SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goal: Employees’ goals as part of the company’s success!

How to better adapt to the current market situation and competitors’ actions? By consistently tracking and controlling the efficiency of the employees. SAP SuccessFactors module: Performance & Goals focuses on employee performance, optimizes, and maintains it at a constant, high level.

Managing performance in an efficient way

A unique, end-to-end management process lets you accurately assess prior results, and improve the future ones. Employees receive suggestions. The feedback motivates them to increase their productivity and achieve even better results.

With goals given

Performance & Goals in SuccessFactors help managers to adjust individual goals to business plans and the basic values of the company. The module makes all the employees see their goals as an integral part of the organisation’s broader perspective. It also proves to them that their actions do not deviate from the adopted, strategic path.

With the module, employees can focus on their individual goals, constantly improve, and achieve success. They also receive feedback and valuable advice. It is a tool thanks to which you find out to what extent your employees contribute to the company’s success.

A modern approach to performance

SuccessFactors’ Performance & Goals makes it possible to bring together both personal and corporate interests. In that way, you actively support employees’ development while striving to achieve the company’s goals.

What factors decide on that double success? These are:

  • setting goals in a thoughtful way;
  • focusing on employee’s future development;
  • regular one-on-one meetings;
  • encouraging manager’s insight and two-way communication about what team members are working on;
  • regularly giving the employees advice on how to align goals and improving efficiency;
  • giving a mean to solve problems before they grow;
  • tracking activities and achievements.

SuccessFactors Performance & Goals module fully corresponds with Hicron’s VisiOn Architect. SolutiOn Maker foundation. It allows you to set bold goals and dream a vision of dynamic progress. Yet, it does not stop there. The module accompanies the employees on every stage of their career path, step by step bringing them closer to the desired success.

The material was prepared in cooperation with Kinga Moska and Kamil Suszko.

Kinga Moska – Service Delivery Executive in the SAP Application Team at Hicron, SAP Champion, associated with the academic community of the WSB University and the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business. Manager by calling and passion.

Kamil Suszko – SAP BASIS Team Leader at Hicron. Efficient, qualified manager with proven experience gained in the information technology industry. Master of Computer Science and Econometrics at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

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