SAP Maintenance Support 

Entrust your company’s key systems to an experienced service partner! We offer constant SAP system support as part of the producer’s SAP Maintenance service at the SAP Standard and SAP Enterprise Support levels. If you are not sure which variant is better suited to your needs, our experts will help you choose the optimal scope. 
SAP Maintenance Support 

SAP system maintenance

SAP Maintenance is the maintenance of ERP systems and other SAP products. It is complemented by the application management services and the system administration offer, the so-called BASIS. These services are provided by a team of over 100 specialists. Thanks to the wide range of competences and experience gathered since 2006, we support companies both in the daily maintenance of systems and the development of SAP solutions.

SAP offers system maintenance at two levels: SAP Standard Support and SAP Enterprise Support. Choosing SAP Enterprise Support will allow you to use a much wider range of services once per year – in the area of implementation, existing systems, and updates. What additionally distinguishes this model from the standard option is the Support Academy service provided by SAP experts. The Academy gives you access to knowledge and training in the field of system improvement and process optimization.  

What’s important, the scope of our services and support  in the area of SAP Maintenance significantly exceeds the standard offer.

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Scope of support at Hicron  

When you make the decision to cooperate with Hicron, you get more than is offered by SAP as part of the Standard and Enterprise services. How is our offer different from other SAP partners?

Request verification 

We have developed a unique system for the verification of client requests. We do not send all potential SAP system errors to the producer. Instead, we thoroughly investigate the problem, compare it with SAP Notes, and assess whether external support is really necessary. 

The problem very often can be solved by our BASIS or application management teams under appropriate agreements. Thanks to the SLAs that Hicron signs with its clients, specifying the deadlines for accepting and resolving requests, this takes much less time than waiting for reaction of the producer. SAP SE does not guarantee SLA in the SAP Standard variant.  

Very often what seems to be a system error is simply the result of a missing note, i.e. a small software code update. This is also where cooperation with Hicron is very beneficial for clients. As part of an appropriate agreement, our consultants verify the updates and often solve the problem immediately. Otherwise, the client risks waiting a long time for a response from SAP SE, which will not remove the error, but only indicate which note should be uploaded.  

In situations where a problem actually exists, cooperation with Hicron also brings additional value for the client. Consultants prepare technical documentation in which they indicate the verified notes and proven methods of fixing the error. Documentation prepared in this way significantly shortens the time required to resolve a request by SAP SE.  

Technical contract supervisor  

As part of the SAP Enterprise contract, your company will be assigned a supervisor. As a result, all matters related to Maintenance are agreed with a single person who perfectly knows the SAP solutions used in your company and is able to help you very quickly.  

The supervisor’s tasks include:  

  • analysis of user-reported OSS ß incidents
  • verification of SAP Support Backbone connections
  • generation and verification of SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports and preparation of recommendations
  • quarterly updates of the ST-PI and ST-A/PI components
  • support in the use of tools available under the SAP Enterprise contract, for example TQC Integration Validation or TQC Transport Execution Analysis

 Other services  

Our services go beyond the SAP Maintenance offer available as part of the SAP SE service. Depending on the selected support variant, Hicron provides:  

  • ST-PI and ST-A/PI updates
  • analysis of EarlyWatch Alerts reports and preparation of recommendations regarding the development of the SAP system
  • support for the implementation of new solutions in the SAP support infrastructure (e.g. in the case of changes in encrypted communication in SAP Support Backbone)

Our goal is to make sure that the SAP solutions used in the client’s company operate continuously, without interfering with the daily work of their users. This is why our services also include activities for which other providers would charge an additional fee. We offer them free of charge under the Maintenance contract. 

SAP Partner Center of Expertise

In order to offer SAP Maintenance services, the provider must obtain the Partner Center of Expertise certificate from SAP SE and renew it every 2 years. It requires conducting an audit and collecting documentation confirming that the provider’s services delivered in accordance with the standards set by SAP SE. 

But not at Hicron. Based on our consultants’ outstanding results, we have twice achieved the PCoE certificate without an audit. In this unprecedented way SAP SE distinguishes the most trusted partners, whose services have been meeting all the producer’s requirements for years. Hoewver, we report the activities and results of SAP Maintenance every quarter, and the producer verifies the level of support on an ongoing basis. As a result, our clients can be sure that we constantly guarantee the highest quality of services.   

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ITIL Standards at Hicron

Our clients’ systems are maintained based on ITIL® – Information Technology Infrastructure Library standards. It is a set of standards and good practices recognized and used by IT departments around the world.  

For clients, one of the most important parts of ITIL® is Continual Service Improvement. Constantly developing its competences, Hicron also provides the highest level of software and business process maintenance services.  

Why Hicron

SAP Partner Center of Expertise, numerous individual certificates related to SAP solutions, including niche areas, held by our consultants;  
We have been supervising systems of over 60 clients for 15 years, providing our support in languages: Polish, English, German, and Russian
International experience
Among our clients there are companies from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, France, Russia, Australia and other countreis around the world.
Data Security
We provide our services in accordance with the highest security standards, which is confirmed by the ISO 27001 and TISAX certificates

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