SAP ERP for companies requiring billing solutions

The necessity to execute thousands and even millions of transactions simultaneously, billing with a huge number of variables that determine the invoiced amounts, trading and management of measurement devices: these are some of the characteristics of companies specialising in the sale of gas, electricity, water or telecommunications services.

Solutions for a higher number of processes

The specific nature of these business processes means that the above-described companies require the best ERP system possible in order to efficiently and effectively implement the business processes. Hicron, taking these exacting needs into account, offers an extended version of the SAP ERP system with the solution to perform billing activities.


SAP ERP is the most frequently chosen, integrated IT system, supporting management. It supports all areas of a company’s activities: from finance and controlling, through production and its planning, through sales and distribution, project management etc. The SAP system is not just an IT solution. In contrast to most of the IT systems available on the market, SAP ERP carries a notable value in the form of best business practices sewn in the system. The solution has a database of reference processes acquired as a result of 30 years of SAP experience worldwide and 15 years domestically. This also applies to the business processes unique to the gas industry, energy suppliers, water companies, and telecommunications service providers. Woven into the system, the best business practices constitute model business processes that can be modified and are available as standard for each customer at no extra charge.

Hicron, seeing the need for billing solutions, has developed within the SAP ERP system the Hicron Billing Solution for medium-sized companies. As part of the standard SAP ERP system, the solution enables the flow of data between different areas of the system, using them for analysis and reporting. The areas of integration include modules for sales and distribution, materials management, finance and controlling, and plant maintenance. There is also the possibility of integrating Hicron Billing Solution in the area of ​​project management (PS) in the SAP system, supporting processes related to investments planning.

Among the business processes implemented by HICRON Billing Solution are the following:

  • Registration of customers in the system and the monitoring of customer history from the moment of completing the initial questionnaire to signing the contract and receiving the services, along with extensive reporting;
  • Support for the use and expansion of the network reflecting the energy network’s system structure, taking into account e.g. coverage, service lines. The flexibility of the solution enables integration among programs for detailed network visualisation on maps or geographic solutions of DMS type (Document Management System), giving access to graphic documents, contracts, projects and other documents specified by the user assigned to a particular network, point of receipt, the customer’s premises or in the system;
  • A detailed register of measurement devices (meters) with a full history of their marketing. The ability to easily configure various types of measuring devices;
  • Execution of readings and closing the period with the option to automatically verify if all the readings were taken, customers invoiced, etc;
  • Execution of remote reading through the integration of billing system HICRON Billing Solution with the telemetry solution;
  • Fully automated issuing of adjustments to invoices and further adjustments to adjustments. The possibility to issue advance and prepaid invoices and automatically include them in the accrued expenses;
  • Registration of information about failures, repairs, defects (also drops in voltage / calorific gas / weakening of bandwidth …) affecting the amount of fees. Automatic calculation of the amount invoiced, taking into account these factors;
  • Route management in the system with the option of automatic selection of important clients for reading during the given period. Readout lists are created dynamically and their export and import to and from xls and xml files is completed automatically;
  • Management of Take Or Pay contracts;
  • The ability to set individual rates / tariffs / billing models;
  • Easy and intuitive user interface;
  • Flexible management of permissions.

What are the benefits of implementing SAP ERP billing sollution?

Offering implementation of the SAP ERP system including billing solution, Hicron gives companies the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of functionalities, with the option to adapt the solution to the individual requirements of the industry and the company.

The following benefits of the solution should be primarily distinguished:

  • Ability to focus exclusively on the challenges and business, not the technology: this part is dealt with only by Hicron’s consultants and it is them who take care of the flawless and smooth functioning from the technical side;
  • Improving internal and external financial reporting;
  • Improving the management of the company by being able to control the current use of corporate resources;
  • The ability to manage all business processes from the level of a single-system environment, access to the cross-sectional data from a single transaction;
  • Fast and accurate definition of service parameters, various tariff plans, etc;
  • Fast and efficient settlement of all recipients;
  • Gathering of complete information on costs;
  • Obtaining a reliable source of reporting, powerful analysis functions.

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