SAP OEM - ERP for automotive OEMs

Choose a partner who really knows the Automotive industry processes. As a global leader in ERP implementation for vehicle manufacturers, we have carried out hundreds of projects to optimize business.
SAP OEM - ERP for automotive OEMs

Who is your navigator?

We are masters of digital and business transformation in the Automotive industry, and we provide our Automotive Clients – including vehicle manufacturers – with business-oriented ERP solutions to improve their processes and automate as many operational works as possible. We also help them to transform into a digital business model by adjusting their SAP environment to changes in business processes. See what sets us apart from the competition:

  •  a global leader in the implementation of ERP solutions for vehicle manufacturers (including commercial vehicles), farm and construction machinery, and the airline industry,
  •  16 years of experience in SAP systems implementation worldwide, among others for Volvo CE, MAN, Solaris, Pronar and rollouts of these systems,
  •  knowledge of business processes in the whole Automotive network and understanding of Automotive industry environment, including vehicle manufacturers,
  •  guarantee of data safety and reliability in action supported among others with certifications: ISO 27001, TISAX, SAP Recognized Expertise for Automotive,
  •  cooperation with SAP SE as a dedicated partner to the implementation of niche SAP solutions for Automotive for vehicle manufacturers.

Your company development roads

There are many roads that lead to success. No matter which strategy you take to get ahead of the competition, Hicron experts will help you on the way to the market success of your company 

International Road: we support vehicle manufacturers in achieving ambitious development goals by standardizing business processes conducted in each international division and production plant. We conduct complex rollouts and provide application support with niche SAP modules for Automotive taken into account 

Innovative Road: if you are looking for innovative solutions conducted in a safe way to help your company increase its advantage in the competitive international marketcheck out our innovative solutions and services offer. We have conducted dozens of business transformation projects combined with a revolutionary change in the business model to increase online sales of vehicles

Fast ROI Road: if your company has already implemented the basic required solutions to support the Automotive business, we recommend you the package of Hicron’s original solutions based on Fiori and ABAP technologies, such as e.g. campaign management, fleet management, vehicle configurators, product catalog. Implementing them allows for reaping benefits quickly in many Automotive areas 

Cost Saving Road: if your goal is to identify potential sources of savings, search for them in business processes optimization, minimizing the number of operations performed manually. Dedicated reports and what-if analyses will help you indicate the sources of the most cost-intensive operations and make the decisions. Mobile apps used in the service area, solutions based on Fiori used to handle warranty processes more quickly or the Hicron Dealer Portal component will increase the effectiveness of cooperation with partners, suppliers and receivers.   

Long Term Roadmap: if you are looking for a strategic partner who stands out for their knowledge of the Automotive industry and processes typical for it, and who will be able to adjust solutions to the long-term strategy of your business, contact us. Throughout several years of experience in cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, we have carried out business transformation projects, developed rollout strategies, as well as saved endangered projects 

Implementation of SAP S/4HANA

SAP automotive solutions

ERP solutions for vehicle manufacturers with the portfolio of SAP systems for Automotive are not included in the SAP S/4HANA offer. Hicron has met the needs of its Customers and prepared applications based on Fiori which conduct operations specific for the Automotive industry within VMS, WTY, DBM or Dealer Portal, enriched with additional elements to support processes typical for the industry. We have implemented these solutions and prepared a roadmap for the full conversion of SAP to S/4HANA.

See our offer of Automotive solutions based on Fiori if you wish to prepare for conversion.

International Rollouts

SAP automotive industry

Vehicle manufacturers most often create international networks of production plants, the task of which is to manufacture vehicles in accordance with the standards of the whole organization. One way to maintain the production quality and timeliness is to unify the ERP system of vehicle manufacturers in all the locations of the corporation. We have several years of experience in preparing templates of the SAP ERP system for vehicle manufacturers, implementing it in the head office and moving it to local companies in various countries

See our SAP rollout offer.

Applications in agile technologies

SAP for automotive industry

Apart from SAP ERP solutions, we also offer vehicle manufacturers the preparation of web applications and platforms in other technologies within Hicron Software House. Such a solution is usually used by businesses that need to use flexible, modern solutions to prepare applications that are difficult to design in SAP environment due to costs and function.

See our Hicron Software House offer.

Vehicle configurators

We have experience in preparing applications that serve the role of vehicle configurator, shared with end customers and importers in a web form. Within ERP for vehicle manufacturers, the application enables individual configuration of a vehicle with components taken into account and online quotation based on information in the SAP system, as well as 3D visualization of the configured vehicle. It is also possible to order a car online

Contact us for the Vehicle configurator offer.

Detailed reporting to the head office

We have experience in implementing solutions to support companies in preparing detailed, low-level reports and effectiveness analyses that reach the profitability of production at the level of a single vehicle, required of single production plants by the vehicle manufacturer’s head office. Such detailed solutions are unavailable in the standard ERP systems for vehicle manufacturers. For one of our Clients, we have prepared such a solution based on SAP PaPM, thus shortening the time to prepare a report from 7 days to one day.

See our SAP PaPM offer.

SAP application support

SAP solutions for automotive industry

For many years we have supported the world’s biggest Automotive brands in the implementation and maintenance of ERP solutions for vehicle manufacturers, with special attention to the niche area of solutions for Automotive – modules offered by SAP as well as original applications by Hicron. Our operations include ongoing user support, development work and system administration. Our clients include the largest vehicle manufacturers (e.g. MAN, Volvo Construction Equipment), as well as local manufacturers (Solaris, Pronar). 

See our SAP support offer.


What is ERP in the automotive industry? ERP systems for the automotive industry are software designed to maximize the use of company resources. This is done through automation, changing or improving business models associated with the implementation of new systems, introducing advanced analytics, implementation of logistics modules enabling the introduction of modern management philosophies, production planning, sales control, transportation planning, organizing human resources, obtaining a complete financial picture, and many, many more. One of the most frequently used ERP systems in the automotive industry is SAP.
Does the automotive use ERP? In today’s world, with increasing digitization, the fourth industrial revolution, and omnipresent automation, practically all automotive companies are using some kind of ERP systems. In accounting, human resources, analytics, on production lines, in logistics and distribution, individual IT solutions are used to support typical business processes, integrated as part of a central ERP solution. Implementation of an ERP system, such as SAP, helps achieve orderly business management, high management standards, reliable assessment of profitability – for example of new investments or contracts. High-end ERP systems, in addition to introducing standards to internal processes, enable the exchange of information and documents with clients and business partners using portal solutions and EDI systems.

Case study

Pronar is one of the largest producers of agricultural machinery and equipment. Thanks to the SAP Dealer Portal and Product Catalog solutions implemented in the company, improvements in the distribution of spare parts and inventory control have become possible.

Cooperation with Hicron went very smoothly, and all stages of implementation took place on time. The skills and experience of Hicron consultants cannot be overestimated – the involvement of our employees, who spent a lot of time working on the concept and data preparation, was also very important.

Piotr Kazberuk

Solaris Bus & Coach is one of the European leaders in the production of buses and trolleybuses. The company, known for its far-sighted approach to business, decided to implement a warranty claim handling system in cooperation with Hicron.

Hicron specialists are excellent at adapting SAP to our requirements, utilizing standard solutions to a high extent. At the same time, if necessary, the team efficiently designs and implements their own, proprietary improvements.

Piotr Fabisiak

Volvo Construction Equipment is part of the Volvo Group, one of the largest manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction machinery in the world. When the company decided to launch its new plant in Eastern Europe, it needed to adapt the SAP system to local regulations. As a result of the cooperation, Hicron not only rolled out the system to the new Volvo CE plant but also unified business processes throughout the Group.

The use of the business processes that proved successful in Germany in the new factory is of great benefit to Volvo. Thanks to our cooperation with Hicron, in addition to the basic scope of implementation, we identified opportunities to improve the already existing processes. Some of the ideas were implemented as part of the project, e.g. in the area of stock-taking – work that could take a week now takes one day. By saving time, we also save money.

Mona Asplund

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