SAP Support & Maintenance

We are perfectly prepared to assist your company in every area of SAP system support: from ongoing user support, SAP maintenance and administration, through upgrades and migrations to development projects. We offer our services all over te world and we are certifiied by SAP in this area.
SAP Support & Maintenance

SAP support provided by Hicron

Our goal is to ensure the smooth continuity of your business. We make sure that your critical SAP processes are available to you at all times. We are proactive, eliminating the risk of downtime before the users can be affected by any negative consequences. 

In case of a malfunction, we pledge to fix it or find a workaround within the time frame strictly defined by the SLA. For critical system functions it can be as short as 4 hours! 

We employ a wide range of state-of-the-art tools to support the continuity of your business. From a proprietary Hicron System Monitoring Tool that provides 24/7 system monitoring to our own ticketing system – Hicron is ready to look after your system. 

We take care of the reliable operation of your SAP solutions, advise changes and introduce improvements to help you use the system even more comprehensively.

years of experience in delivering SAP solutions and services
clients supported in 5 languages (Polish, English, German, Russian, Italian)

Our service offer

Our work aims to improve our client’s business. Our task does not end when the IT solution is implemented. We offer our support to clients all over the world in the running, maintenance and administration of the solution.

SAP AMS Services

SAP Basis

SAP Maintenance

SAP Certifications

Hicron has worked on its reputation for a long time, which has been repeatedly noticed and awarded by SAP. As one of the few companies in the world, we have received the title in the area of SAP Cloud Application Services – Strategic Supplier. It is a distinction for companies that offer their clients the highest level of application management support (AMS).​  SAP SE awarded Hicron for the quality of services provided to customers in the EMEA / MEE region.

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We are also certified with the Partner Center of Expertise certificate, which is based on detailed quality audit. In our history, we have always passed these audits perfectly and this is why we are granted automatic recertification every second year. However, in order to be recertified in an accelerated procedure, it is necessary to stand out with the excellent quality of services provided. In our case, is monitored by SAP not only during careful audits that take place every second year, but also during our cooperation with SAP SE and SAP clients as whom we support as a subcontractor to SAP. Automatic recertification is an expression of great trust in Hicron and confirmation of our high quality standards.

Why Hicron


Monitoring 24/7
Hicron experts have created a proactive tool for monitoring SAP performance: HSMT. The solution analyzes more than 200 indicators; when one of them is exceeded, the team is alerted immediately, so that they can immediately solve the problem to prevent a costly failure. We implement HSMT in the systems of all our clients free of charge.
High SLA Levels
Together with the client we establish the maximum time frames for solving reported problems. These time frames are stipulated in the Service Level Agreement.
We operate globally, and the quality of our services is world class. This is confirmed by the numerous references we have received from all over the world. We will gladly present them to you upon request.
Dedicated Team
Our team responsible for SAP maintenance and support consists of more than 90 people, constituting as much as a third of the entire Hicron staff. Your systems will be looked after by a dedicated team with the full range of required competences and the knowledge of SAP modules that your company uses.
Maintenance of SAP environment

The SAP system upgrade project at Play, divided into two phases, included migration of the system to a more efficient platform and technical upgrade of SAP ERP and Enterprise Portal. The system upgrade improved the efficiency of transactions and reporting, while increasing the possibilities for further functional development of the system.

Appreciating the quality of Hicron’s work, we once again decided to entrust the team with the maintenance of the SAP environment at Play. Hicron meets the SLA conditions and provides us with high performance and availability of the systems. Their professionalism and commitment to the development of the SAP environment at Play is truly exceptional.

Tomasz Bandurski
ERP Systems Team Manager at Play Play
SAP Application support services

Hicron took over responsibility for authorization management, creating system backups, and constant technical supervision of software – also with the use of the proprietary Hicron SAP Monitoring Tool. The tool monitors the system twenty-four hours a day. It analyses over 200 indicators and immediately communicates when they are exceeded, making it possible to detect and repair a failure before system users even feel its effects.

We require our service partners to ensure the availability of experienced consultants, possess competences in performing SAP system development works, as well as offer flexibility when work needs to be done on site, at our headquarters. Taking into account all these elements, Hicron’s service offer turned out unmatched.

Marek Sikorski
Head of the IT department at MDD MDD

How we work

The first stage of cooperation always consists in identifying the needs of your company and SAP users. Knowing which processes are critical to the operation of your business is key to ensuring smooth business continuity.  

Next, you will establish the scope of support, hourly service windows, and maximum response times (SLA) together with a Hicron experts. In this way you can shape our offer so that it is fully adapted to your company – and not the other way round.  

Your system will be supported by a permanent team of consultants managed by your contract supervisor. For you this means a single point of contact – with a person who knows your system inside out. In extensive projects, the contract is supervised by a Service Delivery Executive (SDE). Their role is to handle client requests, assemble the team of specialists responsible for your company’s system, and periodically report the status of your requests. 

Our clients have access to a stateoftheart ticketing system: Hicron Service Delivery (Hicron SD). The platform enables you to review the tickets and the work performed on your system. In this way we ensure transparency of our activities. 

We also offer our customers, free of charge, the proprietary Hicron System Monitoring Tool (HSMT) for monitoring SAP systems. It analyzes over 200 indicators 24 hours a day, allowing us to detect and eliminate malfunctions before they affect users’ work.  

We operate 100% remotely. We have solutions and infrastructure that provide maximum security for your systems. Our care for the protection of your company’s data is confirmed by the ISO270001 and TISAX certificates we obtained. 

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