SAP HANA database

This powerful, multi-functional tool with massive computing power uses RAM memory instead of hard drives. As a result, the SAP HANA database allows you to revolutionize the speed of your data operations, greatly accelerating the functioning of your business.
SAP HANA database

What sets the SAP HANA database apart 

Unlike typical databases, SAP HANA processes data using RAM memory instead of hard drives. This saves the time needed to perform calculations or generate reports. For example, a company can reduce the time required to close a month by 60% – from ten days to four. 

The use of RAM is not the only innovative solution employed in SAP HANA. 

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  • The data is stored in a column-oriented system, which reduces the time it takes the database to find the required information.  
  • There are no data duplicates in the stored tables; instead the data is stored at the highest level of detail. As a result, the tables needed by the user are generated on cue instead of taking up memory space. 
  • Parallel processing allows several operations to be performed at once. 
  • The storage and processing of data models is taken over from the applications using SAP HANA by the database itself, freeing up application resources. 
  • Working with data takes place in real time. 

SAP HANA in your company 

If you are wondering what return on investment you can expect from implementing SAP HANA, opt for SAP HANA Proof of Concept. This service will allow you to identify what benefits can be gained from implementing this stateoftheart database in your company’s IT environment. 

Depending on your needs, we offer several services: 

  • SAP HANA standalone implementation (e.g., as a standalone environment providing data for Business Intelligence systems) 
  • implementation or migration of SAP HANA for an SAP BW data warehouse 
  • implementation or migration of SAP HANA for an ERP system (SAP ERP, SAP S/4 HANA) 
  • SAP HANA Live implementation 
  • designing and extending standalone applications using the HANA Cloud Platform 
  • integration of SAP HANA with other systems (including nonSAP ones) used in the enterprise. 

Advantages of working with Hicron 

Three contract variants
We focus on flexibility and responding quickly to changes, therefore we offer as many as three variants of contracts. This allows us to adapt fully to the needs and requirements of your business.
Understanding the nature of your industry
We have been active on the Polish and foreign markets since 2006. We have cooperated with various industries, such as the automotive, cosmetic, construction, and transport industries. We are familiar with the specific business processes of each industry as well as the complex requirements related to the safety and quality of implementation – and we know how to meet them.
On-site and remote support
Before the pandemic, Hicron consultants would conduct implementation projects on site, becoming part of the client’s company for the duration of the work. Today we focus on 100% remote support – we have solutions that will guarantee the security of your company’s data throughout the project.
Collaboration based on expertise and trust
From day one, we strive to become your Trusted Advisors. We consider closely the needs of each company and recommend the most optimal solutions for its development. The Trusted Advisor concept has been in Hicron’s DNA since the beginning of our existence.

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Wish to learn more about SAP HANA? 

If you are wondering how the implementation of the HANA database can benefit your business or wish to learn more about the way we work – send us a message. Our experts will get back to you with answers. 
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