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One of the most popular solutions in the world for human resources management, competence building and increasing employee motivation!
SAP SuccessFactors

Why SAP Success Factors

Employee management involves many challenges related to, among others, their recruitment, onboarding, competence development, and retention in the company. The more employees, the more difficult this process becomes. With the right tools for human capital management, this process can be simplified, so that the company can much better use the potential and knowledge of its most valuable resources – PEOPLE. The turnover rate, level of motivation, organization of replacements, or appropriate competence levels are some of the elements that reflect the quality of human resource management 

Below we include some questions that are worth answering to get a better picture of the quality of your team management. If the answer is NO, SAP SuccessFactors solutions can help you effectively manage human capital, and thus – achieve better results for your company.

  • Do your employees understand and implement your business goals and strategy? 
  • Do your employees feel that they can develop and that their potential is used? 
  • Do your employees receive tasks according to their qualifications, and is their pay based on their value to the company? 
  • Do your employees feel appreciated and well-motivated to work and undertake challenges? 
  • Are you recruiting the right candidates in a timely manner? 
  • Is the company prepared for your key employees leaving work and is it able to identify future leaders within the organization?  
  • Does your company control the effectiveness and attrition rate of new employees on an ongoing basis and know the costs of repeated recruitment and how to prevent them? 
  • Are there proven onboarding management procedures in your company? 
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Proof of concept – find out if SAP SuccessFactors is for you!

Are you wondering in which SAP SuccessFactors module you can map your business process? Take advantage of the proof of concept! Specify the tool and contact us. We will model and then present your configured process before implementation.

We will do it based on our systems or on your infrastructure – thanks to this you will save time and adjust the appropriate subscription model to the needs of your service-oriented architecture (SOA) in advance. Proof of concept is also a great opportunity to optimize your own processes in accordance with SAP Best Practices! If you are not sure which SAP SuccessFactors module will be best for you, we will be happy to help you choose the right one.


Good preparation and effective implementation are key factors for success of the project. Therefore, for Hicron customers who want to implement SAP SuccessFactors in their organization, we have prepared a free guide, fully dedicated to the implementation of this solution in the company. In our e-book you will learn:

  • what elements are worth considering and working out before taking action,
  • you will learn all phases of implementation and final products that we will provide you at each stage of the project,
  • you will find out what resources on your side will be involved in the implementation,
  • you will learn the principles of future communication and tools that will support our common work.

Reduce costs, streamline and accelerate the implementation project with the Hicron guide. Click the button to get your copy!

What are SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a business solution available in cloud (SaaS module), focused on people. Implementation of SAP Succesfactors allows a company to fill positions with employees with appropriate competences and at the same time, it increases their productivity and accelerates the achievement of business goals of the whole organization.

An investment in SAP SuccesFactors reduces and significantly facilitates the operation of the HR department by supporting data management (including financial and operation data from other systems), salaries, benefits, work time, privacy protection and teams integration. It can be used at every stage of employment, from the recruitment and onboarding processes to the system of trainings, bonus payments and promotions, so it is useful not only in salary management (HR), but also in internal company processes and motivational systems management.


The SAP SuccessFactors solution consists of a couple of modules, each of which is responsible for streamlining a different process. Among other things, they provide better communication, support for new employees, various forms of e-learning and trainings. They can be selected and adjusted to the company’s needs, possible benefits and previously implemented systems. Our advisors will analyze challenges of your business and present to you possibilities adjusted to your company.

Comprehensive support for HR processes

SAP Success Factors consists of a number of modules, from which you can freely choose depending on the goals and needs of the company:

SAP Successfactors Recruitment
  • planning a recruitment path for any position 
  • modern, intuitive platform to post your job offers, integrated with recruitment portal
  • planning meetings with candidates (including sending invitations, notifications, tasks)
  • verifying, processing, and storing CVs
  • for cadidates: an intuitive, modern portal that encourages contact
  • notification system enables feedback on every stage of the recruitment process
SAP Successfactors Onboarding
  • planning the onboarding process
  • information about the schedule, planned meetings, first tasks and information about essential tools
  • links to essential trainings
  • possibility to design a 100% remote onboarding process
SAP Successfactors Performance & Goals
  • managing duties and tasks and assessing employee’s efficiency
  • helping managers and team leaders in team management and project management
  • setting and reporting goals for employees
  • creating employee assessments including reports, self-assessments and 360 analysis
SAP Successfactors Succession & Development
  • managing and developing talents in every area of the company’s activity (talent management)
  • creating committed teams equipped with necessary skills
  • verifying the risks associated with losing an employee
  • providing an objective perspective using comparable criteria to accurately assess employees
SAP Successfactors Employee Central
  • storing and processing data on employees, organizational structure and wages
  • doing a review of achievements
  • calculating the time and salary according to the guidelines assigned to each employee
  • calculating the hours worked and determining the appropriate overtime
  • processing requests through the SAP SuccessFactors platform – quickly, conveniently and with a transparent system for accepting requests
Other modules
  • SAP Workforce Planning & Analytics – is a building teams, choosing members in terms of the required competences, experience, and availability.
  • SAP Compensation – a tool to effectively motivate employees by creating and executing remuneration models.
  • SAP Learning – a platform for the organization and implementation of training, equipped with mechanisms for assessing results and progress

Benefits offered by SAP Success Factors

Fast ROI and low TCO 
SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based solution which can be used an a subscription basis. Implementation is faster than in the case of on-premise projects. The cloud also means lower investment and maintenance costs as well as no upgrade projects. 
User Experience and easy adaptation 
Attractive and intuitive user interface in line with the expectations of users. Easy access to the system from various hardware platforms, including mobile solutions. 
Scalability and flexibility 
Ability to start your adventure with SuccessFactors from any component that solves your most important business needs and expand it with additional components at any point in time. If the number of employees grows, the system does not require expansion, only the purchase of an additional license. 
Comprehensive support  
SuccessFactors provides comprehensive end-to-end support for HCM processes. It enables integration with external systems (not only SAP), e.g. supporting the calculation of remunerations. 
Rich content and good practices 
The system is designed based on the best business practices. It also offers rich business content, e.g. for goals or competence catalogs. 

IMPROVE YOUR COMPANY’S Remote work with SAP SuccessFactors

Remote work has become one of the increasingly more frequent forms of performing job duties, and SAP SuccessFactors is one way to improve it. The largest number of employees declares willingness to come to the office two to three times a week, remaining ones prefer permanent home office or daily work at the office. Majority of them, however, claim that the possibility to work at home prvides them the flexibility they need. With the popularization of the hybrid work system, companies have to face many challenges, such as effective communication or new organizational culture, and balance the employees’ needs with strategic goals of the company.


SAP SuccessFactors has a set of tools to assist in facing new global challenges:

  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding – with electronic forms and navigation dashboards, it allows for faster and more effective introduction of a new employee on the first days of work. With this tool, you can also complete preliminary formalities without having to come to the office.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management – it allows for setting goals for the whole organization and for an employee on the individual level, and tracking their realization. With this tool, you can view the progress anytime and on any device (the mobile app is available for every employee).
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development  – with inteligent mentoring programs, it creates constant development culture among remote workers and automates the whole process by assigning online courses to people with specific attributes or creating virtual training programs.

Advantages of working with Hicron

Fast implementation
Our implementations of SAP SuccessFactors modules are relatively quick – one or two modules can be implemented even in 3-4 months. It is an opportunity to rapidly transform the HR department in your company!
Integration with external systems
Hicron experts will help you connect SAP SuccessFactors with other tools used by the company – from recruitment portals to SAP ERP systems. As a result, all solutions operate on the same data, and the need to click through different software is minimized, improving and accelerating work.
Adaptation to your needs
We are a Vision Architect Solution Maker. We not only implement a solution, but also help our clients design business processes. Do you need help in setting the highest standards in the HCM area? No problem, we will guide you through various options available and help you choose the best options.

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