SAP Disaster Recovery

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Whether you are just implementing SAP, conducting a rollout or struggling with an overly expensive system.

Hicron experts will find a way to solve your problem.
SAP Disaster Recovery

Recovering SAP projects

As SAP solutions are very elaborate, projects that involve them are complicated and fraught with challenges. This often results in problems such as protracted implementation, budget overruns, or the finished system being ill-suited for the company’s day-to-day needs. 

We support clients regardless of the stage of the project, its scope, or the cause of the problems. We have experience with implementations that exceeded both the established schedules and the budget. We have supported complex rollouts and helped reduce costs generated by incorrectly prepared solutions.

One of our key strengths and advantages that help us in realisation of this kind of projects is our ability to carry out most complicated projects that other SAP partners would’t dare to undertake, which is often praised by our clients and SAP SE as our main partner. In recovery projects we focus on simplifying processes and getting straight to the point – the real business goal to be achieved during a project.

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When to launch an SAP Recovery project?

Is your company dissatisfied with the status of the project or the performance of an already implemented SAP system? Read through the scenarios presented below and find out what sample solutions we can propose.

The implementation project is taking too long and the budget is close to being exceeded or has already been exceeded 

In such scenarios, we analyze both the customer’s goals and the components of the SAP system that have already been implemented. The concepts we prepare are based on the use of what has already been implemented and on solutions that go beyond the SAP standard. 

The way in which the system was implemented does not allow for its rollout in other divisions of the company 
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Companies often fall into contradictions, implementing either a highly individualized solution or an overly simplified one. In both cases, the recovery project is based on stabilizing the solution using the SAP standard and ultimately reengineering it. We have experience in carrying out such projects which include building a solution template that can be re-implemented and adjusted to local needs.

Project costs are too high
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The key is to double-check the assumptions and requirements, both legislative and functional, in order to verify the list of priorities. The next step consists in the use of accelerators created by Hicron. Accelerators force a structured way of implementation, accelerating this process and reducing future service costs.  

Why Hicron

All recovery projects completed successfully
Knowing our ability to undertake difficult projects, we were asked several times to take over endangered SAP projects in various implementation stages. They were all completed successfully.
Experienced advisors
We have been active on the international market of IT solutions for companies since 2006, gathering experience in various industries and different scopes of implementation. We focus on building project teams which include not only SAP experts, but also consultants with very good knowledge of business processes (with experience as a user or team manager).
Vision Architect Solution Maker
Solutions supported and implemented by Hicron are based on a well-thought-out vision, based on client's strategy and business goals. We help to define them, analysing possible means and suggesting best suited solutions in a form of SAP and non-SAP projects. We call ourselves a business partner, not an SAP vendor.
Developed methodologies and proprietary tools
Over the years, we have developed an entire portfolio of proprietary solutions to facilitate implementations and support projects. We know what to do to recover unsuccessful implementations and bring even the most difficult projects to completion.

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We are frequently chosen for a business partner by companies who discover difficulties not only with their SAP environment but also by those, who wish to improve their business processes. Contact us, explain your business challenge and let us help you just as we did it hundreds of times before.

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