of the company. Thanks to our original methodology and international experience, we know how to conduct a rollout efficiently and safely. Our biggest rollout for Automotive included the preparation of the rollout template, implementation in the head office and rollout to companies in 17 countries. Additionally, we provide support after the launch, making the necessary corrections and preparing company employees for further operation with the SAP system.
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Application support 

Thanks to our experience of serving over 60 service clients we understand how important it is for an enterprise operation support system to guarantee continuity of business processes. At Hicron, we provide our Automotive Clients with strong application support. We have a team of specialists who perfectly know the Automotive industry and solutions to prevent errors and interruptions. Our System Monitoring Tool works 24/7, detecting irregularities in advance and alerting the application support team. BASIS team specialists solve the reported issue, and SAP system users can use the key business software. 

Besides experts from the said team, in Hicron structures operate two other teams including the Application Service team who processes requests and conducts development work in the system. The highest standards of the services provided by us are confirmed by the certificates: ISO, TISAX, best practices set ITIL®, as well as the PCoE certificate, which we have received without the need to conduct an audit. Read more about Hicron’s application SAP support.

If you look at the individual points in the QMR report – we have 100% everywhere and from quarter to quarter we have not deviated from this result. It is emphasized every time we talk to our SAP mentor. It is incredibly rare on the Polish market.
Paweł Pawełkiewicz
SAP BASIS Consultant at Hicron, responsible for the technical side of the PCoE certification

Business transformation

At Hicron, we support our Clients in changing their business model. Thanks to our 16-years’ experience working with car manufacturers, importers, dealer groups and component manufacturers, we perfectly understand the Automotive industry and its processes. As a Vision Architect Solution Maker, we are not just executives, but also advisors and partners, and besides a standard SAP solution offer, we implement our original extensions and applications. While offering tools to improve processes, we can suggest optimization directions, therefore we have been a trusted partner in business transformation for years.
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