SAP for Automotive Suppliers

We specialize in providing IT solutions for the automotive industry: for suppliers and manufacturers of parts.

Digital transformation of Automotive industry

Among SAP partners around the globe, we offer unique competences in the implementation of SAP systems in the automotive industry: for vehicle manufacturers, as well as vehicle parts manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. Since 2006, we have been supporting the international automotive industry not only in the implementation of SAP solutions, but primarly in redesigning business processes that lay behind.

Our strong advantage for which automotive companies choose to cooperate with us, is our business knowledge of automotive processes and relations between each part of the automotive network. For automotive suppliers it means that we understand their challenges, priorities and goals. We are ready to help them in their cooperation with the most demanding clients, by providing them with useful tools in a form of SAP solutions adjusted to automotive business processes.

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SAP Recognized Expertise

SAP has recognized the competence of Hicron in the area of Automotive with a title SAP Recognized Expertise. In order to receive this certification, we were required to submit customer references with good or very good opinions on cooperation and prove qualification in a form of certifications and trainings in this particular area.

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Our offer

SAP S4/HANA Implementation
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During the implementation of SAP systems at automotive suppliers and manufacturers we place great emphasis on areas associated with logistics:

  • SD (Sales and Distribution) and its part LE-TRA (Logistics Execution – Transportation)
  • MM (Material Management)
  • WM (Warehouse Management)
  • PP (Production Planning)
  • QM (Quality Management)

On request, we can perform a thorough analysis of business processes with emphasis on cost optimization, application of the Kaizen philosophy or Lean Manufacturing.

International Rollouts
international rollouts

For years we have been successfully transferring main SAP systems of companies to their foreign branches. We have our own methodology of rollouts, which includes template preparations. We have implemented both full rollouts – as well as those with local modifications. We have also carried out projects focused on developing local solutions and then incorporating them into the corporate standard with implementation in the headquarters and other units. We offer advice at every stage of the project, helping you define risks, establish a schedule, and plan for the safe integration of branches and company’s units.

Label and packaging management
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In the logistics area, we pay a special attention to issues related to labeling, packaging management, and quality to make sure that shipments meet the precise requirements of vehicle manufacturers and importers. We have experience in the implementation of solutions such as RFID tags, identification labels, control and tracking of products and batches, as well as optimization and implementation of global label management processes.

EDI systems
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We know the requirements of automotive companies related to EDI systems – a well-configured system for exchanging invoices, orders, notifications, and complaints, is key for the efficient operation of any Automotive supplier. We configure and implement SAP and EDI systems in a way so the integration between the suppliers’ and the customer’s systems in such a way as to ensure smooth and seamless integration between the suppliers’ and the clients’ systems – with maximum transparency, in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer or importer.

We place particular emphasis on solutions supporting the management of the production process, primarily covering the following areas:

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  • Sales Operations Planning
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Automatic issue of Purchase, Requisition
  • Automatic issue of purchase order
  • Conversion of plan to process orders
  • Batch Management and Quality Management
  • Process instruction sheets
  • Automatic recording of material
  • Consumption (Backflush)
  • Process order confirmation
  • Process Order Settlement

We offer automotive suppliers the implementation of dashboards and logistic reports for checking and confirming delivery times, production dates, or the current location of goods “in transit”, which is of great importance for effective communication and information flow between the automotive supplier and the recipient – vehicle manufacturer or importer.

Cooperation benefits

By implementing and optimizing the operation of SAP systems, we support the business processes of our clients in the automotive industry, meeting the expectations of both component suppliers, their recipients (vehicle manufacturers and importers), and end customers.

Costs reduction
in SAP Rollout projects - relatively lower costs and shorter implementation time – approx. 30% for a given scope (thanks to custom solutions, such as Project Accelerators, Migration Cockpit)
preventing losses of resources 
We take into account the Kaizen philosophy and Lean Manufacturing in process modeling
Maximizing satisfaction with the cooperation between the component supplier and the client
Automotive Experts
Consulting based on the knowledge of business processes typical for all representatives of the automotive industry (vehicle manufacturers, importers, dealers, service providers, manufacturers of parts)

Why Hicron?

SAP Trusted Partner
SAP Recognized Expertise in Automotive - distinction awarded to SAP partners who have significant competencies, numerous references, and extensive experience in the industry. Moreover, we are very often chosen by SAP and other SAP vendors as a partner in implementation of the most challenging projects for automotive.
We have experience in the implementation of comprehensive SAP projects for the automotive industry since 2006, including design and implemenation of our own solutions. We are the firct SAP partner who managed to prepare automotive solutions in SAP S/4 HANA using Fiori apps.
Business understanding
Cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, importers, dealers, parts suppliers and service providers – understanding the specifics of the automotive industry and its processes, knowledge of the requirements and terms of cooperation set by vehicle manufacturers
Wide range of services
We offer wide range of services: from business consulting, through digital and business transformation, implementations, roll outs, to development, integration, and system maintenance.

Case study

SAP implementation

Cooperation with Maflow from the Boryszew Group began with SAP system implementation. Since then Hicron has been providing Maflow with ongoing support for users working with the system as part of SAP system maintenance and application service as well as carrying out development works in the SAP system. One of these works is the implementation of production inventory process automation.

Hicron completed all the contracted works at lightning speed, which was a pleasant surprise. Professional delivery of this essential functionality was extremely important to us.

Bartłomiej Irczyk
IT Director at Maflow Group Maflow

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