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Using innovative solutions is one way to be ahead of competition – the first company to implement such solutions will gain an advantage first. We implement SAP standard, and also develop our own solutions by designing them individually for a given client in SAP technologies as well as non-SAP as Software House. 

Automotive solutions in S/4HANA version 

For importers and vehicle manufacturers, conversion of SAP to S/4HANA makes it impossible to use solutions for Automotive available in SAP ECC 6.0 version. At Hicron, we have prepared our own set of applications, which is based on the newest SAP Fiori technology and interacts with the older SAP ECC 6.0 version, performing functions of such modules as WTY, VMS, DBM or Dealer Portal. Apart from the listed functionalities, the Hicron Fiori for Automotive component has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and providing the opportunity to realize business processes after transition to the new SAP version, it is the first step to convert in the Automotive solutions area. 
Read more about Hicron Fiori for Automotive.

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Hicron Software House

Sometimes it happens that when a company needs more flexibility, native applications turn out to be outdated. At Hicron Software House, we create mobile and web applications based on modern technologies such as Java, Kotlin, Angular. Moreover, we do our best to first understand our Clients’ needs, and then deliver an adequate solution, and take care of clear communication at every stage of project implementation. For one of our Automotive Clients, we have implemented a web solution allowing for conducting a 360 campaign, which set trends in the industry. 
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Individual solutions based on SAP

If processes in a company are very complex, the standard version of SAP system may not be enough. In such an event, it’s worth to choose the development in a form adjusted to the specific needs or create an application that will improve business operation. In Hicron, we have experience in design and implementation of extensions in ABAP and Fiori.

Our applications are responsive, resistant to system updates and prepared to be scaled in the future, when the company will develop. An excellent knowledge of SAP possibilities enables us to provide innovative solutions such as Variant Configurator, Product Catalog or Hicron Dealer Portal. One of our Clients was an international manufacturer of Automotive painting materials. Thanks to the implementation of Variants Configurator, NOVOL managed to organize the structures of customized products. The preparation and implementation of the solution took 6 months and involved 7 Hicron consultants. Learn more about the solutions that we prepare individually for our Clients as part of the Hicron Innovation Lab.

Throughout the three years of cooperation in SAP system development, Hicron consultants have proven their competences and understanding of our business not just once, especially in Logistics area. That is why we decided to entrust Hicron with the task of preparing and implementing the variant configurator. The work on the solution went very smoothly, just as we expected. The main advantages that we gained thanks to the implementation were saving time, minimizing the possibility of mistakes and increasing the comfort of work.
Tomasz Włodarczak
Head of IT Division at NOVOL


An increasing trend to purchase cars online makes more and more companies use innovative e-commerce technologies. We have the necessary experience and web solutions to support car manufacturers, importers, component manufacturers and dealer groups in launching online sales channels. We prepare an e-commerce strategy, carry out an implementation taking UX/UI trends into account, as well as develop effectiveness analysis of the existing online stores and recommend changes.
If you wish to learn more about our competences in the scope of building online store or marketplace, contact us.

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Business transformation

Sometimes a company that decides on a revolutionary change in its business model needs a partner who will  arrange certain processes and reflect them in the technology so that it works like a well-oiled machine. As a Vision Architect Solution Maker, the first thing we do is get to know the organization – its strategic goals, requirements and development directions – then we propose the best solution to achieve the desired effect. Working with Clients from the Automotive industry, we combine technological knowledge with the excellent knowledge of processes and relations between individual points in the Automotive network. We use this approach in filling „digital gaps” and transforming a business model, thanks to which we are a great partner in digital and business transformation. When one of our Clients decided to implement online sales, limiting the number of car dealerships and reducing their role to showrooms, we modeled the processes and reflected the changes in SAP system in the sales and distribution area.  
If you wish to learn more about the opportunities for digital and business transformation in your company, contact us.


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