Hicron Fiori Vehicle Configurator

HICRON Fiori for Automotive components provides Automotive industry-specific functionalities enabling Vehicle, Parts and Warranty Claims processes to be managed using the latest SAP S/4HANA related technologies, i.e. SAP FIORI UX and Embedded Analytics. One of Hicron's Apps of the SAP Fiori Suite is Vehicle Configurator. 

Business Scenarios

As a FIORI app, Variant Configurator can be used by both:

  • Dealers – using dedicated SAP FIORI Launchpad as a Dealer Portal enabling direct, secure and controlled access to Importer SAP system
  • Importer Employees – when managing back-end vehicle-related processes

An exemplary business case for dealers is a mobile scenario, where a dealer’s sales employee can use the Vehicle Configurator on his phone or tablet and configure the requested vehicle together with a customer when e.g. presenting a demo vehicle or even during a demo car drive. Live pricing of the configured vehicle is presented. The sales employee can seamlessly check if the required configuration (or similar) is available in the dealer pipeline and what is the estimated delivery time. If the required vehicle is available in the pipeline, it can be reserved or ordered; if not, a sales order for a made-to-order scenario can be initiated directly from the Vehicle Configurator app.

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Apart from Dealers, FIORI Vehicle Configurator can be used in all vehicle-related processes where vehicle configuration is being defined, e.g. when ordering requested vehicles from OEM or when changing vehicle configurations, e.g. options and accessories.

Here is the example of vehicle configuration:

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Solution Features

  • online integration with back-end Variant Configuration master data and dependencies providing the user with default values and ensuring that a chosen configuration is correct and applicable
  • online integration with the back-end SAP Vehicle Management System
  • online configuration pricing – the user is presented with a pricing structure based on the chosen vehicle configuration
  • a chosen configuration can be represented with proper vehicle pictures
  • after completing the vehicle configuration, the user is able to quickly find a vehicle matching fully or partially the requested configuration
  • if the requested configuration is not available, the user is able to directly create a sales order starting a VMS made-to-order scenario
  • responsiveness – can be used on any device (desktop, tablets and mobile phones)
  • user friendly interface based on FIORI UX standards

For which companies?

Automotive, Vehicles, Heavy Machinery:

  • OEMs
  • Importers/Distributors
  • National Sales Companies

Technical requirements:

SAP S/4HANA (or SAP ECC) system with SAP Vehicle Management System module

If you’d like to get more information about Hicron Fiori Vehicle Configurator, please contact our consultant by chat. Stay tuned, because soon we’ll publish more articles.

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The author of the article is Janusz Wawrzyniak, Solution Architect in The Hicron Automotive and Logistics team.

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