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It is no news that we live in a time when everything is slowly becoming digital and virtual. More and more employees are looking for remote work, and many of those who were somewhat forced into it by the pandemic have not returned to the office after experiencing a different quality of employment. The requirements of candidates are growing not only with regard to earnings and development opportunities, but also comfortable job. Many of them base the perception of their work at a given organization on their first experience with it, i.e. the recruiting process. If any of its stages raise any doubts in the candidate, they project them onto their future in the company. Job candidates are often the ones who drive companies around the world to make changes, and it is thanks to them that the work model itself is changing.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting management – a modern solution for your HR

If employees are moving with the times, why not employers as well? In order to acquire a candidate who constantly assimilates new knowledge and keeps up with technological changes, potential employers often have to adapt. That is why it is worth taking a closer look at the tools that make it easier to reach modern employees and guarantee the a job they are looking for. At Hicron we use SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting ourselves and recommend this module as an irreplaceable aid in conducting recruiting processes.

What is SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting?

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is another SAP module whose functions are focused on providing the user with the best possible assistance in conducting recruitment processes. This technology allows you to achieve the expected results of recruitng and helps attract and employ individuals equipped with the talents desired by the organization.

The module covers both Recruiting Marketing, i.e. the process of engaging and acquiring the best candidates, and Recruiting Management, which consists in selecting candidates and hiring employees.

What are the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting?

With this tool, the recruitment process becomes strategic and measurable from the perspective of talent management in the organization. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting gives users the ability to conduct recruiting focused on results. With the help of automated functions, it lets you select the candidates who are best suited for a given position, but who will also fit well into the organization. What makes this technology stand out from others available on the market is the number of functions and intuitive solutions supporting every user at the subsequent stages of recruitment. From the perspective of HR departments, talent acquisition is one of the key processes for an organization and its development, with a huge impact on its future performance. This solution will ensure that the company hires employees with the right experience, talents, as well as aptitude.

What makes SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting different?

Every recruitment has its stages and areas. All of them require special attention and appropriate strategy. The implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting in the company will support human capital management teams in their job at every step of the recruitment process.


Acquiring the best candidates

  • ability to post job offers for over 4,000 sources located in over 80 countries around the world makes this module truly global, while the user gains unlimited access paths to the most competent candidates,
  • significantly improved visibility of the Client’s website in the most popular search engines as well as a career website equipped with a powerful search engine increase the potential candidate’s interest in the job offer without generating excess costs,
  • constant control and optimization of the recruitment budget thanks to instant access to a global distribution network of job offers and tools for recruiters.

Attracting attention and engaging the most talented candidates

  • creating a career website that meets all the candidate’s requirements: it is responsive, intuitive, adapted to various mobile devices, and can be operated from anywhere in the world,
  • creating a relationship with the candidate, based on the experience of a structured recruitment process focused on the future employee, using, for example, tools such as automated campaign email or message center, enabling two-way conversations with recruiters,
  • improving the work comfort of the HR department by shortening recruitment processes and optimizing selection, thanks to the implementation of a function for creating high-quality talent pools gathering active and passive candidates,
  • in-depth reporting on candidate and vacancy management gives you the ability to review role-filling effectiveness, which allows for effective strategy change if necessary.

Smoother and easier hiring process

  • efficient management of a large number of candidates and the ability to effectively process their data through the subsequent stages of the recruitment process, resulting in quick assignments of positions to employees and maintaining a high hit ratio,
  • attract top talent from recruitment to the company
  • significant increase in the effectiveness of recruitment thanks to the unlimited possibilities of reaching the right candidates at the right time,
  • improved function for measuring and verifying the effects of recruitment processes.

Why choose SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting?

This technology ensures that recruitment is quick, orderly, and successful. A candidate’s encounter with a responsive, functional software that ensures constant contact with recruiters instills confidence and willingness to cooperate with the company. It also allows prospective employees to learn about their role in the company, its work culture, or the values it represents. In turn, employees of the HR department can organize all processes related to hiring new people as well as monitor them in depth and compare candidates to identify the best ones. With the help of the system’s features and excellent architecture, organizations can carry out recruitment that is consistent with the company’s business processes in the shortest possible time without spending additional resources.

How can Hicron support your organization in implementing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting?

Since we are using the SAP SuccessFactors service at Hicron, we know how to tailor it to your needs. Our knowledge of the system guarantees its safe implementation in the enterprise and support at further stages of cooperation. We have been a Gold Partner of SAP for many years, with extensive implementation experience. We support companies in introducing SAP solutions as well as assist in their adaptation to the conditions in the organization and the work model of its employees. As a Polish company, we operate globally and establish long-term partnerships with businesses whose activity extends beyond our country’s borders.

We also offer the implementation of SAP HCM, which complements the SAP SuccessFactors solution. The integration of both solutions is possible and it helps to take care od new person after hiring.

If you want to find out how Hicron can support your human capital management department in hiring process, contact our specialists.

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