SAP SuccessFactors for employees and managers: Talent Management

SAP SuccessFactors for employees and managers: Talent Management
Success Factors has been created in 2001 in the USA by Lars Dalgaard. Ten years later the software, and foremost: the company, became a property of the American company belonging to SAP – SAP America. Developed along with other IT tools and modern technologies, SuccessFactors became one of the best systems for managing personnel processes – not only within HR departments but also going far beyond them.

All processes of Talent Management was concentrated within SuccessFactors tool. 

As a result, you can use this software to improve employees’ motivation and satisfaction: both from their own work, and the work of their subordinates. The system, if it is well-designed, makes working much effective for members of all teams. They will know precisely what is expected from them and achieve the set goals with more ease. 

Setting goals and accessing the results

To increase the employees’ efficiency, module Performance & Goals was created. This tool allows managers to set the goals and to assess their subordinates. An additional effect of using this module is reducing the employee turnover rate. 

When it comes to assessing the employees, the tool allows you to carry out the process objectively. In a more traditional approach, when managers use standalone score sheets, they are usually not put together, so the results are not compared. SuccessFactors stores all the results in one place. In the next step, the results can be calibrated, so managers and other involved people can compare the evaluation results for individual employees. Such evaluation is enriched with additional, useful data coming from the tool. As a result, the final ratings are more objective and set in the context of the whole team.


Within Performance & Goals module, the employee can also make a self-assessment. This process can be designed in many ways, depending on the expectation of the company. Hicron can, for example, make the process of assessment automatically pass through specific units in the enterprise one by one. 

As a part of such an assessment, several people can leave their comments – in a fixed order. The system can send an e-mail notification to the involved people reminding them about submitting their grade. It is an individual process in each company, therefore the tool is fully configurable in terms of policy in a given organization.

Training is the key to the development

From the managers perspective, it is important to work with people that have the necessary competencies. Requirements related to the level of knowledge or skills change smoothly, as the market develops. 

For example, in May 2018, all European companies needed to train employees in the field of GDPR, to adapt their methods of operation to new legal requirements. SuccessFactors provides great support in such tasks – tasks related to the development and training, maintaining and increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of employees. 

A built-in tool LMS lets you manage training and online courses, presentations in various formats, and all other materials that can be a source of knowledge (videos, audio recordings etc.). 

Always up-to-date

The key element of gaining a competitive advantage is to keep your employees up-to-date with important information or their business area trends. The LMS system is an answer to that need. It can automatically mark a learning material as obligatory (or optional) for a given employee group. It can also put pressure on certain team members, making sure they completed the assigned task.

An interesting built-in function is a reminder about an expiring training validity. The tool automatically calculates the costs of its renewal. Another functionality is a testing option that lets you verify the knowledge gained by an employee during a course or from materials. These tools are highly appreciated by managers – but do employees regard them equally high?

Horizontal development

Of course, many people find it useful and enjoy the development opportunities (but, probably, not the testing aspect). However, there are those who, within a certain structure, would like to develop in an additional area. And this is also possible (if the company decides to program the system in this way) with SuccessFactors. The employee has the opportunity to search for and benefit from training in other areas that are of interest to him. Such a solution is beneficial for both the organization and the employee who supports it with his competences.

Here you will read how SuccessFactors addresses the core aspects of HR.


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