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How does Service Advisor work?
A customer who knows that his car is in the hands of professionals who know the vehicle inside out and have the time and passion to take care of it in the best possible way and at a time convenient to the customer is a satisfied customer. The purpose of Service Advisor, developed by Hicron, is to help increase the number of satisfied customers.

As few paper forms as possible – replacing paper with state-of-the-art equipment, all information on prices and the availability of spare parts and staff gathered in one place, knowledge of the vehicle and its repair history – all this inspires trust among customers. When a customer leaves his car at a service center, he would like to have the problem diagnosed as quickly as possible, have the price fixed and pick the car back up in the best possible condition.

Support in servicing

The Service Advisor solution is dedicated mainly to dealers and vehicle importers who focus on professionalism and providing reliable services to their customers. The Service Advisor app installed on a mobile device connects to the IT system and downloads as well as uploads data on customer visits and provided services. This solution can be extended to include access to a variety of information: current special offers, price lists, calendars displaying the availability of service centers and staff, information on stocks of spare parts, etc.

The 3D visualization of the vehicle makes it possible to mark the damaged areas. Adding photos is also possible. The Checklist function suggests a list of work to be carried out when servicing the customer’s vehicle. The Extra Services option makes it possible to recommend to the customer additional services that will be carried out as part of the visit. The Jobs bookmark makes it possible to carry out additional operations that may turn out to be necessary in the course of the repair. At this point, the full valuation of the work is also made. All other service operations that are determined at the site are priced on the basis of the rates in the central IT system, to which Service Advisor connects.

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In sure hands

A customer without an appointment had a fender-bender and appears at a car repair shop asking for an urgent repair. The service technician quickly takes care of the issue. Having entered the vehicle’s registration number into a tablet, the technician notes that this is a regular customer’s vehicle, who furthermore is scheduled for a service visit next week. After checking the availability of mechanics, the technician easily moves the appointment in the calendar to an earlier date. He launches the vehicle visualization on the device and marks the position of the broken headlight and the damaged wheel arch and bumper.

At the same time the technician informs the customer how long the repair will take and how much it will cost – the device gives access to the current price list and the repair shop calendar. With next week’s visit in mind he suggests replacing the filters today. He enters the current mileage of the vehicle and informs the customer about the components to be checked and possibly replaced: the clutch after another 5000km and the brake system. As part of the current special offer, he offers an additional discount on the services. Then he summarizes the costs, asks for the customer’s signature on the tablet and once again informs the customer about the vehicle pick-up date.
A fast, professional and modern service, without unnecessary paperwork – all the information is collected in the central system.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Shorter customer service time;
  • Establishing the loyalty and trust of customers through modern and professional services;
  • Full use of the capabilities of an IT system and the information it provides;
  • Fewer paper documents and calendars;
  • Mistakes in customer service reduced to minimum;
  • Increased sales;
  • Errors in billing and invoicing reduced to a minimum (all work is guaranteed to be billed);
  • Complete information about customers, vehicles and provided services collected in one place;
  • The possibility to cross-sell and upsell services.

Features of the solution:

  • Marketing campaigns;
  • Jobs – option for adding work to an open order, with the possibility of later pricing, depending on the workload;
  • Checklist – suggestions of work to be carried out during the service;
  • 3D visualization of the vehicle with the possibility to mark the areas that need to be repaired;
  • The possibility to add photos and videos of the damage;
  • Integration with service price lists;
  • Customer’s signature put on a mobile device;
  • Access to information about customers, their vehicles and repair history;
  • Displaying service center calendars, mechanics, work stations (forward and backward);
  • Displaying the availability of spare parts in stock .

The features of the Service Advisor app can be freely configured to suit to the needs of the company and the information stored in its IT systems.

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