How do we provide reliable application support for SAP systems?

What characterizes a good SAP application service? Its main task is to ensure the continuity of business processes in your company. After all, SAP systems support your business only when they function flawlessly. Each downtime means losses - and this is what specialists from the Application Service Support team protect you against.

We have already indicated what is worth paying attention to when choosing a service partner. Today we will focus on the benefits you can derive from cooperation with Hicron. As a strong, serious partner, we can offer you support that stands out from the competition.

24/7 control

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers over the years and discovered one thing that they all have in common. Every company wants SAP systems to be available at all times. This means high intolerance to disruptions in business continuity – errors or downtime. It became clear to us that the only way to keep systems running stable is to catch problems even before they affect system performance.

We have created a revolutionary, proprietary tool for proactive error detection in SAP systems – Hicron System Monitoring Tool (HSMT). The tool works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and always keeps an eye on the status of your software.

For our customers, this means uninterrupted work on SAP systems. HSMT immediately detects the first signs of problems such as errors in updates or queuing, and automatically reports the incident to the SAP application support team. Specialists solve the problem, and employees who use the system daily do not even notice that anything has happened. Conveniently, quickly, without wasting time and nervous waiting for the completion of repair work.

Contractor’s responsibility

What is most important when the system encounters an error? Our customers agree – the key is to restore the efficiency and continuity of processes as quickly as possible. This is usually difficult to achieve: entries are first queued for confirmation, then assigned to a team that is currently free. Professionals first need to learn about the unknown system before proceeding to fix the error.

However, we found a way to reduce the time of verification and problem resolution to a minimum.

We offer our clients the support of the Service Desk Executive (SDE) – an experienced specialist who is the first point of contact in matters of the system, and also the commander of the application support department dedicated to a given client.

What does this mean for customers? The shortest possible path to repair or change. SDE knows its client’s system, so it can quickly check what the error is about. Then, he selects specialists with the most appropriate competencies and supervises the repair. In this way, the system takes care of everything from the very beginning by someone who knows it inside out. This speeds up repair time.

Hicron – strong application support

What else can you get by choosing us as your service partner? Support for ITSM systems, help in managing users and their roles, optimization of customer service processes, advice, and suggestions for further development of systems … We have created three packages (Platinum, Gold, Flex) to help you choose a set of services that will best help your company develop.

Familiarize yourself with the portfolio of our service clients and our certificates (PCoE, ITIL). Choose an experienced partner and ensure a trouble-free operation of your SAP systems!

Do you want to know the details of the offer? Contact our consultants!

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