Aim for good solutions – the automotive industry according to Hicron

The automotive sector is very complex. The number of processes within this industry calls for a vast number of reliable and well-thought-out tools to streamline all activities and make it possible to achieve envisaged targets and profit. In this context, Hicron has a very visionary approach. The solutions offered by the Wrocław-based company not only meet actual needs, but stay ahead of them and create new trends.

Processes worth being capable of

The term “automotive market” is a very broad one. A holistic approach to this issue would involve the fields of data management, warranty campaigns, parts or fleet management/car rental. However, in the case of Hicron’s portfolio, we can safely say that the company prepares and implements solutions which facilitate work in each of these aspects, supporting the automotive industry in a comprehensive manner.

This should come as no surprise because Hicron is an experienced, certified SAP partner, which was awarded the SAP Recognized Expertise Automotive certificate in February 2019. For 14 years now, Hicron has supported implementation of SAP systems, in particular automotive solutions, around the world. The company’s portfolio includes brands such as VW Group (VW AG, Porsche AG, MAN Truck & Bus AG), Subaru, Honda, Toyota and Suzuki. Hicron implements solutions designed by SAP with great care and precision, but what is noteworthy is that it pays great attention to each Client, listening to their needs and creating original products which work for specific Clients. Hicron has its finger on the pulse of change, allowing it to supplement SAP’s standard portfolio. One example of such activity is Hicron Fiori for Automotive.

A Dealer Portal like none before

SAP support for older versions of ERP systems will end in 2025. In relation to this, enterprises that wish to take advantage of the enhancements prepared by SAP should opt to convert to S/4HANA as quickly as possible, enabling them to avoid queues to the most valued Partners capable of carrying out such processes. Unfortunately, the updated version of the system has no Dealer Portal ready for use.

Hicron has responded to this need. Hicron Fiori for Automotive is a Dealer Portal available for S/4HANA. The Fiori interface, which is the most frequently mentioned and most noticeable advantage of S/4HANA, is also used in this solution. In this manner, the Dealer Portal with its intuitive interface has become very attractive and much easier to use.

The creation of such a Dealer Portal for S/4HANA was dictated by the lack of such a solution in SAP’s portfolio. In this way, Hicron has become a pioneer in the industry and the creator of an incredibly useful tool. All automotive companies using an ERP-based Dealer Portal will soon face the challenge of conversion to S/4HANA. Once the process has been completed, Hicron has a solution in store for these companies which will give their Dealer Portal a modern touch and help it fulfil its function even better.

The automotive sector is a dynamically developing industry. The constantly emerging requirements and expectations with regard to solutions for the automotive industry make it necessary not only to respond to changes immediately, but first and foremost to anticipate them. Such visionary foresight is characteristic of automotive specialists, including the experts at Hicron.

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