SuccessFactors for employees and managers, hard HR

SuccessFactors for employees and managers, hard HR
When talking about SuccessFactors, we are talking about Human Capital Management and SaaS (System as a Service). Most IT tools of this type are currently available through the cloud, which means that they are located outside the local servers and can be accessed via an Internet connection. The solution we are discussing here supports companies with regard to both hard and soft HR, offering tools for managers and HR departments as well as employees.

Of course, the market features a variety of solutions, which have evolved with the changing needs of companies and organizations. Some were developed according to an older, more traditional approach. These included systems dedicated to departments that managed particular processes. Before the era of digitalization, HR representatives would enter the data they needed into the system. But today’s SuccessFactors software extends the HR function beyond the department dealing with employee matters. Every manager in the company is essentially responsible for financial performance; e.g., the head of the sales department is responsible for the results in the area of sales, which they achieve together with the employees under their supervision. Therefore, they need appropriate tools to manage their team. But SF also allows employees to check their performance as well as various aspects of their actions. While offering solutions for human capital management, Hicron focuses on making them available to both managers and employees.
SuccessFactors within hard HR (human resources, payroll, and working time).

Access to data

In the context of hard HR, managers need access to information. After all, it is they who must make decisions related to remuneration and bonuses as well as to the place of employees in the structure of the organization and their potential promotions. In the traditional model, the manager calls the HR department to prepare reports on the performance of individual employees, leaves of absence, or salaries and motivational incentives. With SuccessFactors, the manager has access to all this data in the system. As a result, the HR and payroll departments no longer need to prepare the relevant data, as the system automatically generates accessible reports, which can be visualized in a variety of manners. Each manager can gain access to the information they require in accordance with their access privileges. Some of the data can be presented the form of dashboards displaying a summary of information. This friendly solution unburdens managers, as they no longer have to worry about time‑consuming analysis of partial data. The SAP tool thus follows the current trends for systems of this class. It presents the data using pie charts, bar charts, and in other clear and intelligible ways.

Neatly ordered salaries, budgets, and raises

SuccessFactors allows the user to display the performance of teams and individual employees on specific bars. This greatly facilitates making decisions related to raises or promotions. Another feature helpful in the process of managing employees is the tool for managing budgeting processes. The company’s management can use the system to grant individual managers budgets for raises, in which the latter can conduct simulations. The result of this work is usually then approved by the financial director.

You can read about the use of SF for HR soft skills here. SuccessFactors supports various areas of employee management: from the recruitment and onboarding of new employees, through setting periodic goals, to planning promotions and succession – more information about this can also be found on our blog.

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