SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development: Create a competent and committed team!

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development: Create a competent and committed team!
Thanks to SuccessFactors’ Succession& Development you will manage the development of talents in every area of your company. Keep your best employees from leaving you, supplement your team with people of relevant competencies, and keep your finger on the pulse – thanks to a comprehensive and objective platform with skills and achievements of all employees!

Planning the successions

SuccessFactors Succession & Development is a way to build a committed team. You can do this by

  • effectively catching and developing talents;
  • assessing the competences and skill levels of employees;
  • as well as estimating the risk of losing key people.

With Succession and Development, every personal change in the company is automatically recorded. Thanks to that, you are:

  • avoiding employment gaps for people with the skills needed;
  • being up-to-date with their development;
  • motivating them to further develop with individual succession plans prepared for them.

What is more, you are just when comparing employees, using objective criteria to precisely evaluate their performance.

Do you know what builds the commitment in the team and mobilize the employees? Those things are support in achieving the next career goals and the possibility to take control of their own career path planning and succession. In turn, focusing on dialogue supports trust and good relations. They affect not only the working atmosphere but also employees’ results. Constant coaching and caring for feedback are the best ways to make sure that employees are focused on the right development activities.

Module full of possibilities

Succession & Development lets you effectively manage the career paths of employees and identify and eliminate gaps in the company’s competences. SuccessFactors’ module supports areas such as:

  • talent search;
  • talent pooling;
  • mentoring;
  • career sheet creation;
  • talent reviews;
  • fair and objective Assessments;
  • analytics and reporting.

Effective planning of the career path and succession lets you minimize the risk related to chancing positions, for example, due to the promotion or retirement of an employee. By anticipating such situations, you can safely implement your organization’s long-term strategy, and plan the successions accordingly. Think about the future of your company and ask us how we can help you build a valuable and stable team!

If you are interested in implementing SAP SuccessFactors in your company, download our e-book and check how to prepare for it!

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